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Best Bingo Deposit Bonuses in 2019

Even though bingo has an illustrious history, within the last twenty years it has undergone a renaissance online in the form of bingo deposit bonuses. What started as a simple pastime in Italy managed to transcend cultural barriers and evolve into a multi-billion-dollar industry. Originally introduced as Lo Giuoco Lotto Italia in 1530, bingo didn’t get its modern name until it eventually made its way to America. After taking France and the UK by storm, it was incorporated into carnival games as “beano” in Atlanta, Georgia during the early 20th century.

When the toy salesman Edwin Lowe overheard a beano player accidentally scream “bingo” in 1929, the game’s legacy began. He immediately thought this new name was catchier, and scrambled to come up with a way to market it. After teaming up with Carl Leffler, Lowe started creating different variations of bingo cards to limit the number of winners. This partnership with the University of Colombia professor was a wise choice, since they managed to create 6,000 different bingo cards.

Through careful innovation and marketing, Lowe made bingo a household name in America. By 1934, over 10,000 bingo games were played every week throughout the U.S. Today this beloved pastime promotes $90 million in spending weekly in America. The transition to online gaming only cemented this game’s reputation, since 10,000 bingo games are now played every day online.

As more people from around the world get connected to online bingo, a slew of websites have opened up to host games. While there’s no limit to the number of sites to choose from, the number of quality bingo deposit bonuses are few and far between. To showcase which websites are most advantageous to players, we compiled a list of sites with the best welcome bonuses. These are easily the best places to get into the game, so don’t miss out on the action. Playing bingo online has never been more entertaining, so discover which sites have the best deals!

Best Bingo Deposit Bonuses Online


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Bonus #3: Bingo Spirit ($50 Free No Deposit + 10 Free Spins/500% First Deposit Bonus) – Formerly known as Bingo Sky, this site has been providing U.S. players with unlimited online bingo options since 2004. Their wide variety of games can be played from $0.10 to $5 a bet, which allows them to cover any budget. Users get to pick between 75 Ball Bingo and 90 Ball Bingo, but the choices don’t end there. This site also offers video slots, various table games and keno.

Their robust lineup is complimented by a series of enticing bingo deposit bonuses. New users can test out the site with their $50 free no deposit bonus. From there they can cash in on their 500% match during the first deposit. Their wide selection of payment options includes Bitcoin, so there’s no excuse not to try out this site!


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Bonus #2: Bingo Fest ($25 No Deposit Offer + 10 Free Spins/1,500% Bonus Package) – Through a series of tempting offers, this generous company rolls out the red carpet for new players. Once users test out the site with their $50 no deposit bonus, they get to enjoy a 500% bonus match on the first deposit. The second bingo deposit bonus is matched at 600%, while the 3rd deposit is rewarded by 400%. All these deals give players plenty of extra cash to explore the intricacies of their site. This corporation prides itself on security and cutting edge software, so dive into the perks of playing here!


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Bonus #1: Cyber Bingo ($50 Free No Deposit + 10 Free Spins/1,500% Welcome Bonus Package) – Out of all the online bingo sites, none have pioneered the industry more than Cyber Bingo. First launched in 1996, this was one of the first online gambling sites in the world. By offering a generous amount of casino games, this company provides the best of both worlds. Their unique software has become an industry staple, and has seduced players from around the globe. They offer a 500% match on the first three deposits, which provides a truly impressive amount of savings.

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