Halloween Sales

Best Last Minute Halloween Sales

Good things come to those that wait, and last minute Halloween sales are no exception. This revelation isn’t surprising, since this once sacrilegious holiday revolves around consumerism. Despite originating as a Celtic holiday to honor the dead, Halloween has undergone plenty of renovations. It was later adopted by the Catholic Church as a day to remember saints, and gradually evolved into the bonanza it is today. By introducing candy and costumes, Halloween was ready to be marketed to the world.

Out of all the countries where Halloween is celebrated, no nation has embraced this devious holiday more than the U.S. Over 70% of Americans plan on celebrating Halloween, and that translates to big business. Between costumes, candy and decorations, America is forecasted to spend $8.8 billion this Halloween. That breaks down to $86 dollars per person participating, and nearly half a billion dollars just on silly costumes for pets. On top of helping temporarily revive the economy, this fanatical consumerism ensures that Halloween remains part of American culture.

Even though spending is at an all-time high, there are plenty of ways to save this Halloween. Many people plan ahead, but this foresight doesn’t allow them to take advantage of last-minute sales. Fortunately for the procrastinators, there are plenty of ways to get everything you need at a discounted price. From online venues to taking advantage of land-based retailer’s predicaments, the final days before Halloween are prime time to purchase. The clock is ticking before this holiday arrives, so discover how to prepare on a budget!

Best Last-Minute Halloween Sales

Halloween Sales

Fill your home with adorable decorations!

Sale #3: Pier 1 Imports (50% off) – It doesn’t matter if you want to deck out your house today or plan for next year, this sale can’t be missed. By offering nothing but premium décor items, Pier 1 Imports allows customers to get in the spirit without sacrificing their style. From ivory sparkle pumpkins to hand painted spell books, they have something for every home. Their inventory is just as bold as this sale, and can be accessed both in store and online. There’s no excuse not to get in the spirit, so decorate on a budget with Pier 1’s epic discounts!

Last Minute Halloween Sales

Update your decor for the season…

Sale #2: Kirkland’s (Up to 75% off) – For those who want even more Halloween décor options, Kirkland’s can’t be ignored. This large online retailer has some of the best decorations of the season, and they are giving them away at unbelievably low prices. From LED wall plaques to placemats and pillows, no area of your home is neglected. They have over 66 unique items that are on sale for under $10, so give your home a festive vibe.

Dollar General

These stores are packed with outrageously good deals!

Sale #1: Dollar Tree & Dollar General – When racing against the clock, many consumers find themselves begrudgingly going to the closest store. Thanks to the epic sales offered by these two companies, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Dollar General provides hefty discounts on everything from candy, costume accessories and pumpkin carving kits. Dollar Tree offers accessories and trick-or-treat buckets for as low as $1, which makes it an unbeatable place to shop for last minute necessities. What one store lacks, the other provides at a discount. Between these stores you can’t lose, so get all the small items at two venues!