Best Ways To Save During the Holidays

Even though holiday spending is up, there are still plenty of ways Americans can save during Christmas. On average U.S. adults expect to spend $885 on gifts during the 2018 holiday season. While this is slightly lower than 2017, it’s over twice as much as in 2009 after the recession. This impressive holiday spending trend means America’s economy is on the rebound. Thanks to an unlimited amount of online options, there are plenty of ways for Americans to treat their loved ones. Total holiday sales are expected to rise by 4.8%, which translates to a staggering $717.45 billion.

Even though these figures are impressive doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank this Christmas. While sales are up, customers are gradually learning to shop smarter. Instead of relying exclusively on land-based store deals, every year more Americans are scouring the internet. This increased amount of competition is forcing major retailers to sweeten the deal to survive. For the frugal holiday shopper, this trend in retail is a godsend. When armed with the right tools and a strategy, customers can finally get an edge over retailers.

To highlight this interesting trend, we compiled a list of the best ways to save during the holidays and vacations. Unsurprisingly, this list revolves around the use of apps and websites to gain a shocking amount of savings. There’s no need to continue using outdated methods that never worked in the past. Today consumers have too many options at their fingertips to continue spending recklessly. These tips will drastically reduce your holiday spending, so learn how to let technology save the holidays!

Top Tips To Save Money During Christmas

Sticking to a budget has never been easier than with the help of an app.

Holiday Saving Tip #1: Use Budget Apps – When it comes to sticking to a budget, apps are your best friend. This is especially true for those who are shopping online, since using cash is out the window. While setting aside an envelope of cash or creating a bank account exclusively for the holidays is great for staying within your budget, it isn’t always possible. Instead of going to great lengths to save, download a few apps onto your phone. From Mint Budgeting App to Empower, the list of quality budget apps is endless.

These programs take the guesswork out of holiday spending by letting you know exactly how much you have spent. There’s no better way to be frugal than staying on top of your finances, so don’t let them get out of control. Being vigilant and paying attention to your budget is half the battle when it comes to saving. There are too many tools to continue overspending, so reign in your finances with a budget app!

Don’t go to the store if there isn’t a sale.

Holiday Saving Tip #2: Find Sales Before Shopping – Back in the day, customers were forced to wait for Black Friday to get amazing deals. While returning home with items spattered in other desperate shoppers’ blood used to be admired, now it’s downright barbaric. There’s no reason to risk your life for a discounted TV, so don’t do it. By utilizing discount sites like RetailMeNot, shoppers can discover which stores are having sales. This information is crucial, since customers are likely to purchase while inside a store whether a sale is going on or not. Quit falling into holiday traps by only going to stores when it’s advantageous for your wallet!

Shopping online is noticeably easier and cheaper than going to stores.

Holiday Saving Idea #3: Shop Online – While shopping in stores brings back fond memories for some, this nostalgia comes at a cost. Now the selection of products in physical stores pales in comparison to what’s available online. On top of being able to offer more items than a physical store, websites offer more sales to attract customers. From free shipping to noticeable discounts, there are plenty of incentives to shop online.

This trend provides an easy solution to spending money on gas and parking while driving around town. Now products can be delivered to doorsteps without the customer even having to put on shoes. The future of shopping is online, so avoid the hassle of stores by taking advantage of online deals!