Fourth of July

Top Fourth of July Sales

On top of being one of America’s favorite holidays, the Fourth of July sets the stage for countless sales. Despite falling on a Wednesday, last year over 216 million Americans celebrated Independence Day. Unsurprisingly, this staggering amount of participation translated to a massive amount of business. Americans spent $6.9 billion on food alone, which was the second highest amount in 16 years. While the country’s spending on food staid steady, the average amount Americans spent on celebrating hit an all-time high of $75.53. This new record caught the eye of multiple corporations, and paved the way for a slew of sales.

As Americans continue to splurge, we can expect more sales to appear during the Fourth of July. Even though most people’s spending revolve around food and cookouts, this celebration penetrates multiple industries. Everyone loves an excuse to shop, and all the major corporations are cashing in on this trend. In an attempt to maximize revenue, companies are offering deals on everything from grills to electronics. The monthly countdown till Independence Day has already started, and every week will see even more sales.

To showcase what sales our readers should look out for, we compiled a list of the best Fourth of July deals in 2019. These sales cover an impressive amount of categories, which makes them too enticing for any frugal American to miss. In this competitive holiday season, there’s no reason to pay full price on anything. Discover which deals need to be taken advantage of!

Best Fourth of July Sales in 2019

Fourth of July

Add a Samsung touch to your kitchen.

Sale #3: Up to $900 off Home Appliances + Free Shipping ( – Even though most people are focusing on cookouts, plenty of other appliances get used more than any grill. Through a series of epic promotions, Samsung is luring clients back into the kitchen. Their new line Tuscan Stainless Steel Kitchen is revolutionizing how people cook. This extensive selection of fridges, wall ovens, dish washers, dryers, microwaves are all on sale. Each product features enough innovative features to make even the most hesitant buyer want to upgrade. It’s never been more opportune to make the purchase, so upgrade your kitchen for Independence day!

Fourth of July

Now’s the time to take your entertainment system to the next level…

Sale #2: Up to $1,500 off Samsung HDTV’s + Free Shipping ( – When it comes to celebrating Independence Day, not all Americans will be doing it outside. Countless families will be watching movies, so Samsung didn’t neglect the homebodies. Right now all of their HDTV’s are on sale, which makes some truly enticing upgrades within reach. From the QLED 8K to the 4K UHD, everything is available at a discounted price. These deals are fleeting, so showcase your patriotism by upgrading your TV!

Fourth of July

Celebrate Independence Day with an epic vacation!

Sale #1: 100% off Your Flight When Booking Hotel Package (Expedia) – Sometimes, the best way to celebrate Fourth of July is to treat yourself to a vacation. Summer is the ideal season to travel, so don’t miss out on a much-needed vacation. Expedia is passing out the travel bug with this enticing offer. When clients book their hotel/plane ticket package, they receive 100% off their flight. These deals cover all of the most sought after travel destinations, so get out & explore!