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Hong Kong

Top Tips To Save Big In Hong Kong

Despite being Asia’s financial capital, there are plenty of ways visitors can save money when visiting Hong Kong. With a strong economy and ultra-modern metropolis, this bustling series of islands are notorious for destroying visitors’ budgets. From excessively expensive accommodations to diverse tourist traps, there are plenty of things frugal travelers need to look out for. Fortunately, even though Hong Kong is a financial powerhouse this city is still well-worth visiting. Its epic skyline and illustrious culture are vibrant enough to seduce the most skeptical tourist.

Armed with the right information, Hong Kong can be visited without breaking the bank. By utilizing a few proven tips, visitors can avoid many of the financial pitfalls that entrap most tourists. Hong Kong is too enticing to miss, which is why they don’t hesitate to maintain high living costs. Even though it’s one of the most expensive destinations in Asia, Hong Kong welcomes around 60 million visitors a year. For this reason, proper planning needs to be made to avoid becoming another overcharged statistic.

To help our readers avoid costly mistakes, we compiled a list of the best ways to save money in Hong Kong. By utilizing a little planning and research, this amazing part of the world can be explored on a budget. With millions of visitors from around the world, the shroud of mystery has officially been removed from Hong Kong. Nowadays there are too many options online to remain ignorant, so get inspired by reviewing this insightful list!

Best Ways to Save Money in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Enjoy a break from the tourist sections by staying in Kowloon.

Tip #3: Pick Your Lodging Strategically – While it’s great to be located in Hong Kong island, this convenience comes at a price. Thanks to international migrations, land prices in Hong Kong are skyrocketing. This makes accommodation one of the most expensive factors when visiting, but fortunately there are ways around it.

Instead of staying in Hong Kong island, opt for setting up shop in Kowloon. Boasting a strategic location in-between the New Territories and Hong Kong island, Kowloon is the best option to save. In many ways it provides the best of both worlds, since users can easily access Hong Kong island through cheap public transportation. Aside from being removed from the action, Kowloon provides a more authentic glimpse of the local culture. It’s a world within itself, so look up guesthouses in Kowloon to save money before arriving!

Hong Kong

Use public transportation instead of taxis.

Tip #2: Avoid Taxis Altogether – While this is a wise tip for any destination in the world, it’s especially relevant in Hong Kong. Thanks to a never-ending stream of tourists, taxi drivers have plenty of practice at ripping off visitors. From faulty meters to money swapping, the amount of taxi scams is absolutely staggering. For this reason, taxis should be avoided at all costs. Hong Kong has an exceptional public transportation system, so take advantage of their extensive bus routes and ding ding tram.

Hong Kong

An Octopus card will revolutionize your spending.

Tip #1: Get Connected – Before leaving the airport, there are two things every traveler should get. The first is a SIM card, since it opens doors to local calls and Wi-Fi. On top of being too cheap to ignore, phone cards are lifesavers when exploring a new city. Avoid outrageous roaming charges from your local phone carrier by adopting a local plan.

The second and most important tool for any traveler in Hong Kong is the infamous Octopus card. When this innovative company launched in 1997, it was the second public transport payment system in the world. Today it’s the most widely used card in Hong Kong, since it provides discounts on everything from transportation to McDonalds. For only HKD 150, users get HDK 100 in stored value and HKD 50 in a refundable deposit. The savings this card provides is a godsend, so sign up for one as soon as you land!

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