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How To Make Deposits When Playing Online Poker?

Bovada casino - Play Poker
Bovada casino – Play Poker

When you start playing real the concern is for the players to get cash into their online poker account. Different countries provide different ways of payment and deposit methods according to their state laws. Let us find here how a US player can deposit money in a casino and play his choice of game. Deposits to play poker methods for US players include, bank cards, credit cards, cash transfers, wires and more.

Introduction to Online Casino Deposit Methods

Slotocash deposits US
Slotocash casino deposit options for US players

As we all know, not only specializes in offering latest casino bonus codes, but also offers free guides on the widely held casino banking methods or deposits to play poker for gamers online. See below and find a comprehensive report on deposits to play poker payment methods available online for you.

We’ve compiled all the latest information here and when you’re done reading this post, you’ll be aware of your choices.

At US poker sites and online casinos you can use the following deposits to play poker:

  • Credit Cards
  • eWallets
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Prepaid Vouchers


Other payment methods

1. Credit Cards

Credit card deposits US casinos
Credit card deposits US casinos

a- Visa and MasterCard

The Visa Card has a very high success rate at most US facing rooms. Your card needs to be approved for international payments (some are not by default, to protect you from fraud), which may require a quick call to your bank. If you still have problems, then your choices are to try that back up credit card you were saving for emergencies – or to grab a pre-paid visa, which you can purchase from convenience stores. You can get in touch with the support staff at your chosen poker site before you buy a card, they will be able to tell you which brands are currently working. Finally, you will be required to fill out a form and send ID with your credit card payment and this will protect you from fraud too!

b- MasterCard Credit Card

MasterCard is also in option to deposits by many US poker sites, though not all of them. As long as your card is capable of international payments, you’ll find this going through first time very frequently.

c- Amex (American Express)

Amex is not the most commonly accepted card, though you can still find some operators able to take it. If you have an Amex card you can ask support staff about this, as it is not always advertised openly.

2. eWallets

eZee Wallet at casinos
eZee Wallet at casinos

eWallets are digital wallets to fund your online casino or poker account.  Currently, Skrill is one the most widely used e-wallet, with over 40 million users worldwide. Another popular option that most casinos accept is Neteller. Another is eZeewallet to use as deposits. Their optimized technology accommodates for any type of device. Whether you prefer to play on your smartphone, computer laptop or tablet, you’ll enjoy an easy and flexible depositing experience. You load your eWallets with the amount you wish to make a deposit and then use them at poker sites of your choice.

3. Cryptocurrencies

Where to buy litecoins in US

There is increasing number of poker sites which accept cryptocurrency payments nowadays. This stems from the numerous benefits that Bitcoin and other digital currencies provide. One advantage of this payment option is that it guarantees important levels of security. Also the payment whether deposits or withdrawals in instant.

Other than Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies accepted by online casinos include Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoins besides others. The ability of these alternatives to process deposits much faster than Bitcoin makes them quite attractive to players.

4. Prepaid Vouchers

Cash to code
Cash to code

Paysafe, cash to code and other prepaid vouchers are accepted at online poker sites like Ignition casino and Bovada. You can simply buy these vouchers or gift cards, enter the voucher code and there you go by funding your online casino or poker site instantly with real money deposits.

Other Payment Methods

Following are other payment methods that you can use for deposits.

1. Money Transfer via Western Union

Western Union is another popular funding option for US players, while it does include fees, and this method will definitely work and can now be used to withdraw your winnings too. You will often find this advertised as ‘Person to Person Transfers’. There are two stages to the process of using this US deposit option..

– You need to speak with the support staff at your poker site. They will provide you with the information on where the money will be wired too – this is important, you cannot just send it to the site without this info.

– You go to a Western Union outlet, and a quick check of their website will give you several local options in bigger metros. You’ll give the details to the cashier, hand over your cash and pay a fee (usually between $8 and $20) for using the service. You then mail your transaction number to your poker site – which will receive the money instantly. You should be up and running within an hour using this method, sometimes even faster.

2. MoneyGram

MoneyGram is very similar to Western Union in the way it works. You purchase a MoneyGram in the amount that you would like to deposit from a MoneyGram retailer. You then transfer the money to the poker site that you would like to play at. You also speak with your poker site before you transfer the cash – the recipient information will not usually be in the name of the poker site itself!

3. eChecks

eCheck was mostly consigned to history by the massive problems Full Tilt had with claiming the amounts depositing using these ‘electronic checks’ from the users banks. At the moment only one US site accepts eChecks,, you can expect some security to be in place including verification of your ID. Again this is designed to protect players as well as the poker sites.

4. Player-to-Player Transfer

The ability to transfer between players has been withdrawn from the Merge Network (Carbon) and Bovada. You can still do this at the Winning Poker Network (America’s Cardroom) and The Revolution Gaming Network.

Banking options in US
Various banking options in US


The bottom line is that online casino sites want you to play games with real money and if you can’t get in, it’s better contacting their customer support team. also warns you by stating that your location may play a part in depositing money to online casinos. For example, if you’re from the UK, chances are you can deposit money by using your credit card directly. However for the players from USA, stuffs are a little bit more complex due to individual state laws. value you enormously, thus not only feature the fresh online casino promo codes but also tried to present some of the most common deposit methods for you here with suggestions so that you can take an informed decision when selecting the right way for you to deposit money into your online casino account.

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