25 Incredible Tips for Women in US to Play Poker

Poker is a vintage game that has it’s own unique popularity. Through the ages we have seen, Poker being played by cigar-clad men surrounding a table, in a bar or Poker rooms. It has been deemed as a man’s game. But time has changed and so have the people. Many women have come forward to break this ritual of poker being played by men. Women though a minority in Poker, still have a higher group winning success rate than men.

So here are 25 easy tips for women to follow and become a pro in Poker.

1) Learn the rules of the game.

Learn the rules of the game

As basic as it seems, it is very important to clearly know all the rules of the game. I’m sure you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of your peers or lose your money simply because you weren’t’ sure of the rules. This is the most fundamental and easy step you should to take.

2) Playing too many hands can cost you.

Playing too many hands can cost you

This is a frequent mistake many people tend to make. Not every hand can win so it’s almost mandatory that you choose which hand to play wisely.

3) Read books to master Poker.

Read books to master Poker

There are resources available to help us get a profound understanding of the game.You don’t have to go by the rules of the book but even a little help is worth it.Go check out books like:

4) Perfecting the bluffing act in the game.

Perfecting the bluffing act in the game

Before playing with skilled players it is very important to master the art of bluffing. Its an art because it takes a knack to match your features according to that present situation.So, it is a need to learn how to conceal your emotions. With time, this attribute should be mastered. Keep a balance between bluffing and not bluffing. Try to start bluffing with your family to develop this skill.

5) Make them underestimate you.

Make them underestimate you

Seeing a woman playing Poker, it is a natural tendency of people, especially men, to easily discard them as weak.This can be used to your benefit. Let them think you don’t know what you are doing and they might go easy on you. Act as if you got lucky if you win. Use the underestimation to your benefit.

6) Hide your cards well.

Hide your cards well

Sometimes we might end up neglecting the way we hold our cards which might just get us into trouble. It’s a silly but easy mistake to make. So, be careful with your cards.

7) Getting updated on tournaments.

Getting updated on tournaments

Poker is known to be played the most in America so use it to your advantage. Try to find updates on local Poker tournaments so you can watch and learn. There are many local places where Poker is held on a daily basis.

8) Use your curves as a Distraction.

Use your curves as a Distraction

Be provocative. Use your curves to an advantage to make a distraction. This is in a way a gentle aggressive behaviour which shows that nothing would back you down.

9) Try to decipher the body language of your opponent.

Try to decipher the body language of your opponent

Being a woman plays a major plus point on this tip because women find it easy to make out the body language of a person. Be keen in your observation of your opponents. Keep a tab on their body language.

10) Distract your opponents not yourself.

Distract your opponents not yourself

It is crucial to keep a keen focus on the game and the opponents throughout the game. Make sure you keep all electronics as well as other distractions away from you during the game to carry out this.

11) Your consistency matters.

Your consistency matters

If you truly want to play poker make sure you play it on a consistent level. It’s the simplest way to master any game. The more you practice, the more you excel at it. So, be consistent. Set goals to play poker on a regular basis.You can even play online Poker with the convenience of staying at home.

12) Tutor yourself.

Tutor yourself

Read a lot of articles and follow the legends of poker. You can learn so much more on the tip of your fingers just by putting a bit of effort. Learn about these people. Educate yourself. Make plans, try to think like them. It will take time but the effort will be so worth it.

13) Learn from your opponents too.

Learn from your opponents too

If you start going to a casino regularly you might come across familiar faces. Keep tabs on the way they play. After a while it will be easy to pick out their strategies, hence it will be easier for you to plan strategies against them.

14) Keep changing your strategies.

Keep changing your strategies

If you go to a casino regularly then people will slowly get familiar with you. Try to keep a twist in every game and add confusion to the environment. Keep changing strategies to avoid being picked out by your opponents due to it. Keep things fresh and keep surprising people once in a while.

15) Keep your expectations in check.

Keep your expectations in check

You would mostly not win every time. Don’t let that discourage you. Persistence has a way of paying off in the end so let losses slide but make sure that you don’t end up in heavy losses or on a worst case scenario with heavy debts..

16) Don’t get over-confident

Don’t get over-confident

Poker is a game of skill. It requires a lot of energy and focus from you. If you start playing well and lose yourself in the midst of your winnings, you might end up in a very bad place. So, don’t lose focus and play well.

17) Start with online poker if you are shy.

Start with online poker if you are shy

Online poker has it’s own advantage mainly due to the convenience of it. You can literally play on your comforter from your home. Give it a try to learn from it. Though it takes out the factor of deciphering the opponents, it can still be quite fun.

18) Wear a cloak of confidence during the game.

Wear a cloak of confidence during the game

At the poker table it might be very easy for you to get intimidated. Don’t let that happen. Stay confident throughout the game.

19) Keep a light environment at the table.

Keep a light environment at the table

Poker is a fun game. It brings people together so smile on the table. Fill it with laughter, jokes and funny moments to enjoy it better.

20) Become friends with the dealer.

Become friends with the dealer

A dealer is like a psychologist who keeps seeing too much. He must have seen losses as well as some great wins. Become friends with him and tip him. He may become a valuable source of information and advises.

21) Do not let your mood affect the game.

Do not let your mood affect the game

Don’t play when you are angry, sad or in any kind of intense emotions, Make sure to stay calm. Don’t use poker to distract you from any intense event. You might end up losing money due to it.

22) Learn the Maths of Poker.

Learn the Maths of Poker

As hard as it sounds, Poker is a maths game of incomplete information. You end up depending a lot on probability and instinct and that’s why this game is so famous. The maths isn’t very tough though. It just depends on the hand you play while entering the pot.

23) Learn the difference of playing at a casino and playing online.

Learn the difference of playing at a casino and playing online

Playing online and in a casino are two facets of the game. They differ on an entire level from each other, An advantage of playing online is not showing your body language to people but in a casino it comes at a display. Play wisely on both and know the difference.

24) Play with the money you are okay to lose.

Play with the money you are okay to lose

Bet an amount that you are okay to lose. There is no guaranty of you winning the game. If you plan to play with a 100 dollar be okay to lose it all. Think of it as the money spent on an evening. This will prevent you from getting disheartened. Take calculated risks and bet accordingly.

25) Have fun and maintain a good attitude

Have fun and maintain a good attitude

Poker is a fascinating game, Have fun while playing it. Be yourself during the game and try to be humble and gracious when you win a game.

Use these tips to become a master of Poker over time. Learn to bluff and fold at all the games. Low on cash? Look up these casino coupon codes or casino bonus codes to save some money and play online for great casinos through them.

The next time you play I hope to see a different you.

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