5 Best Beer and Burger Joints in New York

5 Best Beer and Burger Joints in New York

What better could you expect than an ice-cold beer served with a big burger with melty cheese? Although beers aren’t so bad themselves, burgers are the perfect and affordable meal anytime.

If you are looking for a complete breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, and even for a late-night munch, many joints can serve you both beer and burger in New York City! Here I have rounded up top 6 beer and burger joints with excellent grilling and topping in the big city.

1. The Boilermaker


The Boilermaker is an easy and laid-back bar known to offer beer-and-shot combos. Here you can have burgers too. Known as the Bowery, if offers a squishy Martin’s roll, which is a type of patty with additional bacon and cheese that makes it a very good burger. This offers is coupled with Chef Miguel Trinidad’s excellent addition of fig aioli and atchara (Filipino pickled vegetables) making it truly special.

2. Canz Sports Bar

Canz Sports Bar

You can head to the Canz sports bar if you want a little extra lunch that is inexpensive also. Open all 5 days from Mondays to Friday between 11.30 am to 3.00 pm, you can enjoy here six ounces of seasoned beef topped with tomato and lettuce served with a decent cold half-pound Bud Light can. You may also make your own platter. You can have addition cheese, ‘shrooms, bacon, crispy onions or caramelized onions, tater tots, sweet potato fries or French fries also as a combo at a dollar or less.

3. Donovan’s Pub

Donovan’s Pub

Donovan’s is a popular place for pub-style burger lovers. They offer large meaty burgers with grilled buns coupled with Irish pub beers. It is often considered as the best burger in the city. You will certainly enjoy here and would be glad to know that the soups are equally tasty.

4. Black Tap

If you are a big fan of craft beer where it has been brewed and also enjoy it with a beautiful mouth-watering burger, Black Tap is the place for you. It is the next big thing in classic burger joints. Inspired by the old-school luncheonettes, these award-winning burgers are getting a lot of popularity with the addition of milkshakes in the menu. Do not miss out this treat!

5. Bar Sardine


Known as a tiny west village spot, Bar Sardine is specially made for first date drinks with a surprise addition of a great burger on the menu. Here you should enjoy the Fedora Burger, which is named after the owner’s other venture and is the city’s most interesting burger. It is a juicy LaFrieda patty with BBQ mayo and smoked Cheddar topping, both of which give it a smoky and sweet flavor and the added crispy shoestring-cut fries offers it a crunchy texture. It is served with pickles and red onions on a well-toasted, flattened bun which completes the burger.


If you are heading towards New York any time soon, ensure not to miss out visiting these amazing food joints to relish the combo of amazing beer and burger and cherish the mouth-watering experience for a lifetime.