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Household Hacks

5 Household Hacks To Save You A Lot Of Money

Household Hacks

No matter who you are or where you live, it’s never too late to learn more efficient ways of living your life. In these tough financial times it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for new ways to cut expenses & save your hard earned cash. Unbeknownst to most people every day we all commit innocent errors that in the end drain the little money that we have. Luckily with the proper education & a touch of ingenuity there are ways to avoid these pitfalls. For this reason we have compiled a list of the top 5 household hacks to save you money. You’re welcome.

Top 5 Household Hacks to Date

Hack #5: Use Your Windows – Many of us only use our windows to let in small amounts of light & avoid opening them at all cost. However when timed properly opening & closing your windows can save you a small fortune on utility bills. If you live in a warm climate, open your windows during the night time and let the night air cool out your house. If you are struggling to survive in a cold climate, open your windows during the peak sun hours to give your home a little extra heat. As with anything, use common sense when doing this. If you live in a high crime area by all means don’t leave your windows open on the first floors & never leave your house unattended with the windows open. One robbery could cost you double the money that you spend on utilities, so be smart.

Hack #4: Get the Most Out of Your Iron – What if we told you that it’s possible to iron both sides of your clothes at the same time? Now that your mind has been blown by the sheer thought of how much energy you will save here’s how it works; First run your iron over a sheet of aluminum to clean the plate. Then put the aluminum under the clothes that you are ironing and go to town on it. The aluminum will act as a conductor & allow you to simultaneously iron both sides of your clothes.

Hack #3: Refill Your Printer – Our family’s love for quick replicas guzzles printer ink at alarming rates. Between school projects, recipes & random things that catch our fancy the printer is constantly at work. There’s nothing worse than realizing that purchasing a few cartridges of printer ink costs more than buying a whole new printer. Refilling your printer cartridges yourself can save you big bucks, & printer cartridge companies know it. That’s why most printers have a system that blocks you from refilling it yourself. Luckily for you printer cartridge refill companies have developed microchips that allow you to trick your printer into letting you refill it.

Hack #2: Unplug Your Appliances – Just because a machine is turned off doesn’t mean that it has stopped using power. Some of the most notorious indulgences that are skyrocketing our electricity bill are the appliances that use energy even when we think that they are turned off. Avoid this problem by unplugging each item after you’re finished using it.

Hack #1: Clean Your Refrigerator – The refrigerator is the cornerstone of every kitchen & the energy drain of each home. When your fridge is dirty it takes more energy to cool itself & hits you where it hurts. The area that needs the most cleaning is the coils behind the fridge since these areas are prone to collect dust & debris. So every season unplug your fridge, pull it away from the wall & scrub those coils to allow your fridge to run at its full potential!

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