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Las Vegas

7 Must See Attractions in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

No matter who you are there is one place that you need to see before you die: Las Vegas. This infamous city has captivated visitors from around the world with its wild nightlife, larger than life casinos, fine dining & exotic entertainment. While you don’t have to get as crazy with your friends in Vegas as the cast of the Hangover, there are a few incredible things that you must experience while you are in Sin City. We proudly present the top 7 things to do in Las Vegas.

#7. Machine Guns Vegas – Shooting automatic weapons is about as American as you can get. Whether you are a fan of Scarface or just want to get in touch with your masculine side Machine Guns Vegas is the place for you. Boasting an extraordinary collection of firearms, you get to pick between M60’s, Mac 10’s, AK-47’s & Glock 17’s to wage war on a variety of targets.

#6. Sky Combat Ace – Ever wanted to take the wheel of a plane and perform intense aerial acrobatics? Well you need to cross that off of your bucket list with the experienced flight instructors at Sky Combat Ace. They allow you to fly the plane and get your thrills by participating in dog fights with rival airplanes & reach 8g’s of pressure with an impressive array of moves that would make Tom Cruise jealous.

#5. Exotics Racing – Quit dreaming and step into the driver’s seat as you push a Ferrari to its limit on this 12 mile long racetrack. You can pick between 50 different exotic cars to complete any driving fantasy you have been holding in while driving your Geo Metro to work every day. You can also do a ride along with a drifting professional as he shows you the mind bending prowess of the Corvette Z06 as you two careen around the race track!

#4. Vegas Indoor Sky Diving – For those of you who want to experience the thrill of Sky Diving but don’t want to suffer a heart attack while being pushed out of a plane, Vegas Indoor Sky Diving has you covered. In their custom made wind tunnel you get to experience the beauty of flight from the impressive thrust of the 120 mph winds generated by their floor fan. You can lie flat to get started and then move on to doing full on tricks in the air.

#3. Larry Flint’s Hustler Club – No matter whether you are celebrating a night out with your friends or partying with your life partner a Vegas strip club has to be on your night itinerary. Everyone can learn a thing or two from a Las Vegas strip club, especially this one. At 4 stories tall & covering a staggering total of 70,000 square feet this mammoth strip club is something that will revolutionize your views on exotic dancing.

#2. VooDoo Rooftop Night Club – Grab a drink and get crazy with someone you just met at this impressive rooftop night club. Located on the 51st floor this club boasts a breathtaking view of the Vegas Strip that you will never forget, even if you don’t remember the rest of the night. So stop by and let loose at this iconic nightclub.

#1. Gambling on the Strip – How could we have a list of things to do in Las Vegas without gambling? Gambling is the heart and soul of Las Vegas and you would be missing out on some of the world’s most impressive casinos. The casinos on the strip will put anything that you have seen to shame with their sheer size, number of activities, entertainment, gourmet food, bars and incredible design. So don’t waste your money all in one place because there is plenty to see in Las Vegas!

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