Be Romantic on the free, cheap or little frugal in 2016 Valentine

Be Romantic on the Free, Cheap or little Frugal in Valentine

Be Romantic on the free, cheap or little frugal in 2016 Valentine

            “I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved.”- George Eliot

Love- how often you  get attracted merely looking at this word.  The young ones may find their ventricles of the heart throb louder and eyes twinkle and shine as they yearn to find their Valentine. But this four letter word has deep meanings. Love is not a physical attraction but an inner feeling towards any living being. Man is a social animal and we do need someone to talk to, laugh together, have fun and enjoy each moment in presence of our loved ones. It is not only a relationship between a girl and a boy but also Love of our loved ones in family- be it mom and dad, brother or sister, among friends and neighbours, our pets and between husband and wife. It is all about relationships expressing love and spending time with them.

Historically Valentine Day dates back to the story of St Valentine and how he was martyred. To keep the spark of any relationship with loved ones going on we celebrate Valentine Day each year on 14th February so that we can express our love to them in whatever way or means we can.

Valentine Day Cards Valentine Day Flowers

Don’t be surprised if you come to know that in total Americans spend approximately $13 Billion every year on Valentine’s Day. On an average every American will spend $120 each on Valentine’s Day gifts and men spend twice more than women.

In the ways to find and show how we appreciate each other and want each other’s company let us look what all we can do in 2016 Valentine’s and be romantic on the free, cheap and frugal deals.

Now don’t ask this question: “I love my boyfriend/girl friend so much then why I take money into consideration when buying gifts for him/her? Why I need to be inexpensive? Hmmm… do you think it is necessary for you to have a big Limousine to drive your partner to a restaurant or for some drive… or (as one of my millionaire friend boosts of) you need your boy friend or husband to get you a private jet flown at your door step and carry you to the private luxurious silver seas or to Marchi Mobile’s eleMMent Palazzo or even to Ty Warner Penthouse for you to enjoy!

But remember material things or money can’t buy love. Even if you gift a simple flower with all your heart or write a poem expressing your true feelings to the other is all what is needed to kindle the flame of love. Also money saved for hard times is for the loved ones whom you care and concern.

Here are the following innumerable ideas to have inexpensive way to be romantic. Some of these are absolutely free right from the core of your heart. Some are cheap and frugal. Some a bit little above than frugal and below than costly.

Go for Weekly Date (free from your heart)

You should have date at least once a week with your partner. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, but at least find some way to spend a couple hours time together. If you’ve got kids, then absorb them in some game and play activity while you have your own time together. If you can afford then a baby sitter too can be of help.

Communicate often (free from your heart)

Romantic gestures don’t take the place of real communication. Take time to talk about your goals, your dreams, your plans for the future, your current lives, things you’re happy about, things you love about the other person, things you’d like to work on, things you’re grateful for.

Inspire any time spontaneous Valentine rather than on 14th Feb (free from your heart)

Does Valentine or expressing love need a special day or date? I don’t think so. If the spark is there and heart beats are high then why to wait for that day to come. Life is short. Express your love when you think you need to. Also pick any idea or inspiration as how be romantic any day any time- a small reminder of feeling loved is more important and energetic to keep the relationship going.


Say it with Gift (Can be free, DIY or Cheap)

As gifts act as reminders and also the other person feel cared about you can think of any gift idea that you feel your loved one will appreciate. For romantic lovers and partners in crime you can start with a flower.  One thing I will add here is mostly boys/men gift flowers to their ladies but it can be both ways. Many men feel awkward when they are gifted with flowers. But flowers are means of a thoughtful and surprising way to say “I love you.’

It is not only roses that you can gift but Tulips, Orchids, Sunflowers, Gerber Daisies, Lillies, Carnations are also beautiful flowers to express your love. Look for some great coupon deals for flowers here. Or for some more betterdiscount coupon codes to use from you flowers.

Other gifts can be Pick wildflowers on the way home, Burn a CD with love songs or Give dark chocolates. Search for more gift ideas at Zazzle or Amazon

Diffuse your fight and misunderstandings (free from heart)

What a great idea to end any misunderstanding and fight with your loved ones in Valentine? I know it seem difficult as maybe the other partner is too rigid. But why not try. Sit down together for a cup of coffee or watch a movie together and start your conversation with “I” not “you”. Ask questions that are in your mind, share a joke and laugh and touch the partner hold his/her hand and ease the tension. Many relationships break because of ego factor. So take the initiative!

Have a trip to Vegas together (be a bit frugal but enjoy!)

Did you know that Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the United States with about 4 percent of all U.S. weddings taking place here each year. According to a report in 2014, 80,738 couples tied the knot in Clark County, more than any other county in the United States.  So that shows how many relationships came together.

For the ones who are still thinking of proposing then Vegas has a dozen red roses worth of romantic spots The city has co-opted romantic locations from around the world (Eiffel Tower, Venetian gondolas) and invented its own (Bellagio Fountains, atop the High Roller in a private pod)

Also find a on Valentine’s Day a zombie love story. Yes “Zombie Burlesque” is sexy, sassy and there’s also love and have experience the sexy acrobatic maneuvers of “Zumanity”  You can also throw in so many adult shows – “Fantasy,” “X Burlesque,” “Crazy Girls,” “Chippendales,” “Thunder From Down Under” to name few.

Dinning in Las Vegas (in style but frugal)

Here is the list of the restaurants and hotels where you will find the rates mentioned for meals, dinners and drinks for 2016 Valentine

  • CRUSH at MGM Grand– CRUSH will celebrate Valentine’s Day weekend with a four-course meal available from Feb. 12 – 14. CRUSH will also offer the Punch, Drunk, Love, a blend of mint-infused Hendricks gin, Lillet Rosé, fresh watermelon juice and fresh lime juice, priced at $14.
  • TREVI at The Forum Shops at Caesars- TREVI will celebrate Valentine’s Day by offering a three-course prix fixe dinner and specialty love-themed cocktail. Priced at $39 per person, Also available exclusively for Valentine’s Day will be the Love Potion No. 9 cocktail, priced at $9.
  • Strip House Las Vegas– Strip House will feature dinner specials Feb. 12 – 14 in honor of Valentine’s Day. Specials include chili-roasted lobster with citrus nage, shell beans and fennel, priced at $24; all-natural grass-fed 8-ounce filet mignon, priced at $56; black winter truffle gnocchi, priced at $18; red velvet for two with whipped cream cheese frosting, priced at $18; and a special Sweetheart Cocktail comprised of Tanqueray gin, vanilla syrup, blood-orange juice purée, fresh lemon juice and Fee Brother’s Cherry Bitters, priced at $15.
  • Delmonico Steakhouse in The Venetian-Delmonico will offer a special a la carte menu featuring items such as Japanese pumpkin bisque ($12), Gulf prawns in smoked tomato broth, roasted fennel and petite greens ($17), lola rosa salad with red king crab ($18), veal osso bucco ($60), seared sea scallops ($42), and for dessert, chocolate truffles ($10) or chocolate soup ($12).
  • Table 10 in The Palazzo-Table 10 has a special a la carte menu throughout the weekend including French kiss oysters with osetra caviar, blood orange mignonette and champagne cloud ($20); lobster stuffed filet of beef Wellington with smoked bone marrow ($65); and for dessert, petit gateau with valrhona chocolate pomegranate jam and salted caramel brittle ($12).

If not interested in Las Vegas  then go for some low cost holiday tour.

Few other ways to be romantic without breaking your budget  and go straight from your hear is “Write a poem” (need not be a writer, use words what you like), “Cook a romantic dinner”, “Give a full-body massage”, “Go for sunset picnic”, “Read poetry together”, “Prepare strawberries with fondue chocolate”, “Leave little love notes everywhere”, “Take a moonlit walk on the beach”, “Snuggle together while watching romantic movies”, “Get good wine”, “Watch shooting stars”, “Take a walk down memory lane — visit some of the special places from your early days of dating”, “Make a scrapbook with photos, mementos, and little notes from you lives together”, “Bring home great take-out, and light some candles” and  “Slow dance to romantic music”.

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