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Online Gambling Trends

Keep Your Eye on These Online Gambling Trends

Ever since online gambling made its debut it has consistently outdone itself, and 2018 was no exception. What started as a fringe industry has evolved into one of the most promising aspects of modern gambling. When the first online casino opened in 1994, it had no idea that it was pioneering a gambling renaissance. Fueled by the first fully functional gambling software by Mircrogaming, it inadvertently sparked a revolution. Between 1996 and 1998, the number of online casinos soared from sixteen to over two hundred.

While the $830 million that online casinos generated in 1998 was shocking at the time, it pales in comparison with what the industry is worth now. By 2001, over 8 million punters were placing bets online. This growing demographic helped the online gambling industry exceed $21 billion in 2008. By 2017 online gambling revenue had doubled to $45.8 billion, and it’s projected to reach $94.4 billion by 2024. This sensational amount of growth ensures that online gambling is here to stay.

Unsurprisingly, the impressive evolution of online gambling is paving the way for some epic innovations. The amount of money being generated is staggering, which allows companies to invest heavily in development. In an industry that thrives on novelty, online casinos have to constantly upgrade to stay relevant. Every year brings new developments that make major impacts on both punters and casinos. To showcase how fast the industry is evolving, we compiled a list of online gambling trends to keep an eye out for in 2019. These developments are paving the way for some truly exceptional gaming options, so get a glimpse of what the future holds with this article!

Top Online Gambling Trends in 2019

Online Gambling Trends

Crypto currencies are becoming a crucial part of online gambling.

Industry Trend #3: Wider Acceptance of Crypto-Currency – While some punters are still skeptical of crypto-currency, it’s already carved out a solid place in online gambling. Ever since Bitcoin made its debut in 2009, it has peaked the curiosity of multiple online casinos. Its consumer anonymity and instant deposit features has made it ideal for online gambling. Now that Bitcoin has enjoyed an unprecedented amount of success, the floodgates have been opened to more crypto-currencies.

This year is no different, since a growing number of crypto-currencies are being accepted by online casinos. Many new games are relying on blockchain as a core element, which makes crypto-currencies an essential component. While Bitcoin is still the standard, punters can expect to see more options such as Eutherian, Litecoin and other upcoming digital currencies. These innovative payment methods provide welcome alternatives to traditional banking options. They even help punters access sites from restricted countries, which make crypto-currencies a critical part of the industry!

Online Gambling Trends

As mobile logins get more secure, online casinos are following suit.

Industry Trend #2: Enhanced Security – Now that more punters are accessing their favorite games on mobile, the stage is set for new security options. As more banking and purchase options become available on smartphones, these innovations are migrating to online casinos. Right now the main focus of developers is translating the same secure log in tech from phones to their sites. From fingerprint sensors to facial recognition, the options are limitless. On top of making online gambling more secure, these developments will help users avoid having to enter their passwords multiple times.

Online Gambling Trends

VR is the future of online gambling.

Industry Trend #1: Virtual Reality Games – While live dealer games have proven to be a hit online, they pale in comparison with what’s being developed. This year VR heavyweight Oculus Rift started developing multiple systems that will infuse VR options into online gaming. This new system will take user interaction to new heights for both dealers and fellow punters.

By creating a completely unique virtual environment, online casinos are poised to become major attractions. The sky is the limit with this technology, since it has the potential to change everything. Now that VR reality is more than a pipedream, we are on the cusp of a gaming revolution. It will be fascinating watching how it evolves, so don’t ignore this growing niche!

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