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Epic 2016 Review of Slotomania on Facebook

Slotomania is one of the most popular online slot games of all time. They command an army of 40 million loyal players who hail from every part of the globe. They were won over with Slotomania’s seemingly never-ending amount of high quality games. This captivating cornucopia of slot games is available on iOS & Facebook. Today we will walk you through the brilliant gameplay offered by Slotomania on Facebook.

What to Expect When Playing Slotomania On Facebook

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Welcome to Slotomania madness!

The first thing that you are greeted with when you sign up is a generous 10,000 coin welcome bonus! You are also alerted that you will receive more free coins every 3 hours. If that wasn’t enough, you have the Turbo Exclusive that allows you to collect more free coins every 1.5 hours if you share Slotomania on your FB page!

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Pick which game you want to play.

Once you accept your free coins you are ready to play! When you first start the only games available are Farm Fortune & Ladybug Loot. You have the option to purchase other games, but I would just wait because you get awarded new games quite frequently!

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Reconnect with the farm with Farm Fortune!

I started off with Farm Fortune & was immediately thrown into a full throttle Tournamania! In the Tournamania you are competing with other online players to win a jackpot. Within 2 minutes of playing Farm Fortune I was awarded another 1,000 coins!

Slotomania 4

There are free coins at every turn!

After playing for a few minutes I was offered 110,000 coins for $5! While this may seem like a tempting offer I passed. Why? When you play Slotomania you are bombarded with free spins & coins so paying cash for them is completely unnecessary. I spent the next minute spinning before I was awarded a level up.

Slotomania 5

Enjoy the epic bonus games!

Before long I was invited to play the Beat the Mole Bonus Round where I won more free coins!

Slotomania 6

Ladybug Loot was bursting at the seams with bonuses!

After that the first Tournamania had ended. So I started another one with Ladybug Loot. I was fascinated by the vibrant animation & epic bonuses.

Slotomania 7

Be prepared to unlock a myriad of new games!

I quickly climed up to level 5 & unlocked 2 new levels Civilitreasures & Forest of Magic! After a few more minutes of playing I had won big & was up to to 16,042 coins.
After that Tournamania ended I struck up a new one with Forest of Magic. I was enthralled by the interactive gameplay & was soon rewarded with 10 free spins. I kept playing for hours, unlocking a never ending stream of new games & free coins. After playing till my heart’s content, I was fully convinced that Slotomania is one of the best damn online slot platforms ever created.

Overall Review: 5 Stars

A truly entertaining platform that keeps you flooded with free coins & new games to explore. It’s the type of game that you could get lost in for days. Download it today!

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