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Texas Hold'em Poker

Texas Hold’em Poker 2016 Review: Pay to Play

Zynga Poker went to great lengths to add an extra layer of excitement to the classic game of Texas Hold’em Poker. Many claim that they succeeded by giving us a fresh twist to a wellknown game. While they fell short of completely reinventing it, there are definely some interesting surprises. The stunning visuals take your gameplay to a whole new level. We heard many good things about this game, so I decided to take a look at it on Facebook.

Exploring Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker

When you start playing Texas HoldEm Poker you are instantly immersed into a whole new world. This game reaches new levels as it comes to life with its seductive gameplay. You are instantly greeted with a racy promotional video before you dive head first into this provocative game.

The fun doesn’t stop there, from the get go you are greeted with a share bonus of up to $1 million in chips if you share the game with your friends!

From there you have a long list of tables to choose from. You start with $2,000 in chips & an “underdog” title to defend.

I quickly joined a table & the game was on! From the start the dealer was offering to sell me $51,250 in chips for 10 cents. I wasn’t impressed so I decided to keep playing for as long as my welcome bonus allowed.

I was a little perturbed about being hustled during my first few seconds of gameplay. But then to my surprise I was alerted that a new level was available! I quickly switched to the new XP level to get a fresh start.

As I clicked the button for the new level I was greeted with a list of chip purchasing options to be able to enter into the new XP levels. Apparently you have to pay to play with Zynga. I closed the window & went back to another table.

Before long I was alerted that I had a chance to win free chips. Desperately in need of this fresh boost I jumped on the chance. It opened up a brightly lit slot machine, once spun I won 35,000 chips. I was back in the game!

From there I went on to play a few tables. Unfortunately your chips don’t go too far & you are constantly pestered to buy more chips. This vicious cycle ended up souring the entire experience for me. Unwilling to pay money for fake chips I ended up calling it a day.

Overall Review
All in all this is a great game for someone who wants to spend money playing poker. However for those of us who are looking for an innocent pastime this is a terrible choice. You will not be able to play for free. If you refuse to pull out your wallet you will be bombarded with buying options until you either quit the game or smash your laptop.

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