Utilize These Travel Hacks When Visiting Macau

Even though Macau is the most decadent gambling destination in Asia, visiting it doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of useful tips that prudent travelers can utilize to save big on their next trip. From utilizing casino shuttles to strategic edits to schedules, users can pick how frugal they want to make their vacation. Even for those who want to splurge, there are plenty of ways to save money without cheating yourself. 


Macau is full of luxury, & fortunately there’s enough wealth to treat tourists. Thanks to a growing amount of competition, many casinos & businesses offer tempting offers to lure in customers. These range from free drinks to deals on accommodations. The ways to save aren’t limited to discounts, since simply formulating a plan before arrival will save anyone money. With a little bit of research, users can get access to a slew of hidden deals.


Instead of paying top dollar for entertainment, every year more tourists are turning to local travel hacks. There’s no reason to lose money on amenities that can be enjoyed for free. To help save our viewers from known tourist traps, we compiled a list of ways to save money in Macau. Following these tips will allow anyone to enjoy their vacation even more with an extra burst of cash. Stop travelling like an amateur by utilizing these simple travel hacks!


Most Important Macau Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks

Picking the right time to visit is crucial in Macau.

Travel Hack #3: Visit At the Right Time – Unsurprisingly, picking the right time to visit Macau is essential for getting a good deal. Visitors who come into town during Golden Week or Chinese New Year are in for a hectic & pricey trip. For this reason, schedule your vacation during the downtime in September. To usher in the end of the summer, many hotels in Macau offer 3 for two-night room rate deals. This amount of savings adds up quickly at pricey accommodations, so don’t miss out on these rare deals!

Travel Hacks

Take advantage of this city’s hidden freebies…

Travel Hack #2: Make Use of the Amenities – From transportation to wi-fi, there’s no shortage of freebies in Macau. Every major casino & hotel are connected by an intricate array of shuttle buses. You don’t have to be a member to take advantage of this, which is a godsend for many travelers. On top of casinos & hotels, all of the major attractions in Macau can be accessed by casino shuttle buses. Macau Ferry Terminal, Taipa Ferry Terminal, Macau International Airport, St. Paul’s ruins & Fisherman’s Wharf are all accessible through shuttles.


On top of having access to ample free transportation, Macau offers other amenities for free. In 2010, Macao’s SAR Government implemented their own wireless broadband system “Wifi GO”. This allows visitors to indulge in free internet connections at most public facilities & tourist attractions.


The freebies don’t end with transportation & Wi-Fi. Almost every casino offers free beverages, which are a godsend in Macau’s humid climate. Water bottles, sodas, alcoholic drinks & even milk are offered for free to visitors. Take advantage of this hospitality by popping into a casino the next time you are walking around Macau!


Travel Hacks

 Changing money can be a delicate process in Macau.

Travel Hack #1: Change Your Money Wisely – One of the trickiest aspects of Macau is the currency. Since it’s partially independent from China, they have their own government & currency. Instead of trading in USD or Hong Kong dollars, they use the pataca (MOP). To make matters even more complicated, patacas can’t be exchanged outside Macau. This forces tourists to plan out how much they are going to spend during their trip when changing currencies. 


Another factor to keep an eye on is where you change currencies for patacas. They are worth about 8 to the USD, but the rate fluctuates depending on where they are changed. Instead of changing through the bank or ATM, go to the money changers around Barrier Gate. They offer the best conversion rates, so ask a few money changers to find the best deal!

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