14 last minute Valentine Day Gifts under $70 for every one in the family

14 last minute Valentine Day Gifts under $70 for every one in the family

Without wasting any more time here are the 14 last minute Valentine Day gifts you can choose for anyone in the family. Be it your mom, friend, pet, spouse, sister or any one you think you care for to say I love you on 14th February. The best thing about these amazing gifts is that they all come under your budget and are under $70. All these products are available at online stores, so you needn’t go to any physical store to buy them. Some may cost a bit higher if shipping cost included. Now hurry up if you plan to gift.

1. Heart Shaped Ramekins for Granny

Valentine Gift- Heart Ramekins set

Starting with elderly in the family, grand mothers are the ones who care more about us and want to hear I love you from grand children. Also grannies love to cook or bake for the family and so you can gift her with a set of heart shaped ramekins that she will admire in her kitchen and be reminded of your love each time she uses them. Don’t forget to give her a sweet kiss as well! Costs only US$30 you can buy the set from here.

2. Durable Boots for your baby doll

Durable Boots as Valentine Gift

Your Barbie is your girl kid and the best thing to gift your child is a pair of cute boots to roam and run about freely. These boots are durable enough for all weather, and waterproof wonders will keep at least her feet dry, as her tulle dress falls over them. Costing US$69.99 you can buy one pair from here. Free shipping provided across US.

3. Fitness Tank Top for your sister

Fitness Tank Top- ValentineGift

Your younger sister is a fitness freak who gets up early morning and runs a few miles to get out her fat. Or she may be an athlete dedicated one who wants to keep herself fit in life. Then gift her the fitness tank top with Live Love Run Mantra. This top costs US$25 and you can buy one from here.

4. “When You’re Away” Comfort Cuddler for your dog

Dog Cuddler- Valentine Gift

With selfless love to shower on your all through the year is your pet be it a dog or cat. He/She always wants to jump on your lap and have a treat licking you all over. But when you are away he whines and is depressed so gift your pet a comfort cuddler. It’s cute and heart-shaped, and helps reduce your dog’s anxiety. It has a mesh window where you can put in an object that smells like you, so when you’re at work or on vacation, they’ll feel comforted by your scent. Costs only US$14.99 you can buy one from Amazon too. Note that this purchase will also help some other pet at dog shelter with a free toy.

5. Heart Waffler for whole family

Heart Waffler Valentine Gift

Whether you and your partner are at home or you have whole family get together this gift is just the one needed in kitchen to make adorable baby cupids making it a heart-themed atmosphere over morning tea or evening brunch with heart-shaped waffles. Though technically a gift you give yourself, welcoming this maker into your cupboards allows you to create an ongoing tradition of celebrating the love of your family on February 14th. This costs US$65.56 plus free shipping from Amazon online.

6. Valentine Card for your friend or any one

Valentine Card

Valentine card is one such gift that is cheap and always preserved. You can write a beautiful poem or insert some text with your own handwriting and send the card to any one you feel to remember on this Valentine. This die cut Heart Blossom Valentine flat note is illustrated on the front, with room on the back to write a heartfelt note. Sold individually or as a box set of eight cards, multiplying the amount of love you’re able to share. The card costs US$4.50 and you can buy one from here.

7. Gold Heart Studs for your mom

Heart Studs- Valentine Gift

Your mom of course is your first love and will remain your love always. She is not going to give you a heart break though and to remind and thank her for all what she has done for you to bring you up you can gift her heart stud earrings. These gold-plated sterling silver heart stud earrings are classy, subtle, and affordable. Costing only US$32 with free shipping on all US orders you can buy one from here.

8. Cookies Mix for your Aunt

Cookies Mix Valentine

After mom it’s your Aunt who cares for you and listens to your heart breaks. Here is a affordable gift which you can send your Aunt and remind her to make some delicious cookies for you. These are homemade organic Sweet Tooth Sugar Cookie Mix perfect for decorating fun made with high quality organic ingredients like Biodynamic sugar and organic unbleached wheat flour. Costs US$5.99 you can buy the pack from here.

9. Heart and Tassel Charm/Key Chain for your dad or husband

Heart Keychain

Is heart gifting not allowed for men? I don’t think so. Why not gift it to your first male love and that’s your Dad. You dad is the one who drives the most going out to work or at the groceries buying things for family. You can gift him a heart shaped key chain made of genuine leather with gold hardware, every single time he’s opening and closing a front door, he can visualize walking into a family full of love. Costing US$55 you can buy one from here.

10. Initial ring for your date

Initial ring Valentine Gift

You might have only been dating for a few months, but you both of you know you’re on your way to a long love affair. Send her the message that you’re in for keeps with this initial ring. You can add on charms as your relationship grows, and even pair the first letters of your names together for a kind reminder that from now on, you two are together and would soon be one family. Costing US$32 only you can choose the letters you want to have on the ring. Buy right now from here.

11. ‘This Is Us Season’ for you or family

This is US season DVD

A perfect loving DVD staging Milo Ventimiglia (Actor),‎ Mandy Moore (Actor),‎ produced and directed by Dan Fogelman. This popular TV series has been nominated for Best Television Series – Drama at the 74th Golden Globe Awards and Best Drama Series at the 7th Critics’ Choice Awards, as well as being chosen as a Top Television Program by the American Film Institute. Know how love bonds in family this DVD which costs US$13.96 and is available at Amazon to buy online.

12. Lipsticks for your spouse or girl friend

Lipsticks as Valentine Gift

If your spouse or girl is fashion freak and wants to make her lips colourful this is a perfect gift. This set includes two full-size and three deluxe-size lip essentials and contains five shaded to put on the lips. Costing US$28 you can buy one from here.

13. Caraglio Valentine Bag for your girl

Valentine Bag

This gift is perfect for your wife or girlfriend. With magnetic strap closure this bag comes with attractive chain making it a sling bag. You can top off your date-night ensemble with this Valentine-inspired quilted bag which your loved one will always want to carry. Costs $55 you can buy one from here.

14. Segmart double camping hammock for family

Valentine Hammock

Family is what love and life is. If your family is the one who loves to travel together and love adventure trips then this gift is sure to say I love you this Valentine. Costs $40, you can buy one from Amazon right away.

Besides these you can gift flowers, chocolates or even casino coupon codes to enjoy games. Now choose the one you want to gift soon.

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