How to shop online for saving money strategically?

Online retailers seem to be becoming more and more creative these days to score big with shoppers. However, if you are a smart deal hunter or would just love to get major discounts without a lot of efforts, try using these ten clever online shopping tips.

10. Outsmart the dynamic pricing strategy of online merchants

Based on cookie collection data, sometimes businesses show different prices to different customers for same product or service. According to your location, your shopping history and current demand, dynamic pricing get activated by business owners. In order to get unbiased prices, you should:
– Clear your browsing history
– Think twice before allow cookies to collect your data
– Try incognito mode to browse anonymously
– Choose local website (if any) instead of its global or any other versions

9. Choose the right day for shopping

Even if it seems tempting, don’t shop every day. Look for special discounts and deals on say weekends. Or say on super offer on Wednesday.

Did you know that major retailers like Dell Home and Hewlett-Packard issues special coupons every Tuesday? So if you’re thinking about buy a laptop, compare Tuesday’s rates with others before put your in. Similarly, Amazon is well-known for offering books in cut-price amount on weekends. So you just need to research online who is offering what and when is the right time to get it?

8. Use multiple coupon codes tactically

Typically, using multiple coupons on single product is uncommon however if the product owner allows you to do so, use them without any hesitation. For example, if you’re getting an item at store for a 10% discount in addition to a cash-rebate for $5.00 at check-out, then take 10% first on sale-price and then place your $5.00 discount coupon.

7. Ask for refunds on revised price

Suppose you’ve ordered a product on 1st of July and found the next day that the item is available in reduced price since up for sale. Now since your product is on its way to you – you should contact the product owner and ask for refund on revised price. Sites like Amazon allow their users to lodge a ticket if they found anything as such within 7 days of product delivery. More interestingly, there are many sites who offer you services to monitor price changes for any product online.

Also some credit card companies (like, Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® and Citi® Double Cash Card) do offer no matter where you bought – they will refund if the price dropss within a specific days.

6. Take benefit of reward programs

Some apps or websites let you redeem special bonuses for performing certain tasks for example app downloads or taking part in surveys or reviewing products. After successful completion, you’ll earn gift cards or special discounts which can be used for shopping online.

5. Bargain

Don’t refrain from bargaining. Typically, sales reps are too keen on closing a deal and for that they may sometime give you extra privileges in form of say a new promo code or extend the expired offer date or free gifts. So try your best to squeeze out bit extra when go online to shop.

One thing remember always be polite and stay patient, every time you may not get success however try to find a way to convince the sales representative and get hold of discounts they possibly have.

4. Organize your inbox

Signing up for newsletters in coupon sites in order to save a few extra bucks is not the end of story for you. Rather organize your email inbox for timely intervention and get the best deals on time. Try free add-on that lets you unsubscribe from junk emails and clean your inbox. You can even set a time everyday when you’d like to receive such emails through add-ons.

3. Compare

To get absolutely best deals online, think about installing browser add-on for comparing product prices automatically – the tool will pull the same product info (include taxes, shipping and other attached expenses) from several sites, organizing, and notify you about the best deals available for the time being.

2. Leave items in your shopping cart

Leave the items in cart and wait for 2-3 days if you can. Doing so, you can prohibit yourself from an impulse purchase (because now you have time to think whether buying now this item is absolutely necessary or not). At the same time your decision may irritate the product owner too because of unclosed deal. So to close it, retailer may issue you an offer.

Remember this works best when you left the item in cart for quite awhile and you’re a registered customer of the website.

1. Get more coupons

If you own multiple emails and use those to register in an online coupon website then probably you will get a chance to use more than one coupon in one occasion. Or you can ask your friends or family members with common intention to club all the coupons offers and go for shop.

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