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How To Take Advantage of Casino Comps Points?

Casino comps points at online casinos, also known as loyalty points or player points, are rewards given to casino players for their loyalty and regular play. They are a way for casinos to show appreciation to their customers and encourage them to keep playing.

Casino comps points at online casinos are usually earned by placing bets on casino games, and the number of points earned will depend on the size of the bet and the game being played. For example, a player may earn one comp point for every $10 bet on slots, but only one point for every $100 bet on table games.

Once a player has accumulated enough casino comps points at online casinos, they can be redeemed for various rewards, such as free play, cashback, merchandise, and even hotel stays and dining experiences at the casino. The rewards available and the rate at which casino comps points at online casinos are earned can vary depending on the casino and their loyalty program.

Casino comps points at online casinos are a great way for players to get more value out of their play and enjoy additional perks and benefits at their favorite casino.

How to take advantage of Casino Comps Points at online casinos?

Even though nearly every casino offers them, most punters fail to take advantage of casino comps points at online casinos. Despite what most people think, land based casinos offer plenty of perks to entice players to stay.

These range from free hotel rooms to casino credit, which makes them too valuable to lose. Everyday they offer specials on games, free meals & discounts on everything on the premises. These comps are welcome bonuses in a pastime where people routinely lose more money than they want to. For this reason, learning how to properly take advantage of casino comps is essential for any respectable punter.

By adopting the right approach, punters get access to a slew of amenities. Casinos have no reason to be stingy, since they are raking in revenue at an alarming rate. This constant flow of cash allows them to offer deals to keep players away from the competition. It’s free money, so not taking advantage of casino comps is downright foolish. Instead of remaining oblivious, it’s time to start saving by taking advantage of casino comps.

Not knowing what to ask automatically disqualifies punters from the hidden privileges being offered at most casinos. Knowing what’s available is indispensable when trying to get the most out of your visit. To help our readers receive the best deals possible, we compiled a list of tips to maximize savings.

These insights allow punters to take advantage of everything casino comps have to offer. There’s a lot more amenities available at casinos than most people think, so don’t miss out on the action!

Top Tips For Maximizing Casino Comps points at online casinos

Casino Comps
The first step to racking up comps is getting a card!

Tip #3: Get a Player Card & Use It Incessantly – Instead of being hypnotized by the flashing lights & immediately diving into the games, take the time to sign up. Casinos want players on the floor as quickly as possible, so getting a player’s club card usually takes less than 5 minutes.

Once the card is available, it’s important to use it on every imaginable purchase on the premises. From hotel rooms to buffets, there’s no shortage of places to use the club card.

Another area where many players forget to use the card is at the games. All slot machines have a scanner, so don’t forget to check in before gambling. Player cards can also be used at table games. This allows users to rack up points for the amount of time they play.

Table games offer better odds & longer playing time, which translates to extra comp points. While it may not seem like much, all of these nuances add up. Casinos value repeat activity, which makes checking in essential.

Advantage of Casino Comps Points
Ask the hostess what promotions are currently running.

Tip #2: Ask Questions – On top of the general comps, casinos routinely run specials for card holders. Make sure to ask the dealer, pit boss or host what specials are going on. These limited offers usually include specials for playing specific games that range from free credits to extra comp points.

Another question that needs to be asked after playing for a while is getting the casino rate on hotel rooms. These discounts run up to 60% for card holders, which makes asking about them well worth it. Ask the pit boss after establishing a firm presence at the table, since they will be more inclined to help.

Casino Comps
Find out what casinos offer the most advantageous comp systems before you travel.

Tip #1: Do Online Research Ahead of Time – In areas where multiple casinos are clustered, competition is at an all-time high. This motivates casinos to up the ante with comp points, so take advantage of it. Before embarking on your trip, email a couple of casinos to see what perks are available.

From there you can eliminate the stingier casinos & go with the most generous offers. Dedicating a half hour to reaching out to casinos can save hundreds of dollars, so don’t travel without doing research.

What are the Casino Comps Point Multipliers?

Comp points at online casinos also come in multipliers. This is a type of promotion offered by casinos that will make you enhance your com points that you earn when playing a range of selected casino slots games.

Apart from the regular sign up bonuses many players tend not to want to claim deposit type of bonuses for by doing so they are not going to be in a position where they can cash out any winnings until they have achieved the play through requirements attached to bonuses.

With that in mind do look out for a casino comps points at online casinos based type of promotional offer that casinos make available to you. It is usually the themed slots games that are themed around the time of the year that will have those comp point multipliers attached to them.

Like playing festival themed slots like the Easter themed slots games at Easter time or Halloween themed slots at Halloween or Santa themed slots in Christmas as those slots  machines may award you lots of additional comp points when you play them at that time of the year!

Can you redeem your comp points?

casino comps points at online casinos
Comp points play croco casino

Many online casinos have the rule that you need to redeem your comp points just once a month but there are also casino sites that will redeem your accumulated comp points on the last day of each month and as such you should always ensure you are playing at a casino site that give you more flexibility in regards to when you can cash in and exchange your comp points.

These casinos let all of their players cash in and redeem their comp points for playing credits at any time of the night or day and the entire system for redeeming your comp points at these casinos is automated, so you will get your points redeemed for playing credits instantly.

To start earning cash from comp points first of all you need to know is your online casino offering  you comp points. Better ask the 24/7 customer support available at the casino and use live chat to know your comp points. Because this type of loyalty program is not available at each and every casino.

Most players will however wait until they have a large number of comp points saved up in their casino comp club account before they cash them in for by doing so those players are going to get a much larger number of bonus playing credits than if they cashed them in when they only had a small number of them saved up.

Win A Day Casino VIP Points
Win A Day Casino VIP Points

Better therefore not to underestimate the value of casino comps as you can achieve some very high payouts when you do redeem your accumulated comp points and turn them into playing credits!

Always ensure that you select a casino that does have a very good players club on offer as that way you will get more rewards from your real money gambling action. Note that you are never going to earn comp points when you are playing for free, so real money game play is important.

However playing for free or demo versions is a good way to initially discover if a casino has the range of games on offer that you like playing the most and it is also a very good way to see if you do actually enjoy playing those game online. The truth is without real money game play you will be least be rewarded at the casino from the games you choose to play.

How many casino comps points at online casinos you earn?

Casino Comp points at online casinos
Playing table games also fetch you casino comp points

When playing any casino games at online casinos you earn comp points. You can efficiently gather comp points. Generally speaking, 100 comp points give you 1 currency unit say $1. But, as mentioned above, not all games give the same number of points. Slots games, for instance, give 2x comp points for every $10 wagered instead of 1x. This example is equivalent to returning 0.3% of bets on slots and 0.1% of bets on blackjack. The reason behind this is that slots are not as advantageous as other casino games like blackjack. Some video poker and table games usually earn you smaller number of points.

If it’s table games that are more to your taste, however, simply ensure that you only clock in officially when you’re ready for a long session of Sic bo or craps, or to spend big on blackjack.

Remember comp points depend on what you wager on the game. If you wager $10 in Sic Bo you earn 1 comp point. You earn a different amount of points depending on the game you choose.

Or, even more ideally, choose a game where the house edge is lower.

If you’re on a losing streak, remember that your losses could actually work in your favor when it comes to comps. Losing is never ideal or the aim, but it might not be all doom and gloom if you eventually get a room in return.

Another thing you should take into account if you wish to earn more cash from comp points is your VIP status. Most casinos that have this loyalty program offer better comp point conversion rate to VIPs, depending on their level. The higher the VIP rank, the better conversion rate you get.

Finally, if you want to gather more points, look for special game promotions like “Double Comp points” that usually offer 2x the usual rate for a specific game and/or time period. Such similar promos will give you more comp points and, in turn, more cash.