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Blackjack bonuses are the coupon codes that players always look forward to. Many online casinos do not like to give players bonuses on Blackjack because the house edge is pretty small. They would rather give you a bonus to play the slot machines because the odds are more in their favour.

Types of Blackjack bonuses that you will find

Sign up or No deposit bonus

Sign up bonuses are less to be found with the game of Blackjack but these bonuses give you free money to play when you enter the online casino for the first time.

The amount of bonus will be small say $10 but the great thing is that there are no wagering requirements for most of these bonuses. The money is added to your account and you play instantly.

The only drawback is that you cannot withdraw your wins in this bonus. You can only cashout the profits you have after the bonus money is wagered.

Match or deposit bonus

It is also the most popular bonus where you deposit an initial amount say $10-$25 and get 100% as match bonus.

Just like the sign up bonus you cannot withdraw the bonus cash and it has to be wagered on Blackjack or other casino games. Sometimes these bonuses come under cashable blackjack bonuses where these bonuses you can keep after meeting wager requirements.

The other is non-cashable (or "sticky") blackjack bonuses: bonuses you can wager and keep winnings, but you cannot keep the bonus.

Blackjack and wagering requirements

The house edge in Blackjack is smaller and if you use blackjack strategies. Like suppose say the house on slot machine is 5% which means you can expect to lose $5 on every $100 you bet. It is highly unlikely that you will ever meet the wagering requirement and you will most likely run out of money after about $2000 in bets.

If you use proper basic strategy in blackjack you can reduce to house edge to about 1%. That means you can expect to lose $1 for every $100 in bets. Your odds of meeting the wagering requirement are much better when you play blackjack.

This is what the online casinos are aware of. Some of them do not count blackjack toward fulfilling the wagering requirements. Few others only apply a small percentage of each dollar wagered to meeting the requirement.

In some cases this can be as low as $0.08 on a dollar and certainly nullified the lower house edge at blackjack.

Tips to play Blackjack online:

  • Never play while drinking
  • Never over-bet, trade with caution
  • Never play for too long
  • Never believe in winning streak
  • Bet progressively doesn’t maximize winnings

Find the latest online casino coupon codes bonuses to play the game of Blackjack and its varieties. To many of us, Blackjack is just fun. Play it today using a Blackjack coupon code at a US friendly casino.

Special Offer

Daily Cash prizes
Daily Cash
Prizes Offer at Win a Day Casino

•This promo is valid for Real Play only. •All Daily Draw bonuses must be wagered at least ten times prior to requesting a cash withdrawal. •The winner will be announced the following day and will receive a bonus code to claim the prize.

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Daily Offer

15 K Tournament at Rich Casino
Play and
win Progressive Prize pot of $15K at Rich Casino

After the deposit is made, casino system will start tracking the progress of each player by converting every bet on all games into tournament points (ex: $1 bet= 1 tournament point). At the end, the players will be ranked according to the number of points they gathered throughout the competition. The player with the highest number of points wins.

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Daily Offer

Rallies Happy Hours
Rallies and
Happy Hours at Bingo Hall Casino

Rules to qualify for Happy Hour - Deposit in the last 10 days and purchase minimum amount of cards. This bonus can be won even if a player is maxed on BBS. - Every win during Happy Hours is awarded depending on each win as stated in the rules. If a player wins twice on a game he/she will be awarded $20 and $40. •At any given time, BingoHall may feature Happy Hours ("HH"), which are mainly time - limited and offer an extra Bonus or Prizes on the daily promotion. •Happy Hours Promotions may be announced in the bingo rooms or displayed as pop-up messages. •Following a HH, the Account Holder can simply make a deposit and contact the Customer Support Department, so that BingoHall can make the necessary adjustments. •HH Promotions apply only for deposits made within the timeframe announced and can be redeemed up to one hour from the time of the deposit. •Whether or not announced, all regular Bonus Rules apply on every HH promotion.

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