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How to Save While Visiting New Zealand

Even though it’s a relatively expensive country to visit, traveling to New Zealand on a budget is easier than most people imagine. Boasting 14 main national parks and dozens of regional parks, this country offers the best of both worlds. On top of indulging in 30,000 square kilometers of nature, tourists can enjoy all the perks of modern cities. Out of these metropolises, 5 have bustling casinos for players to visit. In total New Zealand’s 6 casinos offer 147 table games and 2,772 slots machines. This robust lineup of games makes New Zealand impossible for any respectable gamer to miss.

Save While Visiting New Zealand

To ensure that you have enough money to hit the main attractions, strategic adjustments need to be made to your trip. Thanks to the unlimited amount of activities at visitors’ disposal, there are countless ways to blow your budget in New Zealand. For this reason, it’s important to do some research and create a plan before visiting. This is easier said than done, since there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to enjoying New Zealand cheaply. Everyone has different tastes, which means varying adjustments need to be made to accommodate your interests.

Even though the methods to save in New Zealand vary, there are a few sure fire ways to make your trip affordable. While picking the right time to visit and budget accommodations are no brainers, not all tricks are as obvious. To showcase how to travel across New Zealand like a pro, we compiled a list of these essential tips. Prepare to get an intimate glimpse at tricks that many locals don’t even know about. There are always ways to save, so learn how to do so comfortably in New Zealand!

Top Travel Tips in New Zealand

Save While Visiting New Zealand
Sign up in advance to get access to seasonal airfare promotions.

Tip #3: Sign Up for Airline Email Lists – Even though most people are leery about giving up their email, this move can potentially save more than any other tip on this list. Depending on where you are traveling from, the airfare will be the most expensive part of the vacation. To help mitigate the costs, sign up for the major carrier’s email lists. Air New Zealand and Qantas regularly have sales that can have a profound impact on your itinerary. With enough of a head start, you can provide the dates that you want to travel and they will alert you when a sale appears. This simple step will help you save hundreds of dollars before setting foot in New Zealand.

New Zealand
Flying out of LAX or San Francisco is noticeably more affordable.

Tip #2: Pick Your Departure Destination Strategically – If you are flying out of the U.S., most airfare deals revolve around Los Angeles and San Francisco. Even if you don’t live in California, purchasing a discount ticket to the Golden State is usually more advantageous than flying out of your hometown. Set your email notifications with Qantas or Air New Zealand to fly out of LAX or San Francisco. Once the flight is confirmed, book a cheap ticket to your target airport with Southwest, Spirit or JetBlue. The combined total will be much lower than blindly flying out of your local airport, which makes this small headache worth it!

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Get the inside scoop on what’s available.

Tip #1: Visit i-SITE’s and City Websites – No matter which area of New Zealand you are visiting, there are always ways to find seasonal deals. One of the easiest places to find out about local specials is going to i-SITE tourist offices. Almost every city and village in New Zealand has one, and they are staffed by friendly people who will guide you to savings. From accommodations to tour discounts, their insight is invaluable.

You can also check for discounts remotely by visiting individual city websites. For example, Rotorua’s tourism site features dozens of deals that cover everything from spas to ferries. There’s always a coupon code available for major activities, since most cities have seasonal deals to promote tourism. They change every month, so do a little research at each city to make your trip more affordable!