3 Items You Need to Purchase in October

October is a time of change, and this season is the perfect opportunity to revive your budget. From clothing to tools, plenty of offers are introduced as consumers ditch all hints of summer and prepare for winter. While some may see this as an expensive transition month, it all depends on how you purchase. Thanks to the slew of items that are going out of style, October provides plenty of opportunities for big savings. With the right mindset, this often-misunderstood month can be transformed into a lucrative time for investment.

These deals couldn’t have come at a better time, since everyone is already gearing up for Halloween. Even though it has a devilish overtone, Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays in the world. Seven out of ten Americans celebrate Halloween, and this translates to a staggering amount of spending. Between the candy, costumes and decorations, Halloween rakes in over $9 billion in sales every year.

Even though it’s tempting to join the spending frenzy, it isn’t wise to blindly follow the masses. While a majority of people spend their money on the traditional nuances of the season, savvy shoppers set their eyes on more advantageous purchases. Thanks to stores having to clear out their shelves, October is a prime time to stock up on Summer items for next year. To highlight the potential savings, we compiled this list of things to buy this month. There’s more to October than Halloween, so discover how to leverage this time of year and maximize your purchasing power!

Items You Need to Purchase in October

If you start in October, you can set aside a portion of your income for the next few weeks specifically for Black Friday, easing the financial burden.

Items You Need to Purchase in October
Enjoy the perks of preparing for Summer in October.

Item #3: Air Conditioners – As fall sets in, staying cool is the last thing on consumers’ minds. Winter is coming up fast, and this shift in the weather forces stores to free up their shelves. Summer always leaves plenty of leftover products, and air conditioners are no exception. These machines are extremely bulky, which makes them expensive to store. Instead of breaking the bank to keep them, most stores put any remaining air conditioners on sale. Summer will be here quicker than you think, so don’t hesitate to replace your rickety air conditioner in October!

October Equipment
This is the perfect time to upgrade your arsenal.

Item #2: Gardening/Outdoor Tools – The temperatures are cooling down, which provides a prime opportunity to upgrade your tools. Most consumers plan on maintaining their yards during the summertime and hunkering down during winter. This trend isn’t lost on retailers, so they scramble to get rid of any left-over gardening & outdoor tools in October. This sets the stage for some epic sales, especially for large purchases such as lawn mowers. Hunting down the right sale could get you half off or more, so dive into these seasonal deals!

Make your Christmas purchases ahead of time and save!

Item #1: Toys – Even though most people wait for Cyber Monday or Black Friday , October is prime time for Christmas shopping. This is the month when stores start cleaning off their shelves to make room for Christmas products. They have to empty out a good chunk of the store, and they accomplish this through aggressive sales. This is the best time to shop for your loved ones, so take advantage of it and enjoy the savings!