What should I do if my email address is already taken?

Your email address is already taken shows that you may have created an account with us. It might have been that you ended up registering your account with us but was not successful in first attempt or due to some technical error the page might not have updated your information.

Click on the Login tab in the top right section of any page. Click on the Forgot my password link located between the email and password field of the login section. This will take you to a page where you can enter the email address for the forgotten password. Now you enter your email addressnand click “send,”

Shortly you’ll receive an email that will help you reset your password. Click on the link sent to you by email and you’ll be taken to your account where you can create a new password.
If you do not receive the email or if you continue to receive a message saying your email address has already been taken you can Contact Us.  and we will resolve your issue soon.