Why should you Play 243 Payline Slots 1

243 Payline Slots

Las Vegas old school slot machines have always been the basic of today’s new age slots as, without the original slot players and their 3-reel machines, today’s slot evolution has been impossible. Now there are much more reels, modern technology allows us to do so much more and offer so much more fun. Now, today you can have more opportunities to win and 243 payline slots is one of them.

When it comes to online slots, the fundamental rule is the more paylines you play with, the better the odds of winning. If this is what you have been looking forward to, 243 payline slots are for you. It is relatively a new slot. In this slot, unlike traditional three or five reel slots where you need to land specific symbols on particular lines, with a 243 slot you can pick symbols from anywhere on the reels to form a winning combination. You may also try out other line combination that includes one, five, nine and 20 payline to make it more variable and interesting but this is not that common to play.

Why should you Play 243-Payline Slots?

Why should you Play 243 Payline Slots

Multiple Ways to Win

The most attractive part about this slot is that it allows you to win in so many ways. It is mostly not common that you are given with the opportunity to get more than a handful of spins without putting together a winning combination. Here in this slot, you have the option and this is the strength for players wagering real money.

Excellent Graphics

Excellent Graphics

The graphics on 243-payline slots are of extremely high-end and obviously the best around.  Some other examples could be Battlestar Galactica and Dark Knight. Both these feature are explosive, enthralling offers an amazing look and feel that can keep you glued to the screen.

Bonus Games

Bonus Games

The bonus gameplay on 243 payline slots iss extremely entertaining! It is more like video games where you can have more effect on win and losses if you are wise enough to make the right decision. In addition, the odds of winning in these bonus games are generally better.

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How 243-Payline Slots Work?

How 243 Payline Slots Work

If you are well aware of the 3-reel machines and 5-reel slots, you will easily grasp the concept of this slot. The major difference is that there are no stringent paylines. Rather you get credit for any winning combination built from left-to-right, irrespective of whether symbols align or not. In case the same symbol appears on the reels one, two and three, even if they are scattered at various heights you are awarded a win!

In addition, 243-payline slots also feature several different symbols to 9increse the gameplay, which includes:

Expanding Wild Symbols

Similar to the basic wild symbol, expanding wilds can go on to cover entire reels in some situations, thus catapulting your chance of winning.

Scatter Symbols

It also features thrilling bonus games or free spins, and also offer entry into those contests which usually depends on developing combinations of scatter symbols.

Wild Symbols

These wild symbols can be used to replace other symbols, thus allowing you to create several winning combinations. As there are good 243 ways to win, these symbols are specifically beneficial — one wild symbol can help form a variety of winning combinations.


These 243-payline machines are the next big slot which the developers would be happy to enjoy the fruits of the hard work it took to get here. Head on over to your favorite casino and check out the 243 ways to win free slots. Try them for free then drop a few bucks and let the excitement of constant victories roll on.

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