5 popular casinos and 5 rogue casinos

5 Most Popular Online Casinos and 5 Rogue Casinos

I love to play casino games. It is not that I love to gamble always but yes games are a source of entertainment and relax the mind easily. Also some games make us think logically and increase our mental ability.  I also prefer to play more of online games  when I get time.  Yeah…you will say who doesn’t play online these days. True with handy gadgets like smartphones it has become a lot easier to play at your own convenience of time and place. But one thing that keeps bothering me sometimes is what if I am duped by a casino. With rise in internet fraud it is obvious to think so.

There is so much of fraud when doing online transactions that one has to think twice before doing anything on the internet. There was a news about Alans Ng from Malaysia the customer who thought he could get the best deal for a brand-new Apple iPhone 6s by buying it from an online dealer. He placed an order for the smartphone to 11street MY, a Kuala Lumpur-based retailer, for the equivalent of $736. This allowed him to save $50 off the unit’s usual selling price. However, when the package for the iPhone 6s arrived, Ng found out that it contained a regular padlock wrapped in plastic instead of a brand-new Apple smartphone.

Ng took to posting on Facebook to vent his frustration over the potentially fraudulent transaction. He said that the package still had a courier’s seal, which proves that the delivery company did not tamper with his order. The supplier is the only one who could have caused such a mistake. The post drew the attention of some social media users who chose to share Ng’s bad online purchase experience. Ultimately the supplier apologized for his mistake (or intention) and replaced it with real purchase.

Such kind of news is often heard in Casino industry too. Aurea Privee had won the jackpot playing at casino but the casino refused to pay her; another one with roulette scam and also there are online forums where you will be sad to read about how players have been cheated by the casino.

What will you say if such a thing happens with you? You will call that casino a fraud casino or a rogue casino.

How does a casino become a rogue?

5 most popular casinos and 5 rogue casinos

You must have seen and heard there are hundreds of complaints regarding online casinos from the players.  Many of these complaints are about casinos not willing to pay player’s winnings and fooling with them.

Casinos are rogue when:

They do not pay you

You go to online casinos to play for fun, or to play real money for some great wins. When you win a game you are so happy and want to cash that deal as soon as possible. You go to the cashier and ask for your wins. Few of the casinos will pay your right away (these casinos are not fraud). Other casinos can take a month or so to pay you (Ok I can wait, but you pay right?)

But when a casino does not pay you then? (Casino is rogue). You keep on waiting for casino email to arrive at your inbox but no it never shows up. You keep on contacting them with mail or phone but they keep on hanging you and finally either disappear or tell you that you don’t qualify for a withdrawal because you violated certain bonus conditions or didn’t meet the deposit requirements. (they make up a story because they do not wish to pay)

They do not use RNG

You are playing at the casino and keep on winning but all of sudden you find that online casino where you are playing fail to use a proper Random Number Generator to ensure that all deals, spins, and rolls of the dice are random, or if that RNG is found to be flawed, the online casino is rogue.

They lied to ‘Pay Bonus’

Many online casinos for their promotion and advertising so as to attract more players towards their site offer you (lie) to pay you handsome bonus. You are excited looking at the bonus and lured to play without even checking their terms and conditions. Their policy or conditions did not mention about that bonus anywhere so they do not pay you. They did fooled you and are rogue casinos.

In a thread under Flopturnriver.com’s listing for Interpoker, one player complained of the real money online casino failing to honor an advertised $20 bonus. The complaint dates back to 2005, but appears to allege the site changed the mechanics of their bonus offering after the player in question had registered.

They spam the players

You get registered with an online casinos, and you do start receiving their spamming mails offering you so many bonuses and showing you pot of gold to win. But that is there marketing practices. You end up in their spam net and play to lose all. They are therefore not having fair marketing practices they are rogue casinos.

In an online forum discussing the Lock poker online casino , a user calling himself ‘Sea Salt’ alleged the site has been guilty of casino bonus fraud. He writes: “I mean, they heavily advertised ‘Hey grinders, come here and get this great bonus rakeback on top of the usual 35%’, and then after everyone came over and switched their rakeback to Lock, they retroactively made the bonus worthless by completely changing its terms. That isn’t a misunderstanding or an honest mistake. It’s outright fraud.”

They are not safe and not go by the law

Many online casinos also avoid the law and do not abide by the casino legal practices. They violate the law to accommodate deposits to lure the players. They do not offer safe and secure environment to the players by not using the  latest encryption technology that’s needed to keep your information and financial transactions safe and secure. Such casinos also come under rogue casinos.

What you need to do to avoid rogue casinos?

Though you must have understood a lot from the above details as what makes the casino rogue but still you need to look for certain things to be extra careful.

  • Always play on sites powered by trusted brands such as Microgaming and Playtech, so that you can go about your online gambling sessions with complete peace of mind.
  • Ask other players either online chat at casino forums or search the reviews of the casinos and look at their ratings and read the stories about streaky software, strange odds and other such incidents.  When you find the name of a suspicious online casino coming up for frauds regularly avoid that casino.
  • Before signing up with an online casino, check to see what your dispute options are. If the site declares that its complaints handling procedure doesn’t “do” disputes, this is a risk.
  • Stick to online casinos that are licensed by a trustworthy authority such as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, the Directorate of Offshore Gaming and the Curaçao Internet Gaming Association where you have a complaints avenue, which you know will be addressed. A great many online casinos in the Microgaming family carry the eCOGRA seal which allows them to make use of the fair and objective disputes channel at no charge.
  • Look at the casino website carefully specially if they have fair play and secure seal, is registered under a jurisdiction and has a good customer support specially a Live Chat option so that if you want to dispute something, you will have the chance to do it immediately and get an instant response.
  • Check your Country Regulations in redeeming the bonuses that the casino offers. Otherwise this too can be taken as a complex rule for specific countries and casino might take advantage of not paying you.
  • Rogue casinos will most likely make it very difficult for you to get their winnings paid out. Their policy to is to make the withdrawal process as long winded and complicated as possible, so that a percentage of players will eventually drop their efforts.
  • Check with the casino staff as how they verify you as a player before redeeming a bonus. What documents they ask you to produce? Many casinos ask for standard documents like your passport or driver licence or current utility bill and a scan of your credit card if that is your form of funds transfer. But some casinos may demand extra documentation, phone calls, notarized papers and more – in the hope that you’ll give up and drop your check out request. In many cases, the cost of producing this extra documentation is much higher than the amount you want to withdraw, and it makes more financial sense to drop the request.
  • Look for unrealistic bonus offers that are much higher than the competition. Check twice with such bonuses and ask other players or trust your gut before jumping. That is why it is advised to stick to well known brand and popular casinos with good reputations.

The 5 Rogue Casinos

The rogue casinos are blacklisted and are avoided at all cost. These casinos have been chosen by the casino reviewers who take time to select which casinos are best and which are not.  Here are the 5 rogue casinos that have been declared by many reviewers across the online casino platform.

1. Mighty Slots Casino

Mighty Slots

Mighty slots casino by Curgan NV group is blacklisted as it fails to pay players and has a poor customer service.

2. Pure Vegas Casino

Pure Vegas Casino

Pure Vegas Casino of Rushmore Group is blacklisted as it also failed to pay its players as well as failed to honour deposit bonuses.

3. Noble Casino

Noble Casino

Nobel casino by IGlobal Media is blacklisted because of slow payout speed and using unfair terms and conditions for the players.

4. Wild Vegas Casino

Wild Vegas Casino

Wild Vegas casino by the Virtual casino group is also blacklisted as it deliberately offers slow withdrawals.

5. Real Vegas Casino

Real Vegas Casino

Real Vegas Casino from the Curgam Group is also listed as rogue casino as it has no gambling licence. Also payment delays to players are stretched to months even non payment of winnings and total refusal by the staff of the casino for any support.

These were the only five casinos I have listed but there are many other rogue casinos and the list is very long. Also remember as and when complaint about a particular casino comes to notice and that complaint becomes regular one from other players too that casino is put under blacklist. Some times after few months or years that casino might again be removed from the blacklist because either it resolves its matters or starts to become a good casino or its owner gets changed with time and he/she brings fair gambling. So it is not necessary that a rogue casino is always rogue. Better to keep yourself updated regarding this and carry on with your research before playing at any  online casino.

What to do if you are duped by a casino

You need to file a complaint. But before you file a complaint below is the list of things to take care of

  • Complaint or Issue you are facing to be Addressed

To save you the time and effort of complaining about something illegitimate, it would be very helpful to read the online casino in question’s terms and conditions, and privacy statement. That will prove that your issue or complaint is legal

  • Finding the authorities as where to complain

All filed complaints are done so through an authoritative institution or system relating to the area one wishes to complain about. With regards to an online casino, such institutions could include a body handling the gambling Act of your area, a gambling regulation council, or a general businesses regulation council or board or where the casino is licensed such as Malta Because this differs between states or even country, this will require to do so by searching the internet, or alternatively by asking your lawyer. Like for US you need to address your complaint to Nevada Gaming Control Board or the New Jersey Casino Control Commission or the New York Gaming Commission or find here for more.http://www.gambling-law-us.com/Useful-Sites/State-Gambling-Agencies.htm

  • Verifying what is and is not a legitimate complaint

In nearly all cases, the body that handles online casino complaints will have a website in which you may read what is considered a legal and legitimate complaint, and how to proceed with filing a complaint formally. If it is unspecified, it might help to access some local online casino chat rooms and speak with others who have either been through the process or know something of assistance.

  • Obtaining a complaint form

If you wish to proceed with your complaint, you may obtain a complaint form via the website of the body handling the complaints, by contacting their office, or by contacting a lawyer to obtain one for you.

  • Filling in the complain form

Aside from general information which the form itself will outline if you are required to fill in, try to include all relevant information; dates, times, the nature of the matter, names, and anything else you see fit as relevant to the complaint. Remember to save each email starting from your registering at the casino or any online transactions that you did with the concerned casino to produce as evidence and to show it to the authorities.

  • Send your complaint form to the authority 

Send the complaint form with all appropriate documents and information to the specified address on the form itself. Take note of to send it by registered post or ask them how you need to send the complaint.

It may take several weeks, or even months, before you receive a reply regarding your complaint, if at all. This will depend onthe authority through which you are filing the complaint. If it is legitimate and supported, you will be notified on how to proceed with the matter and what processes will follow.

Also remember you have the power of the Internet so can voice your opinion and complain about any casino you feel being cheated. Voice your complain on Facebook, casino review sites and other such forum. There are people out there to help you.

The 5 most popular online casinos

Anyway not all online casinos are that bad. Among the black sheep are the good ones too. Here are the 5 best most popular US friendly online casinos to play  your favourite game and be safe and secure.

5 Popular Casinos

1. Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino
  • Welcome Bonus: $3000
  • Payout Speed: 5days
  • Payout: 97.92%
  • Support: Live Chat and Phone

Read more about the casino. Know the coupon codes offered by the Bovada casino to avail in time.

2. Planet 7 casino

Planet 7 casino
  • Welcome Bonus: $7777
  • Payout Speed: 2-6 days
  • Payout: 98.11%
  • Support: Live Chat and Phone

Visit the site for more information

3. Slots.lv casino

Slots.lv casino
  • Welcome Bonus: $1000
  • Payout Speed: 4-7 days
  • Payout: 97.98%
  • Support: Live Chat and Phone

Read more about the casino. Know the coupon codes offered by the Slots.lv  casino to avail in time.

4. Maimi Club Casino

Maimi Club Casino
  • Welcome Bonus: $800
  • Payout Speed: 2-10 days
  • Payout: 97.11%
  • Support: Email and Phone

Read more about the casino. 

5. Club World

Club World Casino
  • Welcome Bonus: $777
  • Payout Speed: 5-7days (for US players it takes 30 days by courier)
  • Payout: 97.44%
  •  Support: Live Chat, Email and Phone

Read more about the casino. Know the coupon codes offered by the Club World  casino to avail in time.

There are other best online casinos too where you can play games without any hassle and have speedy wins. You can play at 888 casino, Allstarslots casino, Resorts casino and many others. All these casinos have super duper promo codes for you to redeem on every occasion and lots of tournaments to take part as well. You can know about their latest offers at WinMeNot.com Now off to game play and have the fun.