New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions to Make Life Healthy and Happy

New Year Resolutions are the vows you take for betterment of your life. If you just look back and calculate your time spend in day to day routine work, deadlines at job, worries and stress, travel, use of the cell phone or chatting on messengers, you will find that you forgot to look at your present and didn’t realize to thank what you have.

You bothered least for who lived your next door, never looked upon a stray dog or cat on your street or cared for natural environment and spend less time on your health and happiness. You are fortunate that you have been healthy, alive had your loved ones close but did you forget to appreciate and cherish what is there in your surroundings and at home.

Most of the people think that new year is party time, dance time, drinking and enjoying but the most important thing to do is to take few moments off from daily routine and simple meditate and reflect on our own actions and what we can personally do to make the difference in our lives and the lives of others.

Also many of you make new year resolutions, jotting the list of things you wish to accomplish in coming year. That is good thing but sticking to it and following it is most important. That can be only possible if you are determined, confident and taking some time for yourself, listening and obeying to your inner conscious and setting a strict time table for the things to do.

New year resolutions to make life healthy and happy

The two important things that most of people are looking forward in this stressful world is their health and happiness. So here are 8 New Year resolutions to make life healthy and happy.

1. Have time for family and your loved ones

Spend time with family
Spending time with family is utmost important

This is the most important thing that often people forget specially those who are always busy with work. I put this resolution on first position because I realize how important family and loved ones are. Whether your relations are sour with some of your family members or friends, mend them today and call them to wish a happy new year. Because it the family who is your support in both good and bad times.
Make an effort to carve quality time out of your week where you unplug from work and are really present with the people you care about.

According to Donna Cameron founder of A Year of Living Kindly, “Relationships aren’t competitions—nobody wins unless everybody wins, does it really matter who called who last or whose ‘turn’ it is to host dinner? When we keep score in our relationships, joy vanishes. Letting go of mental tallies and ledgers frees our minds from resentment, grudges and disappointments”. So whether your new year resolutions is to make more memories with your family, relations or to reconnect with old friends, this is a commitment that you’ll be happy you made, so stick to it.

2. Stay healthy

stay healthy
Set time to stay fit and healthy

This is another important new year resolutions. If you think it is less important and you keep on munching your Christmas cookies and partying on hearty meals and drinking then do one thing, just visit any hospital that is near you and look for yourself at the conditions of patients who are struggling for life and to be healthy again.

Being healthy is a common New Year resolutions and people often vow to visit the gym more and eat healthier for New Year. But after a couple weeks of avoiding carbs and sugar, people often fall off the bandwagon and revisit their old habits. If you’re serious about getting healthy in life, then stick to it.
Cindy Wasilewski, fitness manager at The Lodge at Woodloch, a destination spa resort in Hawley, Pennsylvania says “Set a challenging, obtain goals, and be specific with time limits, and track your progress.

Find the best time or group fitness class that fits your schedule. You’ll meet a network of people that have similar fitness routines and the same workout schedule. The more the merrier.” Another tip, while you exercise listen to music that motivates you. Dancing is a great way to express yourself, and to get active according to the fitness experts. Now keep that voice of your head off that you don’t feel like going for a walk or to the gym today.

3. Pay off debt and control your finances

Control your finances
Plan ahead of your finances and pay your debts

Getting out of debt is one of the more practical resolutions made every year, and the best way to follow through on this is to make a financial plan and stick to it. Don’t forget to think ahead and consider all the obstacles you may encounter that could affect your plan and figure out how you’ll handle them.

Start saving earlier, why not start this resolution from today and not wait for the first day of new year. Michelle Brownstein, CFP at Personal Capital, in the San Francisco Bay area suggests that to kick off the year and get to financial success, the first step is to do a 30-day money cleanse. “Make a budget, review your accounts, and stick to a plan and you’ll find financial happiness”. No big deal if you are determined.

4. Learn something new

Learn something new
Learning keeps your mind fresh and makes you feel happy

To learn something new now and then even if it is related to your work or profession learning never ends. It makes you feel refreshed. You sit in the class with notebook and pen, you make friends and you feel energetic. Master a new skill and remember to keep this resolution going through out the year. It can be learning any thing from music to driving. Music is a great way to start it relaxes your mind and you can connect with your inner self.

Lana Albright from Reverb Lessons in Chicago says “Beyond the cognitive benefits of music—of which there are many—it’s fun! Studies show that playing an instrument lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, makes you feel more relaxed, and helps you connect with others.

There’s also an immense sense of fulfillment and pride that comes with mastering a new or difficult song.” She says no matter your age, learning an instrument is easier than ever. So if your resolution is to learn how to play the guitar, make January all about learning chords. Set a goal of learning an easy song in February, and so forth. Same goes for any learning be it a new language, art or pottery.

5. Go for a vacation

Go for vacation
Vacation rejuvenates your mind and soul

Taking a vacation boosts your inner happiness as expand your horizons literally and logistically. Immerse yourself in new experiences that can help you grow as a person and appreciate the differences in the world. ‎

According to Vanessa Picariello, senior director, public relations, Norwegian Cruise Line, “Travel to a faraway land to learn more about the world and other cultures and make unforgettable memories,” suggests. “As the saying goes, ‘travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer,'” she says.
Travelling with your friends and relations also bonds the love and spreads harmony in relationships. Schedule days of the year you will take off earlier so that it does not affect your job or work that you do. Make a plan and choose the place you like best to visit and go for the vacation.

6. Stay positive and be kind to yourself

Stay positive
Smile often and be positive

Have you seen that many people in your own friends circle who are always brooding and lamenting about their life and work. This creates a negative flow of energy around you and others too. According Kristi Ling, author of the book Operation Happiness, “Start each day off with healthy habits and a positive outlook and you’ll notice a big difference in your overall level of happiness.

Her recommendations include starting the day with uplifting reading or podcasts , fueling your body with healthy food and hydration , and trying an inspiring practice such as a five-minute meditation, or 60-seconds of deep breathing.
Also make a resolution to be as kind and gentle with yourself as possible. “We tend to be extremely hard on ourselves on so many levels, which can hold us back from experiencing all the happiness we deserve,” Ling says. “Make a habit of speaking about and thinking about yourself the way you’d speak about someone you respect and love dearly. It takes practice, but once you’ve got it down, you’ll notice a huge positive shift.” Positive vibes will surely make your year happier as ever.

7. Don’t worry, be happy

dont worry be happy
Enjoy your happy moments and keep worries at bay

In every life we have some trouble, When you worry you make it double, Don’t worry, be happy…

You will love this song by Bobby McFerrin, Don’t worry be happy. This is also an important new year resolutions for new year that you should make. According to Scott Wilhite, creator of the Feed Your Happy app and author of The 7 Core Skills of Everyday Happiness: Scientifically Proven Skills for a Happier, More Meaningful Life, suggests creating a year of fortunate moments. “Develop a habit of recognizing what’s going right in your life,” he says. “Keep a stack of note cards or strips of paper in the kitchen where each day you can write something fortunate that happened that day.

This will develop healthy thought patterns of looking for and expecting good things to happen.” Wilhite suggests to store all the moments in a clear, plastic box or jar, and then at the close of the year enjoy an end-of-the-year review party as you read through your tiny triumphs. Positive moments add up to your happiness and make you more accomplished and fulfilled.

8. Take time out for others

Time for others
Take time to help others

One of the favourite new year resolutions for years that will make you strong as ever. You vow that you will certainly take time for others. So who are ‘others’ here? Well, others means your colleagues, neighbours, friends, any one who needs help be it on a lift, road, mall or grocery store. Even others here mean animals like a cat wanting to come out from a window, ducklings trapped in a hole, stray dog wanting some food, a bird entangled in a wire and seeking help.

So the definition of others is really wide. It is just that you should take time for any one you see in distress, seeking help or need a support.

The least selfish kind of resolution is the kind where you affirm to help others. Find a cause that’s close to your heart and make realistic commitments that you know you’ll be able to stick to. If you cannot help someone physically you can also make some donations like your old winter wear to the needy or financial contributions, to make some one’s life better. You will really feel satisfied and happy to give others.

Besides these wonderful 8 new year resolutions to keep you healthy and happy throughout the coming year and forever, remember to stick to your bankroll when playing casino games and always play at reputed online casinos. Wishing you all happy and healthy life from Winmenot Team!