how to play Khrysos Gold Slot Game

How To Play Khrysos Gold Slot Game?

how to play Khrysos Gold Slot Game

Khrysos meaning Gold is a child of Zeus; neither moth nor rust devoureth it; but the mind of man is devoured by this supreme possession — Pindar

Khrysos gold is the new slot game that comes from giant gaming developer RTG. At online casinos Khrysos gold slot game is running with many bonuses, offers and coupon codes. The theme of the slot game is all about Greek culture ancient Greece. As Khrysos or spelled as Chrysus personifies the god of gold in Greek mythology, which means in this slot as you spin the reels you will get to big wins that will bring you fortune, richness and wealth for sure.

About Khrysos Gold Slot Game

About Khrysos Gold Slot Game
Khrysos Gold Slot Game

Khrysos Gold slot game runs on 5-reel, and 25-payline. The game is developed with high-quality graphics, performs smooth, lag-free animation, and has a matching sound accompaniment. The slot game is loaded with richness and while you start your journey to this wealth you will find that the ancient kingdom of Greek allows you to unlock the most incredible prizes along the way. The features  include Free Games, Re-Spins, Multipliers, Slippery Wilds, and much more.

Khrysos Gold – Game Symbols

Khrysos Gold Slot Game - Game Symbols
Khrysos Gold Slot Game – Game Symbols

The game symbols in the slot game include the low paying symbols and the high paying symbols.

  • Wild Symbol: Khrysos. The Wild substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatter and the Coin symbols.
  • Scatter Symbol: Free Games. Scatter symbols pay when they appear anywhere in the gameboard. Scatter wins are first multiplied by total bet and then added to line wins.
  • Bonus Symbol: Coin. Three or more Coin symbols collected during the Base Game and/or Slippery Wild Feature trigger the Jackpot Bonus Feature.

Khrysos is the WIld, which covers entire reels and replaces low-paying symbols in the game apart from the Scatter and the Coins. Khrysos also activates the Slippery Wild feature when she appears on any active reel. These Slippery Wilds then move to cover the reel position below, and it continues to move down the reel after every new spin. Extra Wilds may also appear during the Slippery Wilds feature, which may turn into Slippery Wilds. In addition, there is a Morphing Wild which falls into the position behind the Slippery Wild to cover the entire reel.

The Scatter is the Free Games symbol, and players can earn up to 12 Free Games when 3 or more of them appear anywhere on the gameboard. During Free Games, all bets are multiplied. The Coin takes the form of a bonus symbol, and when 3 or more appear during the base game or Slippery Wilds feature, the Jackpot Bonus feature is unlocked.

A minor jackpot is awarded if 1 Bonus Symbol appears on the reels during this feature. The Minor and the Major jackpot are awarded if 2 appear, and the Mega jackpot is awarded if 3 appear. You’ll also be awarded a Re-Spin with a random prize between x1 and x20 for every every Coin Bonus symbol that is held in position.

Khrysos Gold – Game Features

Following are the Khrysos Gold Game features

  • Slippery Wild 
  • Morphing Wild 
  • Jackpot Bonus 
  • Free Games 

1. Slippery Wild Feature

Khrysos Gold Slot Game - Slippery Wild
Khrysos Gold Slot Game – Slippery Wild

A Wild symbol appearing on any reel activates the Slippery Wild Feature. After the Khrysos symbol takes its position on the playing field, it covers the symbol below. Therefore, with each new spin, Khrysos moves one position down on the same reel after each spin ends and before the payout is calculated. Additional Khrysos symbols can appear during each spin, activating the Slippery Wild Feature. This feature ends when no more Wild symbols appear on the playing field. The Morphing Wild function is triggered when the Khrysos symbol is behind the Slippery Wild.

2. Morphing Wild Feature

Khrysos Gold Slot Game - Morphing Wild
Khrysos Gold Slot Game – Morphing Wild

The Morphing Wild Feature can be triggered only during the Slippery Wild Feature. When a Wild symbol lands behind a Slippery Wild, the Morphing Wild Feature is triggered. This means before the player receives the payout, the entire reel is morphed into Khrysos symbols. Each morphed Khrysos symbol activates the Slippery Wild feature.

3. Jackpot Bonus

Khrysos Gold Slot Game - Jackpot Bonus
Khrysos Gold Slot Game – Jackpot Bonus

Jackpot Bonus Feature Trigger when 3 or more Bonus symbols collected during Base Game and/or Slippery Wild Feature trigger the feature.

The collected Bonus symbols are randomly placed on the gameboard before the feature begins.

Each Bonus symbol has a random prize between 1x – 20x the total bet.

3 Re-Spins are awarded, with the triggering Bonus symbols held in position.

If a new Bonus symbol appears in a spinning position, it is held for the remainder of the feature and the number of remaining Re-Spins resets to 3.

  • 1 row of Bonus symbols awards the MINOR Jackpot.
  • 2 rows of Bonus symbols award the MINOR and MAJOR Jackpots.
  • 3 rows of Bonus symbols award the MINOR, MAJOR and MEGA Jackpots.

At the end of the feature, all prizes values and any jackpots won are awarded.

4. Free Games                                  

Khrysos Gold Slot Game - Free Games
Khrysos Gold Slot Game – Free Games

Free Games Feature Trigger When 3 or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere in the gameboard, the Free Games Feature is triggered.

Free gaems are awarded at the bet of the triggering spin, and the bet cannot be amended. The Free Games Feature ends when no free games are left or when the maximum payout is reached. After all free games are completed, the screen will display a banner showing the total winnings received during this feature.

  • Three Scatter symbols trigger five Free Games.
  • Four Scatter symbols trigger eight Free Games.
  • Five Scatter symbols trigger twelve Free Games.

How to play Khrysos Gold Slot Game?

Khrysos Gold Slot Game - How to play
Play on mobile or PC or Laptop for free or with real money

To play Khrysos Gold slot game you need to join any friendly RTG online casino.

  • You can play for free or with real money.
  • Play on mobile or PC or laptop
  • Playing with real money involves real money deposit at the online casino.
  • Grab the bonus offer. Find here the coupon codes redeem.
  • Now head to games lobby and find the slot game to play
  • Once you’ve loaded the game, select your bet amount by selecting the + and – symbols at the bottom of the game screen.
  • The minimum bet $0.20 and maximum bet is $20.

Once you’ve set your wager amount, click Spin. With a slot like Khrysos Gold, your best bet is to wager maximum coins. This sets you up for winning and being able to claim the game’s top reward.

If you find yourself getting a bit tired from spinning the reels manually, just hit the Autoplay feature to get the reels spinning automatically. From there, you can simply relax and watch the reels do all the work.

To hit the jackpot in the Khrysos Gold slot you have to play Khrysos Gold for real money. So make sure you carefully read all the rules and follow all the symbols and features the game presents you, but remember that slots are games of chance and if you are lucky then only you win. If luck is on your side, you can win a massive prize in Khrysos Gold worth 50,000x times your initial bet!


Q1. How much do you need to deposit to play this slot with real money?

You need to make a minimum deposit of $10 – $25 to play this slot with real money.

Q2. What is the biggest jackpot to win?

This slot game offers up to 50,000x your initial bet as the biggest jackpot to win.

Q3. Can I play this slot game on my mobile?

Yes you can play this slot game on your mobile instantly without any download

Q4. How about playing Khrysos Gold slot just for fun?

You can definitely play Khrysos gold slot  just for fun. The slot game is available in demo mode.  You are offered $1000 free credits to play this slot for free.