Protect your money at the casino

13 Ways To Protect Your Money At The Casino

Protect your money at the casino

Protect your money at the casino is the most important thing to do. Even though there are various incidents of cheating the casino through the games provided in the building, more theft occurs than any other crime. Because a person uses a wallet or purse to contain winnings, someone steals these in excess to ensure enough has been taken to provide a good amount. Some counterfeit and forgery crimes occur in these establishments, but stolen items are greater in number through theft and larceny crimes. One of the top reasons for the criminal activity to shift from previous types is due to the technology becoming more modern and advanced compared to years before.

At a casino the news flashed, “ Woman won 8k, and she had her purse snatched inside the casino, and the thief escaped through a door that was not guarded by security”. In UK Gosling had his £250 Louis Vuitton wallet snatched while he gambled in Newcastle.

Another latest Las Vegas news, 59-year-old woman at a local casino loses immigration papers and slot winnings during purse theft.

Protect Your Money At The Casino

All such stories have one thing common that casinos are prone to thieves, robbers and pickpockets who want to grab your money and run away. Not only you are in danger of losing money this way but also not playing wisely at the casino will ruin your bank all at once with just not being careful at the casino tables.

You wallet might be the last thing in your mind when you are enjoying a great casino game of craps or slots or dining at the casino and having a superb cocktail. But handling and protecting your money at the casino is therefore very important. Here are the 13 ways to protect your money at the casino both from wallet pickers as well as playing and dining at the casino.

1. Keep an eye on your wallet or purse at the casino

When going to the casino and carrying your money in a wallet, purse or bag the best money saving tactic used is to leave your money bags in your car or room to avoid the temptation of over spending at the casino. To protect your money at the casino It is better to bring along a female friend and keep your money in her purse as women are considered best in saving money.

Also if you can control your spend thrift temptation at the casino then keep your wallet in your front pocket or place your bag on the table in front of you and protect it. Women should always keep their purses close and never put them on table when drinking or playing games as thieves can grab them and disappear with the blink of the eye.

Casino chips
Casino Chips

2. Manage your Chips at the casino tables

At casinos it is very common practice that someone can come up to you and show you some of their hand tricks. There are actually professional people who grab your chips when you are not looking. To avoid this gambit and protect your money at the casino it is better to manage and organise your chips at the casino tables. Put all your expensive chips in the center and the rest on both sides. It would be difficult to steal chips that are placed right in front of you. If you are regular player at the casino then it is better to buy a chip rack since it helps you to better organize your chips.

3. Play with credit or travelers check

Many of the casinos offer credit that can be returned within 45 days through a bank transaction. This can help you a lot as you need not bring cash to the casinos. This process is easy to do as applying for credit all you need is to fill an application and wait for a fast approval.
Another way to protect your money at the casino is to play with travelers checks. Also this offers you the benefit of claiming all your money in case it is stolen. But one thing to note here is that this option serves best to those players who have control on their spending at the casino but if you are losing your whims and are gambling addict then this might ruin your bank balance all at once.

4. Protect your money with security boxes and guards

Suppose you make to grand casino of your choice and are enjoying the luxury over there. But you need to protect your money at the casino too. Never leave your money at the casino room but ask for a security box at the casino and better put your money in it and take out only that limited amount which you wish to play with.
If you are a high roller player then take care of huge cash that you have brought to stake. Talk to the casino staff and prefer to have a security guard to escort you. Also in case of massive big win ask for guards to protect you and your money. Believe it the casino staff is always there to help you in this regard.

5. Be alert of sudden bumps and spills at the casino

At the casinos there are many types of people and remember all are not players. There might be some who have come to rob you of your money. Be cautious if any one bumps on you or touches you or even spill their drink on you. If this happens then first thing to protect your money at the casino is check your wallet and chip rack if you are at the play table. As these are the most prevalent tricks that thieves use to divert your attention and then snatch away your money or chips. You need to be alert of these strangers and protect yourself and your money.

Crime at casinos
Top gambling cities ranked by number of crimes

6. Better to ride the casino elevator alone

There are so many people moving up and down at the elevator or lift and joining strangers in an elevator after a big win is risky for your money. If you look at a stranger at the lift and find something fishy or you feel uncomfortable then better not to step in but wait for it to return empty and protect your money at the casino. Also if you find the elevators are too crowded, better have a security guard to escort you while moving up and down the casino.

Valet Parking
Valet Parking

7. Go for ‘Valet Parking’ at the casino

Suppose you have won huge at the casino tables and you are heading to the parking all by yourself. This is a risky business as many thieves are hiding at such places in the dark to steal your money and even harm you. It is therefore better to go for Valet parking to protect your money at the casino and it costs only few extra dollar be it $5 or $10 but your safety is not more than that.

8. While dining at the casino restaurant keep your purse on your lap or loop it

Casino restaurants are another vulnerable place where you need to protect your money. Though men have wallets in their pockets, it the women who are main target here because it is the common habit of ladies to leave their bags is on the back of their chairs or on the floor where thief can easily pick it up.

If you’re standing by the bar, don’t let your purse fall behind your back. A male friend might feel a pickpocket’s hand sneaking in his pocket, but for women their purse is a wide-open target.

Loop yur purse
Loop your purse or use sling bag

So the best and safest spot for your purse or bag is to keep it on your lap or under your thigh if you are comfortable. The other trick is to loop your purse. Just lift up one leg of your chair and loop the purse strap around it, so when you lower the seat down it’s secure. Also after the loop you can swing your bag in front of you so you can keep an eye on it for extra security.

In cities where so much money is changing hands, it’s no wonder that theft and burglary make up such a substantial portion of infractions. Those two categories of crime alone account for 87.5% of all arrests in Biloxi, and more than 65% in the other top five cities. Larceny rates rose more than 9% over five years for arrestees over age 18.

9. Carry a zipped shut purse for the casino

When coming to the casino you need to choose the right type of purse or bag. This is specially for the ladies. Bag with an open-top or drawstring bag is hard to keep secure, and one with a flap might not be much better. Your best bet is a purse that’s zipped shut especially if it has a buckled flap over that zipper, which requires two steps to get inside. Some purses even have or clips to hold the zipper shut or detachable shoulder straps to loop around your chair back.

Once you have the right bag, pack it wisely. Leave any credit cards you don’t plan to use at home. Then dump your wallet at the bottom of your purse or at least lay something else on top of it like say bits of paper or trash to confuse the thief.

In case you do get robbed, do some planning before a thief strikes. Keep inventory of what you have in your purse so you know if anything has gone missing, and consider linking credit cards on your cell phone so you won’t lose the physical card if your wallet goes missing,

10. Be alert when drawing cash from casino ATM

Most large casinos have ATMS or automatic teller machines where you can withdraw cash from your bank account or credit card account. It is better you do not go alone to withdraw money but take some confident friend along so that he/she stands as a guard when you withdraw money from the machine. Also do not step out of the machine and start counting the money. ATM machines hardly go wrong in their amount of withdrawal so just tuck it in some safe pocket and leave the place immediately.

Also remember that some financial institutions charge a very hefty fee for withdrawals so check your bank roll when playing and protect your money on that part too.

ATM withdrawing money
Withdrawing money from ATM

11. Be cautious with casino pawn shops

At casinos you will find many pawn shops specially around the Las Vegas strip of casinos. It is better to use them with caution. Don’t ever hand over something to a pawn broker that is of extreme personal value unless you can really live without it.

Atlantic City and New Orleans made the list of the 100 most dangerous American cities. You are more likely to see a crime committed in Gary, Indiana than in Las Vegas

12. Avoid not taking loan at the casino

Now this has nothing to do with thieves but you need to be alert to protect your money from all sides at the casinos. If you are expecting a tax refund Las Vegas caisnos has instant tax refund stands. What you are essentially doing is taking out a short term loan at an extremely high interest rate. The cost of the loan can be as high as 100 percent. This type of transaction should definitely be used with caution.

13. Never drink too much to lose money

Most of the casinos offer free drinks to their players. But thinking as a free gift you are tempted to drink more. But casinos do not give this you as free but they want business with you. When you drink more you lose your mind and opt to play more and lose more too. Many people lose more money gambling under the influence of alcohol. Also thieves take advantage of this too and know that you are intoxicated and you therefore become easy prey for them. Being sober at the casino tables is important to save your money.

Drinking too much
Drinking at casino

Besides these 13 ways to protect your money also remember the money protection is in your own hands. You are the best security personal for your money so play with a limited bank roll that suits your budget. It is better to fix the amount you want to spend at the casino and bring only that much amount for play. Understand and know the foreign currency exchange rate and other such fees that you might bear at the casino where you can lose your money. Most important to keep watch on your wallet, purse and bags at all times so that they are not vulnerable to be snatched away from you.

May be that is the reason online casinos are safer to play games and have the full enjoyment to win too. Online casinos offer safe and secure environment, offering various bonuses and promotions even coupons to redeem with fair transactions and thrill of the gaming experience.