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Win Big With LuckyBomb Casino Slots

LuckyBomb Casino slots is the game app to play free slots and win big. Luckybomb Casino slots app can be installed and downloaded free on your iPhone and Android.

Luckybomb casino slots is  the best bonus casino slot game featuring your favorite Vegas style machines. You can spin your favorite 5-reel video slots and 3-reel 777 classic slot machines for the best bonus slots experience ever.

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Lucky Bomb Slots Play Now
Luckybomb Casino Slots Game App

Once you Download the game app you are offered 1 million bonus coins as free welcome bonus to play slots games.

  • You can watch the coins pile up in the highly popular Dazzling DIamonds.
  • Enter the exciting world of Fortune Circus.
  • Find the Headless Horseman’s head for the ultimate payout.
  • Tame the Rising Bulls for the EPIC WINS.

You can collect the store bonus also every hour. Then there is a super wheel where you spin the wheel every hour and a half to raise your bank of coins. Besides regular slots there are tournaments also to join and make huge wins.

LuckyBomb Casino Slots Games To Play

LuckyBomb Casino Slots Games to play
Luckybomb Casino Slots with Heart Link Feature and Mega Symbols Feature

Following are the popular slots to play at Luckybomb casino slots:

  1. Mega Buffalo: A hot sunset is ready to bring you mysterious luck. Shall we run to victory with the buffalo of the magnificent footsteps right now.
  2. Eternity Jewels Fever: Eternal Jewels wish you good luck. A sparkling diamond will give you extra light. Enjoy the Eternal jewels and satisfy your victory.
  3. Luxury Link: This is flex! Take the victory for your luxury life. You can feel the luxurious life in the city that can’t buy with money. Join Luxury Life for your brilliant future!
  4. Chili Chili Hot It’s too hot! I think it will burn! The chilies are getting hot! Beware of the sudden appearance of the sun! It will give you a big win! Enjoy the fun of casino games with the sun you never know where it will go!
  5. 777 Gold Bar: Find your luck from the shining gold bars. An endless stream of gold bars will bring you ood luck! Even if bars are heavy, Don’t leave them! All yours! Enjoy!
  6. Legend of Atlantis:Who is the main character of this game? It’s you. You can check your luck through the endlessly descending crystals and the treasures hidden in the crystals. Shall you go find the treasure right now?
  7. Diamond Nudge: Endlessly moving WILD! How far will it go? Feel the luck of the nudge on the diamond. Obviously you will win.
  8. Legacy of Ra: Praise him who sleeps in myth! Ra’s treasures are ready to be discovered inside the reels of this exotic Vegas slot. You can go on an adventure right now and discover the true nature of Ra.

Note that at LuckyBomb Casino Slots you cannot win real money. However, you can earn your coins and use your coins to play on all our slot machine games! There are several ways you can get free coins when playing slots online. There are welcome bonuses for new users, play in the free coins tab on the homepage, and events and bonus games that pay various free coins inside the game.

LuckyBomb Casino Slots- Facebook

There are a lot of of casino games on Facebook, but none have the momentum of LuckyBomb Casino Slots. By creating a game that captivates the thrill of being in Vegas, LuckyBomb exploded in popularity. In a short amount of time, this game won over 10,000 monthly players and received 11,583 page likes. Players claim that this game offers some of the most captivating slots online. From progressive jackpots to epic wins, this game has enough action to keep players captivated.

How to play LuckyBomb Casino Slots on Facebook?

Luckybomb casino welcome bonus
You are offered 1 million bonus coins

To play LuckyBomb Casino slots on Facebook, you need to first, log in to your Facebook account. From there, you only need to look up the game’s App Page. From here on, you have the option of playing the game on the browser where you’ve logged in to Facebook, or you can choose to play on Gameroom.

If you have not done so yet, you should go ahead and install Gameroom. This is Facebook’s unified browser for all of its games. If you’ve always been annoyed of private messages popping up while you’re playing your favorite game on the social network, then Gameroom is the answer to your woes. It’s a dedicated browser only for games – even the notifications you receive here all from games and nothing from your News Feed.

Once the hype became too resounding to ignore, we decided to put this game to the test. In this industry a lot of casino apps come and go, which is why longevity is a rarity. To see if LuckyBomb Casino Slots has what it takes to stay relevant, we dove into the game. What we found was shocking, since this game was filled with surprises. Prepare to get an intimate look at this promising casino game with our in-depth review!

LuckyBomb Casino Slots Gameplay

LuckyBomb Casino Slots
This game was off to a good start!

As soon as the game loaded, I was greeted with a million credit welcome bonus. While this introduction was impressive, I didn’t have time to savor it. I was immediately ushered into a retro style slot game. By the second spin, I already reached level 2. Perplexed by the simplicity of leveling up, I continued spinning.

LuckyBomb Casino Slots
This win was larger than life!

For the next few spins, I won a few small jackpots. These ranged from 10,000 to 12,000 credits, which was far from impressive given I was betting 12,500 a spin. Right when I was starting to get jaded, I hit a massive 5,000,000 credit jackpot. This epic victory put me back in the game, so I returned to slots with a newfound passion.

LuckyBomb Casino Slots
This level up allowed me to raise my bet.

On the next spin, I won 44,000 credits. This helped me reach the third level, which allowed me to raise my max bet to 25,000. I had over 6 million credits, so this bet boost was welcome. After raising the stakes, I continued spinning furiously.

LuckyBomb Casino Slots
Yet another impressive jackpot…

After a few small wins, I reached level 4. While this didn’t win me too much coins, the next spin did. To my surprise, I hit a 250,000 credit jackpot! This fueled my desire to go bigger, but unfortunately I had to reach a higher level to raise my bet. Stuck in the same cycle, I continued spinning while searching for ways to liven up the game.

LuckyBomb Casino Slots
Even this level up couldn’t keep me playing…

Once I reached the fifth level, the game’s initial charm was wearing off. While the wins were consistent, the lack of diversity was too obvious to ignore. There were no visible options to switch levels, and the slots were completely devoid of bonus games. After trying to stay interested for too long, I ended up quitting the game.

You’d probably wonder where the game app Luckybomb casino got its name. It is actually a feature in at least one of the slot machine games in the casino’s arsenal. Whenever a bomb comes next to a symbol when the reels stop, it explodes and turns the nearby symbols into gold or silver icons. Of course, these translate into winnings for the player.

Thus, if you can chance upon that bomb, you’re one lucky creature for you get a load of winnings for yourself!

Speaking of slot machine games, there are a lot to choose from. There are all sorts of visual themes to look at, with each machine having different challenges and difficulties for players who look out for nothing but to win!

The best decision you can possibly make here is to bet on the maximum amount allowed. A little bit risky, but also highly rewarding if your risk-taking pays off with winning combinations. Plus, it also gives you more experience points; the faster you breach levels in this game, the more free in-game cash you can accumulate as the game gives you those as rewards for accumulating experience.

One more thing that will certainly draw you in to the game is its high-definition graphics. Rarely can you encounter online games that have crisp and sharp images that loads as smooth as this online casino does.

In case you need any help while playing slots at Luckybomb casino, you can find here.

Best slots to explore on Facebook

Jackies Treasure
Jackie’s Treasure

There are more than 15 exciting Slots that can be played on Facebook. Few of the best slots to explore on Facebook are:

1. Jackie’s Treasure

This is classic 5×3 pirate-themed Slot with a set number of paylines and a maximum bet of 50,000 coins. Ahoy. Gathering specific items across the screen fills up your Wheel bar until you land 3 Jackie’s Treasures at the same time – the spin then becomes Wildly Rich to multiply winnings.

There are 3 separate jackpots as well. The Mini, Minor, and Major grant you 400,000, 750,000, and 2,500,000 coins respectively. And those are more than enough to play on the social Casino game for as long as you like. A classic 5×3 pirate-themed Slot with a set number of paylines and a maximum bet of 50,000 coins. Ahoy!

Gathering specific items across the screen fills up your Wheel bar until you land 3 Jackie’s Treasures at the same time – the spin then becomes Wildly Rich to multiply winnings. There are 3 separate jackpots as well. The Mini, Minor, and Major grant you 400,000, 750,000, and 2,500,000 coins respectively.

2. Pink Panther

Pink Panther slots comes with 35 paylines and a max bet of 35,000 get you going in a breezeless Slot session.

Landing 3 or more Pink Panther Bonus symbols enters the Bonus Arena for multiplied winnings. There aren’t any other bonus games here, so spinning is the only thing left to do.

3. Jungle Legend

Spin alongside Tarzan and his beloved to reach he Treetop Treasures Bonus in this incredible jungle-themed Slot. 100 paylines allowing a maximum bet of 100,000 is among the “high roller” free Slots on Facebook. In addition to big bets, the Wild symbols here are mind-blowing. Each Wild elephant expands on a single reel, while the Jungle Prince Wild gets you a re-spin for free!

4. Cleopatra’s Quest

Cleopatra’s Quest is one comes with 30 paylines and a total maximum bet of 30,000 chips. Traditional ancient Egyptian music plays while you try to get in Cleopatra’s good graces. Scatters, Wilds, and Multipliers are all over the screen, as the Kingdom Quest bonus awaits your arrival.

Besides there are various other slots to play on Facebook.

Overall Review

At the end of the day, LuckyBomb Casino Slots manages to simultaneously captivate and bore players. The graphics are average at best, but fortunately they are good enough to support the retro theme. The wins are captivating and happen often enough to keep players intrigued. Unfortunately, there’s little to no variation between the spins.

Players either win or lose, and there’s no bonus games to liven up this cycle. While this may be refreshing for some, this is a deal breaker for those who are used to more vibrant games. There’s also no way to select your level, so players are automatically funneled into the first game. This wouldn’t be so bad if there was a way to switch levels later, but after 5 levels we lost hope. LuckyBomb Casino Slots has a lot of potential, but it needs to get more intricate to continue reeling in players.