Treasure your experiences more than your possessions

10 Ways to Be Happy (with Pictures)

How to stay happy and positive? How to remain happy after break up? How to stay happy in a relationship? What are the ways to stay happy and stress free? How to stay happy alone? These only a few example questions that common people are searches ever time.


Here I’m showing you 10 proven ways (based on my own life experience) to stay happy all the time.


1. Do regular physical activities


Exercise more


2. Think positive


Positive thinking affects your performance


3. Stop negative thoughts


Trash your negative thoughts


4. Embrace your experiences


Treasure your experiences more than your possessions


5. Wake up with a smile, chalk out your plan, and go after it


Write down why you are grateful


6. Start developing mindfulness


Practise mindfulness


7. Meditate to get peaceful sleep


Don’t forget your beauty sleep


8. Help others in need


Dedicate a little time to helping others


9. Live your dream life


Focus on the life you want to live


10. Find your strengths and forget your weakness


Focus on your strengths


Now I’m pretty much sure that you all know how to stay happy all the time? Follow the ways described here and you can too find the key to a happy life.


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