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Best Online Casino Guide

Best Online Casino USA

We have a team of experienced professional in the industry that helps you find the best online casino in USA.


Best Online Casino Guide

Guide to Best Online Casino Sites


Finding the best USA online casino sites is a tedious work.


To help you do that we have accumulated only the top rated USA online casinos. Go through the casino reviews to get a great gambling experience.


Our team spends a lot of time on selecting the best casinos from a wide range of categories such as:


– Sign up bonus
– Variety of game
– Customer care service
– Security
– Deposit options
– Frequency of promo offers
– Mobile compatibility
– Real money casino games
– Payout process
– Jackpot occurrence


Reviewing casinos often is also important for finding a rogue casino and remove from the list. Therefore we also review the players rating before adding the casino to our list.


While considering a casino, we simply look for its reputation. How safe it is for players from US and how trustworthy the site is to gambling community?


Besides listing the best US online casinos, we have presented two more categories – top 20 and expiring for better user experience.


Best Online Casinos in US

Best US Friendly Casino Sites


Now is the good time to spin the wheels and chase the jackpots because the best US online casinos are waiting for you!


If your mind is still in dilemma, then review the following questions and their answers for clearing the air. These ten questions will help decide where to play your favorite games in minutes.


Q. Are these casinos accepting US players?
A. Yes. All the casinos are US friendly.

Q. Do I always have to download software before playing games?
A. No. It is not necessary.

Q. Is it safe to download software if I have to?
A. Yes. It is safe to download if prompted.

Q. Do I always have to play with real money?
A. No. You can play for fun too.

Q. Are there loyalty programs available for players?
A. Yes. Check out with the casinos.

Q. Are all my personal information with the casino kept private?
A. Yes. Privacy is what a reputed casino offers.

Q. Are these casinos entitled with no deposit bonus codes?
A. Yes. You can check them regularly for latest updates.

Q. Do I expect to play free games at these casinos to learn the rules?
A. Yes. All the casinos here have free games for you.

Q. If any dispute arises regarding deposit/withdrawal, shall I get assistance from customer support?
A. Yes. Most of the casinos offer 24/7 help service.

Q. Are these casinos following industry standards regarding payout percentage?
A. Yes. They do follow industry standards.


Kindly note, online gambling is still a very sensitive issue in some US states. We request players to check their local laws before start playing at online casinos.


A Brief Guide to US Online Casino Gambling


This short guide includes essential elements that a US player needs to know like,


– Gambling laws
– IRS tax information
– Glossary of gaming terms
– Gambling options


Legal Gambling USA


Needless to say, after immediate introduction to society, gambling has become one of the most entertaining events in the history of United States. It became even more popular when the card games and the idea of lotteries have been added. Though the government didn’t get involved from beginning, some states soon started to limit actions.


Eventually, many of those states realized the revenue possibilities from legalizing online gambling and sports betting. Today, states are re-evaluating their options; rules and regulations for legalizing games that the federal government has not yet accepted.


Is it legal to gamble online?


Most of the US states possess very old rules on the books that sometimes betting is a crime. However you may never get arrested for take the chance of winning the World Poker Tour. Also as far as we know, no US citizen has ever been convicted by federal laws for gambling online.


Is it legal to play poker online?


Online poker in the USA is not illegal. Despite the fact that, many casino websites do not accept players from United States, some of the best real money websites continue to run.


Where is gambling legal in the US?


As per the ‘Compact’ or ‘Agreement’ under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988, Nevada and Louisiana are the two where gambling is legal throughout the state. Both state and local governments are in the way of licensing and zone restrictions.


What is the legal age to gamble?


Each state and county determines its own minimum age for gambling. Most have 2 age restrictions; either 18 or 21 for casinos.


StateMinimum Age for Gambling Legally
AR18 for pari-mutuel betting and 21 for slot machines
CA18 for several casinos and 21 for the rests
CT18 for bingo and 21 for casino games
DE18 for horse racing and 21 for slot games
FL18 for bingo, poker or pari-mutuel wagering and 21 for slots
IN18 for pari-mutuel wagering and 21 for gambling
LA18 for pari-mutuel betting and 21 for gambling
ME18 for pari-mutuel and 21 for slot machine games
MD18 for pari-mutuel and 21 for gambling in casinos
NM18 for bingo and pari-mutuel betting and 21 for gambling in casinos
NY18 or 21 (based on the individual casino rules)
OH18 for pari-mutuel wagering and 21 for casinos
OK18 or 21 (based on the individual casino rules)
OR18 for bingo and 21 for gambling in casinos
PA18 for pari-mutuel wagering and 21 for casinos
SD18 for bingo (at Indian casinos) and 21 for casinos
WA18 for pari-mutuel betting and 18 or 21 for gambling in casinos
WI18 for bingo and 21 for gambling in casinos


In most states, you have to be either 18 or 21 to gamble, however in some cases this depends on the casinos themselves too as innate American casinos have certain privilege over others.


States Allowing 18-years-old to Gamble

States that Allow 18 Year Olds


Name of the states that let 18 year olds gamble:


– Alaska (AK)
– Idaho (ID)
– Minnesota (MN)
– Wyoming (WY)


Name of the states that let 18 year olds gamble typically on Pari-mutuel and Bingo:


– Arkansas (AR)
– California (CA)
– Connecticut (CT)
– Delaware (DE)
– Florida (FL)
– Indiana (IN)
– Louisiana (LA)
– Maine (ME)
– Maryland (MD)
– New Mexico (NM)
– New York (NY)
– Ohio (OH)
– Oklahoma (OK)
– Oregon (OR)
– Pennsylvania (PA)
– South Dakota (SD)
– Washington (WA)
– Wisconsin (WI)


Important dates


Nevada started to legalize gambling.


Las Vegas has established itself as the gambling capital of US.


Federal Wire Act has been activated to prohibit wagering on sports between states.


New Jersey has begun to follow Nevada – gambling was legalized in Atlantic City.


Indian Gaming Regulatory Act let tribes to offer games on their reservations.


Now, more and more states starting to acknowledge the prospective of gambling from revenue generation. As a matter of fact, many online casinos are backed by renowned brick and mortar casinos all over the US.


Gambling Today in US


Online casinos have become very popular among US citizens especially during the last one or two decades.


People enjoy playing at their own convenience – is the main reason behind popularity irrespective of the face that government was always against the online gambling.


In 2006, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was approved which brings to an end of many international online casino operations within the US territory.


Later a number of big names like, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker were pulled themselves out due to charges related to violating UIGEA.


This was the major cause many international casino operators still want to keep the US players out from playing games online.


After all these arguments, Americans were still paying attention towards online gambling and states were seriously concerned about the revenue generating from gambling.


Nevada was the first US state to legalize online gambling in 2012. Delaware was the second to legalize internet gambling. In 2013, New Jersey turned out to be the third state. Many other US states are now taking into account their options on this regard.


Some Important Gambling Related Questions


Who controls the American gaming industry?


In absence of any strong national entities, individual states have their own gaming authorities. Most states have setup gaming commissions or lottery boards to control the gaming activities within the state.


On the other hand, tribal gaming is regulated by the 1988 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.


Online casino players in the United States need to understand that, there is no critical law against playing video games or slot machines online.


However, their options for playing at casino websites have become quite limited after inception of UIGEA.


Players should check carefully individual casino rules and regulations about accepting players from America besides checking options for deposit/withdrawal of money to avoid any criticality beforehand.


States like, New Jersey (NJ), Nevada (NV), and Delaware (DE) are currently dealing with introducing their state-wide online poker and USA casino sites. Those of course improve the safety of player’s identity and there should be fewer concerns about security for payments.


How many American gamble online?


A recent study showed that, 85% of US adults gambled at least once in their lives. 80% of them had gambled in the past year. Over 90% of them like to play online video poker or slots game. The numbers are expected to go up since many US states are start considering to legalize gambling online.


Are Americans allowed to play games at online casinos?


There are no such laws prohibiting players to play online, however casino sites could face action for allowing players with real money.


Notable point is, irrespective of indefinite US laws, the federal government has always been advocating those laws and using them to keep away gambling companies out of the US market.


Can a US player legally deposit and withdraw money to online casinos?


Yes. There are several payment processors who will make easy deposits and withdrawals. Players can then transfer money to and fro from online casinos smoothly despite no assistance from American banks.


Do US players have to pay taxes on their winnings from online games?


Yes. The US government requires a 25% tax on gambling winnings that surpass,


– $600 for horse track
– $1,200 for slot machine or bingo game
– $1,500 for in keno
– $5,000 for poker tournaments


The same is valid for online casino winnings, regardless of gambling company’s center.


Players can always consult a tax specialist to get help on this regard. Additionally, state taxes often fluctuate and can be different from state to state in America. So consulting someone familiar with all these would be a good idea for solving the issues of state gambling taxes.


Do online casinos accept USD?


Yes. Most casino websites and poker operators do accept US dollars. Since USD is a global standard currency thus players can deposit and withdraw in American dollars.


Gambling operators too don’t need to think much about other things (say currency exchange rates) aside from only financial transactions in United States dollars.


Secure Playing Options for US Players


The laws surround online casino gaming, especially with real money for Americans and are very strict to certain extent.


While some of the highly regarded gaming operators shut down their operations in the United States (and for people in US) market as a result of UIGEA, others are still offering casino games. Although players should investigate those sites before showing their full confidence.


Players can verify the credibility of a casino site by scrutiny of the gaming license and looking for symbols from organizations like eCOGRA.


eCOGRA indicates authenticity of the business. So US players should always check these things when sign up to play at any online casino with real money.


How do American players know that their funds are safe?


Players should try to find a symbol from eCOGRA on the casino site. That symbol stand for the approval of the international regulatory body that manages those sites. To make sure that the site is operating fairly, safe and secure for players, owner of the site seeks recognition from eCOGRA.


Is play fair on the online casinos?


All reputed online casinos use random number generators to guarantee fair play. They also use sophisticated encryption software to take care of player’s information. These are important aspect too and players should verify that these are at place.


What if a player has suspect unfair activity?


Players can always lodge reports to the company that holds the online casino license like eCOGRA. They will be accountable if any concerns with unfair activity.


List of Recommended Online Casinos

Best Online Casinos


Depositing and Cashing Out at Online Casinos


Online casinos offer many payment options. However, due to complicated gambling legislation, for many Americans, using their credit cards or e-wallets like PayPal, is bit difficult for playing real money games. So check the options available to you given by your favorite casino sites beforehand.


The following deposit methods are two convenient ways for US players in online casinos:


– Prepaid cards, such as Ukash
– Western Union


Though there are many more options, we strongly recommend you to check with internet casino sites and choose method which is best for US players. Same is applicable for cashing out your winnings. Check out the T&C on the casino site carefully regarding withdrawals to avoid frustration.


The good news is, more and more US states are in the process of legalizing online gambling. So participating in online casino games should become hassle-free for Americans soon.


Responsible Gambling – Note for Americans


There are a lot of resources on responsible gaming and problem gambling for US citizens. Institutes like, The National Center for Responsible Gaming is devoted to build public awareness. Another association Gamblers Anonymous, is there to help you out for problems associated with gambling.


Those who are addicted to gambling, or those who concerned about their loved ones with a problem, are free to use the search engine like Google to find such associations and fix an appointment any time and place all across America.


Finally, online gambling laws in US differ in each state and are subject to change. As said above we advise you to check your local laws before engage yourself with online casino games.


Best US Casinos Guide for Online Gambling World

Best American Online Casino


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