Chinese Games To Play

4 Slots With Hidden Chinese Games To Play

Chinese games to play at online casinos are common these days. Chinese games to play include the dart game, Chinese checkers, Slot games, Polo and the horse games of Tian Ji’s. The dart Chinese games to play is the famous Shanghai.

How to play Shanghai?

Shanghai is a Chinese games to play that of accuracy; hitting the doubles and triples is vital to success in this dart game. Dart playing shanghai rules can be played with as little as two people but any amount can play, this is a great party game.

Players take turns throwing at the numbers 1, 2, and so on, in sequence, until 7. They try to score as many points dart rule shanghaias possible per turn (using all three darts). Only darts hitting the number in play count for score. So, when the number 1 is in play, the highest score that can be achieved is three – if the player hits a 1 with each dart. However, when the number 7 is the number in play, the highest score could be a 21 – if the player hits 7 all three times. Obviously, as the game progresses, the score gets higher. There are two ways to win: either have the highest score at the end of the game or score a Shanghai and win automatically. A shanghai in dart playing shanghai rules is hitting the single, double and triple of the number in play.

Shanghai game
Shanghai Game

How to play Chinese Checkers?

Chinese Checkers is another Chinese games to play. This can be played by two, three, four or six players. Obviously, for the six player game, all pegs and triangles are used. If there are four players, play starts in two pairs of opposing triangles and a two player game should also be played from opposing triangles. In a three player game the pegs will start in three triangles equidistant from each other.
The aim of the game is to be the first to player to move all ten pegs across the board and into the triangle opposite. The first player to occupy all 10 destination holes is the winner.

Each player chooses a colour and the 10 pegs of that colour are placed in the appropriately coloured triangle. Many rules state that any unused triangles must be left populated with their unused pegs so that they cannot be used during the game. The game is slightly more interesting if unused triangles are left empty so that pegs can hop through and come to rest in them, if desired.

A toss of a coin decides who starts. Players take turns to move a single peg of their own colour. In one turn a peg may either be simply moved into an adjacent hole OR it may make one or more hops over other pegs.

Chinese Checkers
Chinese Checkers

Where a hopping move is made, each hop must be over an adjacent peg and into a the vacant hole directly beyond it. Each hop may be over any coloured peg including the player’s own and can proceed in any one of the six directions. After each hop, the player may either finish or, if possible and desired, continue by hopping over another peg. Occasionally, a player will be able to move a peg all the way from the starting triangle across the board and into the opposite triangle in one turn.

Pegs are never removed from the board. However, once a peg has reached the opposite triangle, it may not be moved out of the triangle -only within the triangle.

How to play Tian Ji?

Tian Ji and the king of the Qi Kingdom both like horse racing and often make bets. They choose three horses and classify them as good, better, and best. For horses of the same grade, King Qi’s horses are better than Tian Ji’s horses. The rule of the race is that there are three rounds, and the winner is the one who wins at least two rounds. Both parties cannot know the other party’s decision in advance before making a decision, so it can be regarded as choosing a strategy at the same time. Each horse can only participate in one round. The winner of each round gets 1 point, the loser gets -1 point, and the result of the game is the sum of three game scores.

Tian Ji’s Chinese games to play is based on a story that is about a horse riding game between Tian Ji and the king of the Qi Kingdom, and how Tian Ji won the horse racing game under the guidance of a military strategist, Sun Bin, with all his horses less competitive than the king.

Tian Jis Horse Game
Tian Ji’s

4 Slots With Hidden Chinese Games To Play

At Winmenot you have been finding Chinese games to play and enjoy now and then and we always wish to update you with the latest slots and bonuses. You can play these Chinese games as well as slots anytime you want at online casinos for free or with real money. Though there are many slot games out in the casinos each month for you to play but here are the four slots with hidden Chinese games to enjoy. These games were released lately and you can play them at online casinos of your choice.

1. FA FA Twins

Fa Fa Twins
Game offers 243 ways to win and a win of up to 1,215,000 credits in a single spin

Fa Fa Twins is a cute Chinese games to play in the form of slot game developed by the leader in 3D iGaming evolution, Betsoft Gaming. The new Fa Fa Twins slot is inspired by the popular elements of pan-Asian culture. The theme is strongly supported by a rich colour scheme of red and gold. This slot game offers 243 ways to win and the main feature in this slot is the Dual Reel mechanism thanks to which at the start of any spin, at least two adjacent reels are identical, presenting matching icons. The duplication feature can boost from two reels to three, four or even five reels for maximum opportunities at winning big.

There is also a Double Up feature, which gives you a chance to gamble half or all your winnings for a chance to double any line win. The Double Up feature connected with the Dual Reels, can offer a win of up to 1,215,000 credits in a single spin. Another great option, a frequently appearing Wild symbol, bearing the game’s logo, is supposed to award many prizes as it substitutes for all icons and can occur on reels II, III, IV and V.

2. Golden Mane

Golden Mane Slot
This slot comes with 5 reel and 10 payline with free spins

Golden Mane is new slot machine developed by Next Gen Gaming. The theme used on this 5-reel and 10-payline title is quite common, but the developer has brought his personal touch to improve it all. Golden Mane is about horses, but NextGen has set up a setting that evokes the fantastic universe and you will not have any trouble realizing it once you get to the game interface. It is possible to see on the first videos of the title, there are horses of different colors, a small autumn tree, a mountain, a horseshoe, icons of poker cards and more.

Given the importance of the features in the gaming experience, the developer has taken care to incorporate some of them into this. There is for example the joker which is represented by the icon of the horse with the golden mane marked Wild. As you can guess, it has the power to replace ordinary symbols so you can get winning combinations faster and easier. There is also the bonus symbol that is represented by the horseshoe and appears only on rolls 2, 3 and 4. Whenever you get it at least twice, you can receive free spins with additional wildcards.

3. Darts Heroes

Chinese Games To Play
Play darts tournament with four protagonists in this 5 reel 243 ways slot game

Darts Heroes is slot game by Stake Logic and taking place at some point in the future, in an intergalactic darts tournament starring Starring Phil Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld, Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson, who are 4 major players nowadays. Darts Heroes is bringing some science fiction to the table and the game is taking place in some sort of futuristic arena packed with cheering fans. Between lasers and neon signs, the 4 protagonists are fiercely competing for the title of intergalactic darts champion. You have 5 spinning reels and 243 ways to win at every turn, with a betting range going from 0.40 to just 40 credits per turn.

The top prize in the base game corresponds to 250 times the value of your line bet, which you can obtain by scoring a long combination with one of the 4 heroes. The rest of the paytable contains card icons, targets, darts and other items. Check out the superpowers of 4 heroes as each of them can turn into a bonus symbol at random, and finding one of the same on reels 1, 3 and 5 awards 20 free spins instantly, together with an additional reward that can go up to 200 times your line bet. Furthermore, each hero can also turn into a wild and replace the basic symbols on the reels.

4. Dancing Dragon Sprin

Dancing Dragon
This slot has 5 reels 30 paylines and great paying symbols

Dancing Dragon Spring Festival slot developed by Playson is unsurprisingly a Chinese themed game but with a difference.
There are 30 pay lines over 5 reels of 3 rows and the slot has ‘adjacent pays’ in other words 3 or more consecutive matching symbols on any of the pay lines awards a win, so that can be on reels 2, 3 and 4 or 3, 4 and 5 as well as the first three. There is a stacked Wild but only on reel 3 and as there is no multiplier it may seem irrelevant to some in that you have all symbols stacked 3 rows high on all reels anyway. There are scatters but these Dragons are simply stake multipliers and trigger no feature. You get a handsome 100x stake for 5 of them though and for a pair anywhere 2x stake.

The big value lies in the top – paying symbol the Horned Dragon. 5-of-a-kind of these pays 166.67x stake so if a full screen were to land you will win the game’s maximum prize, a colossal 5000x stake! This is ten times more than the second – highest paying character so wins with it will be at a premium.

Now enjoy playing these wonderful Chinese games to play at your favourite online casinos and do not forget to grab free spins and bonuses that come along with these games.