How To Get Lives In Harry Potter Puzzles And Spells?

How To Get Lives In Harry Potter Puzzles And Spells?

Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells is the most wicked game to play. Launched by Zynga gaming company just before Halloween you will get to experience the casts and spells. This is the only Match-3 puzzle game set within the original Harry Potter books and films and brings magical puzzle gameplay to mobile devices be it Android or iOS.

I started playing this game recently and found it quite exciting. The graphics and animations are simply awesome. The challenges featuring the original Wizarding World characters from the Harry Potter films

As you experience the magic and wonder of Harry Potter the game prepares all the cast spells in each of its challenge. As you progress the game solving matching puzzles and match 3 skill you upgrade your level of play. Also you get new spells unlocked which are also exciting as they help you win ahead. These spells beat puzzles by obliterating obstacles and removing hazards. For example, cast Wingardium Leviosa to move objects out of your way.

How to get started with Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells?

How to get started with Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells
Get started to play on your cell phones or tablets

To get started with Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells all you need is to pick your cell phone be it Android or iOS.

Download this game all free for iPhone

Download the game for your Android

Play the game on Facebook

Once you get the game on your mobile can play as a guest or register yourself as a player

You can connect with the game and create a user ID with your email or Facebook.

At the start of the game, you will be asked to select a House. Tap the house crest of your choice and then tap Confirm. Make sure of your choice as you will not be able to change houses later in the game.

After selecting a House, it’s time for you to choose your Wand. Tap the Wand of your choice and then tap Confirm.

Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells game app
Set your Avtar, select your want and match 3 puzzles in the game

Now you will start playing and will solve Match-3 puzzles to progress within the game. Match-3 puzzles are solved by pairing like-colored Gems to each other and clearing them from the gameboard.

There are multiple modes of play that you will come across in the game. All of the various modes are progressed through Match-3 gameplay.

In every Puzzle, there are Goals that you need to complete list in the top center of the screen.

Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells game free live
Unlock spells as you progress

To start playing the game, tap the Play button.

Your enchanting journey through Harry Potter’s magical story begins at the tap of Newspaper button on your home screen to reveal his adventure!

As you progress in the game, you’ll see characters from Harry’s journey along the way! When available, you will see a Medallion representing that individual on the gameboard. Simply drop the Medallion to the bottom of the Puzzle to earn a reward sequence featuring the depicted character! Deliver the Hagrid Medallion to the bottom of the Puzzle for a surprise!

Once you’ve unlocked Puzzle 9, you’ll have access to Magical Creatures. These creatures provide bonus Power-Ups in Puzzles.

To view your Albums, tap the Hagrid’s Hut icon on the top left side of the Play Panel home screen.

To unlock a Creature, complete Puzzles to earn Stars and fill the Star Pack Meter. Each Star Pack grants 3 random Cards: Common, Rare, and Legendary. There will be times that you will get Duplicate Cards. No worries! You will receive a unique NEW card once your Duplicate Meter has been filled.

To view the Creatures that you have earned, tap the Profile button. Then tap the Change button. Tap on the Arrow button to view the available Magical Creatures and the Win Streak Bonuses that each of these Creatures can provide. When you have completed an Album, you earn a Limited Edition Creature.

You may also purchase the Brilliant Bundle using Gold to collect 3 random Cards and Power-Ups. Each Brilliant Bundle grants 3 random Cards: Common, Rare, and Legendary.

When you win Puzzles without losing a Life it is a win streak. These Win Streaks will allow your Magical Creature to provide bonus Power-Ups at the beginning of the next Puzzle. Keep your Win Streak going to get even more rewards.

Hazards in the game to clear

Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells game- Hazards in the game
The sound of Chocolate Frogs is so real in the game

In the game as you progress you will find hazards which you can remove Hazards by matching Gems next to them.

There are several types of Hazards:

  • Chocolate Boxes – Open these boxes to release the Chocolate Frog.
  • Chocolate Frogs – Collect them as soon as you can as the frogs tend to leap around.
  • Tickets – Match Gems close to the Tickets to collect them.
  • Gobstones – Match Games close to the Gobstone tray to remove one Gobstone. Once all Gobstones have been removed, space will be freed up within the Puzzle.
  • Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans– Match Gems close to the larger beans to reveal their flavors (but be careful, as some Beans are quite disgusting)!
  • Crystals – Crystals will crack and eventually break when you match Gems on the Crystal tiles.
  • Filch’s Lanterns – Match Gems next to a Lantern to light it up. Match Gems again near the Lantern to collect it. Lanterns may also be moved to create a match that then allows the Lantern to be collected.
  • Ice – Match Gems next to Ice to crack it. Once cracked, match a Gem with an Ice encased Gem of the same color to clear it.
  • Fanged Geraniums – Match Gems next to Fanged Geraniums, and they will start to bloom.
  • Sorting Hats – Match Gems beneath both halves of the Sorting hat to lower it.
  • House Banners – House Banners come in different colors. Match the colored Gems next to the corresponding House Banner to collect it.
  • Cauldron – Match next to a Bottle to move it closer to the Cauldron. Continue matching until the Bottle moves into the Cauldron.
  • Marauder’s Map – Connect the Marauder’s Map to the destination by performing matches between the Map and the Door.
  • Remembralls – Match next to a Remembrall to turn it red. Make another match immediately to collect the Remembrall, or it will turn back to white.
  • Bookshelves – To collect a Book from a Bookcase, match the same color Gems as the Book. Once all of the Books from a Bookcase have been collected, the Bookcase will be removed.
  • Troll – Use Power-Ups against the Troll to cause it damage.
  • Candle – Matching next to a Candle illuminates it. Match next to the Candle again to collect it.
  • Butterbeer – Match next to the Butterbeer Barrel to release the Butterbeer. Butterbeer Barrels are removed once their number is reduced to zero. Then, match a Gem that resides upon Butterbeer to prevent it from spreading further.
  • Mail – Match next to an Owl Post to open it then match next to an open Owl Post to collect it.
  • Dragon Egg – Use Power-Ups on the Dragon Egg to hatch it.
  • Bones – Webs come in different size patches. Make a match over a Web to reveal it. Once all parts of a Web are revealed, the Acromantula will be removed from the Puzzle.
  • Vines – Match next to a Vine to clear it.
  • Locks – Match next to a Lock to reduce the counter. When the counter reaches zero, the Lock will open and reveal the contents.
  • Devil’s Snare – Match next to Devil’s Snare to destroy it or else it will keep expanding until it takes over the Puzzle.
  • Wizard’s Chess – Match like colours to collect Crown Gems and move your Chess Piece along the Path to defeat the King.
  • Mirror of Erised – Collect the desired Gems to Activate the Mirror of Erised.
  • Hovering Cake – Use a Power-Up on the Cake Stand to levitate the Cake. Move the Hovering Cake to the top of the Puzzle to collect it.
  • Enchanted Dishes – Match next to the Enchanted Dishes to clean a dish.
  • Portals – Use the Floo Network to transport Gems around the Puzzle.

How to get lives in Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells?

How to get lives in Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells
You need to find ways and tricks to get more lives

Though the game comes with the rating of 4.8 at the app store, the most annoying thing that players are finding in the game is about game lives. The time to refill lives extends from 15 -20 minutes. As you progress the game the levels are harder to play and win so you lose lives fast the game wants you to spend 900 coins to buy lives in the game which is quite expensive. The power ups are even more expensive they are more than 1,000 coins!

Lives allow you to play Puzzles, and they appear as hearts in the game. You start the game with 5 Lives but will lose one each time you’re unsuccessful in completing a Puzzle. You can view how many Lives you have by checking the heart icon. Lives get replenished over time so wait for new ones to be added. To view when your next Life will be replenished, tap on the heart icon at the top of the screen.

get lives in Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells
Harry Potter puzzles and spells game currency is Gold

This means you need gold, win more power ups and experience to get lives as there is no other way to get lives. Here are some of the ways that will increase your chances to get more lives all free.

Look for the matches towards the bottom: Because you have a limited number of moves, you need to make sure you work towards the goal efficiently with every move. One of the ways to optimize your gameplay is to always look for matches toward the bottom. As you clear tiles toward the bottom, the entire puzzle changes while spawning new ones at the top, creating new opportunities for you.

If you only match tiles toward the top, everything below the area you’ve just cleared remains the same, limiting the number of new opportunities you get. In some cases, it is, however, best to go for matches towards the top, if you can see an amazing combo or you need a specific match for the level’s goal. Therefore playing towards the bottom will almost always yield a better result.

how to activate surge in Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells
4-line match generates a Severing Surge, which upon use, clears the entire horizontal or vertical line from its position.

Clear locked tiles first: Most levels have some kind of locked tiles like tickets that you need to clear before pieces can appear on these tiles. To increase your chances of beating these levels, you should aim to clear locked tiles first, as this will increase the number of tiles you can use. Furthermore, most levels that have locked tiles require you to clear them all as part of their requirement.

To clear locked tiles, match pieces next to them. You can also use spells like severing surge and bombastic bomb to break locked tiles as well. Even though you should prioritize clearing locked tiles, if you find a great combo that you’ll lose by clearing a locked tile, then go for the combo first.

Look ahead for combos:  You have to look ahead and set up big combos to generate spells. As you have to generate several spells, including color bombs, if you want to complete levels without using boosters. Then move on to looking two moves ahead. After a while, you will be able to set up incredible combos and generate powerful spells that’ll help you secure victory.

  • A 4-line match generates a Severing Surge, which upon use, clears the entire horizontal or vertical line from its position.
  • A square match generates a Winged Key, which clears 4 tiles around upon use, and flies to a random tile and clears it.
  • An L-shaped or T-shaped match with at least three tiles in each direction creates a Bombastic Bomb, which clears all 8 tiles around it upon use.
  • A 5-line match generates a Charmed Bag, known as color bomb in most puzzle games, which upon use, clears all tiles of the color you swap the bomb into.
  • Also if you match charmed bag with a colored bomb or a winged key you will find that it clears your hazards faster.

Use spells effectively: To further increase the chances of completing puzzles in the game, you should use spells effectively. You should always try to use spells, so they have as much impact as possible.

Like if you can see another spell can be created by swapping your spell with a tile, you should do it or when you use a severing surge, you should always aim to hit tiles you need for your goal that are difficult to find a match for. Also, make sure to use spells like bombastic bombs away from edges of the map to ensure they can use their full clearance radius.

Whenever possible, you should try to combine spells by swapping one into another, as this greatly improves the power of them. If you manage to swap a charmed bag into a bombastic bomb, for example, the result is a flurry of bombs all over the puzzle, which will clear almost every single tile.

Combining two Charmed Bags helps clear all of the gems from a puzzle, plus matching two Bombastic Bombs together creates an even bigger explosion you can capitalize on. Combining a Charmed Bag with any other special puzzle piece creates multiple copies of that second power up and places them all over the stage, which is one of the more amazing combos in the game you need to take advantage of.

how to join club in Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells
Upon completing puzzle 32, you can join a group, which is a community of players.

Join a group for rewards: Upon completing puzzle 32, you can join a group, which is a community of players. By joining a group, you get access to exclusive group events and extra rewards, including lives and XP. To start a puzzle, you need lives. Therefore, you should join a group as soon as you can, as it is a great way to get more lives passively.

Wait for few seconds and then play: Every time you hop into a new puzzle, take your time and keep track of all the available matches given to you. By waiting a few seconds, the game will give you a hand by making a matching opportunity visible to you. Nine times out of ten, those assisted matches will give you the opportunity to match more than three pieces and create a special tile piece.

Making basic three-piece matches  should be last resort: Its fine when you’re trying to clear special portions of the puzzle (such as jelly bean clusters and chocolate frogs), but you should make those types of matches your last resort. Make it a priority of matching the pieces that fill your magic spell meter before anything else. You’ll run into puzzles where more than one spell can be activated, so use as little turns as possible to activate those spells before you focus on the main completion goal at hand.

Creating all those special puzzle pieces and completing the puzzle at hand means you’ll leave with even more XP for your player level. So take it slow, keep an eye out for the game’s recommended matches, try to go for more +3 matches over simple three-piece matches, and try to complete each puzzle with plenty of turns remaining by the end of it.

Other ways to get more free lives

Other ways to get more lives in Harry Pottery Puzzles and Spells
Your Lives also get refilled once you level up.
  • Ask your fellow club members for Lives. Each member can send you 1 Life. You can ask for Lives again after 6 hours. To collect the Lives that were sent to you, tap the Inbox button with the envelope icon.
  • Through your Club, you could initially store up to 15 Lives!
  • Your Lives also get refilled once you level up.
  • After completing a chapter from the Player Journey, your Lives also get refilled automatically.
  • Keep an eye out for matches that are going to make power-ups. Any time you match more than three gems of the same color, you’re going to make one of the different power-ups, and they can really help you out on tougher levels.
  • Make sure you claim all the rewards you can. Whether that’s for finishing challenges or collecting items. The more rewards you collect, the more you’re going to earn

Look at how the board is set out and what you need to do to finish. If it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to complete the level in the extra moves, you’re just throwing the coins away.

Quite often you’ll find that after failing and losing a life you’ll finish the level on the next attempt. Save your coins for when you need them and you’ll be in much better shape.

How to get creature activated in Harry Potter puzzles and spells
Holding on to your pet and using it when you’re in a tough spot or at the start of a level is a great strategy and will see you through some of the more difficult challenges.

If you’re planning on getting the most out of Harry Potter Puzzles & Spells, you’ll need to make it a habit of logging in every day. That method will help you acquire all those special login rewards and do better at completing all of the puzzles needed to claim a special pet. Using your pet when it’s ready can help you finish levels. Again, it’s a good idea not to waste the skill. Just because it’s unlocked, don’t throw it straight into the mix. Look at the board and see how close you are to completing the level.

Holding on to your pet and using it when you’re in a tough spot or at the start of a level is a great strategy and will see you through some of the more difficult challenges.

Some of the toughest puzzles in the game are the class-based event stages that involve Hogwarts’ most recognizable professors. Completing those puzzles to farm them for extra stars, spell upgrades, and reward chests are essential, so try to have some power-ups and special puzzle pieces on deck when those types of puzzles become active again.

Buy Gold in Harry Potter puzzles and spells
You can buy Lives with Gold

Finally you can buy Lives with Gold. You can purchase gold coins with in app purchase within the game. The cost starts from as low as $0. 99 and rise as high as $99.99 for a good amount of gold bundle. Many a times the game app offers coupon codes to redeem to get some discount in buying the gold. Buying Lives will also restore all your Lives immediately but that is last resort for me. I don’t wish to waste my money rather wait or find other tricks and hacks to get free lives to play the game.

This game app requires iOS 10.0 and above compatible iPhone and 5.0 and up Android smartphone. The game offers support to players. On the game app

  • Tap on the Settings button.
  • Now, tap on the Support tab. Then tap the Support button below your Player ID.
  • Tap on the Conversation button.
  • Now contact with the customer support

Also visit and fill the form to get support.