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Pulsar Slots to Play Online

Gazing at the stars in the night is what I love. It’s so interesting to watch different kinds of stars, some changing their positions at midnight, a few falling, many racing with speed going to some other destinations, a few new stars coming up in the galaxy and more of such beautiful happenings.

But one star that is now running in reels of slot machines is Pulsar. A pulsar is formed when a massive star collapse and exhausts its supply of fuel. It blasts out in a giant explosion known as a supernova, the most powerful and violent event in the universe.

The first pulsar star was observed on November 28, 1967, by Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Antony Hewish. The existence of such neutron stars was first proposed by Walter Baade and Fritz Zwicky in 1934 when they argued that a small, dense star consisting primarily of neutrons would result from a supernova.

A pulsar from pulse and -ar as in quasar is a highly magnetized rotating neutron star that emits beams of electromagnetic radiation out of its magnetic poles. This radiation can be observed only when a beam of emission is pointing toward Earth (much like the way a lighthouse can be seen only when the light is pointed in the direction of an observer) and is responsible for the pulsed appearance of emission. Neutron stars are very dense and have short, regular rotational periods.

Pulsar star

This produces a very precise interval between pulses that ranges from milliseconds to seconds for an individual pulsar. Pulsars are one of the candidates for the source of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays. The periods of pulsars make them very useful tools for astronomers. Observations of a pulsar in a binary neutron star system were used to indirectly confirm the existence of gravitational radiation. Certain types of pulsars exceed atomic clocks in their accuracy in keeping time.

Three distinct classes of pulsars are currently known to astronomers, according to the source of the power of electromagnetic radiation:

  • Rotation-powered pulsars, where the loss of rotational energy of the star provides the power,
  • Accretion-powered pulsars account for most but not all X-ray pulsars, where the gravitational potential energy of accreted matter is the power source (producing X-rays that are observable from the Earth).
  • Magnetars, where the decay of an extremely strong magnetic field provides electromagnetic power.

Although all three classes of objects are neutron stars, their observable behaviour and underlying physics are quite different. There are, however, connections. For example, X-ray pulsars are probably old rotationally-powered pulsars that have already lost most of their power, and have only become visible again after their binary companions had expanded and began transferring matter onto the neutron star.

One more interesting fact, you cannot see Pulsar stars as they are tiny, and in addition, they radiate mainly radio and X-rays, so not visible to our eyes. Optically they are difficult to see even for strong telescopes. What you may see with a small telescope are supernova remnants harbouring pulsars – like the Crab Nebula.

Pulsar slots machine

Pulsar slot machine

Recently a new slot machine was launched by Real Time Gaming on this fantastic star that invites you on a trek through the stars to the outer edge of the galaxy. Here you can take an interplanetary trip through the cosmos to a realm of neutron stars and the mighty Pulsar. The Pulsar star slot machine features a 3×5 honeycomb grid and 20 fixed pay lines where you’ll encounter moons, planets, neutron stars, and a meteor shower of cascading wins. Old combinations of payout and symbols are replaced by new symbols and new winning possibilities! Then get ready to play for a top reward of 150 x the total bet! All symbols pay left to right. Pulsar is an explosive new slot game with 2 exciting features!

Symbols in the game

Pulsar slot machine- symbols

The stars and the planets orbiting them will provide this game with the story and theme it needs. You see a galaxy in the background image, slowly swirling around, while the honeycomb-shaped reels include mostly symbols of planets, along with stars. In different colours, with or without rings, smaller or bigger, there are plenty of ways for each of those planets to stand out.

Symbols in winning combinations payout and get replaced by new symbols, leading to even more wins. Unlike most conventional slot games, Pulsar features no scatters or wilds but gives you two exciting features bursting with winning possibilities.

Pulsar is bursting with cosmic energy and chances for cascading wins on every spin! Neutron Stars appear and explode adjacent symbols to spawn new symbols and new combinations as said the top reward of 150 times the total bet. Match up winning combinations in sequence for mighty cascading wins!

Pulsar slots features

Pulsar slot machine- game features

A lot of the features that you might expect from such a game, such as wilds, scatters or free spins, are not going to be included in Pulsar. This slot has a different layout as well, using a honeycomb-style setup, which has 2-3-3-3-2 symbols on the 5 reels. You still get fixed lines though, so it’s only the design that’s changed here, not the mechanics.

As a combination forms, you will find that Cascading Wins result, and take away the symbols involved, allowing others to come in and maybe create additional wins. It’s a feature that you can find in various games, under different names, but the results are the same.

You might not get wilds or other common features, but the slot will have Neutron Stars for you. There are a couple of different types, but the basis of their actions remains the same. They explode in a certain direction, whenever they appear in a random location. Red Neutron Stars have an explosion in X-shaped directions. Pink Neutron Stars go off both horizontally and vertically. Blue Stars go downwards, while Green Stars explode left to right.

The Neutron Stars land with a countdown number in them, and so they stay around for up to 3 rounds/cascades before they go off.

Stake and the wins

Pulsar slot machine- stakes and wins

In the Pulsar slot machine, if you look at the bottom left corner, you will find there the option to set up the line bet. Above it, there is a message about the game’s 20 lines which are fixed. You then multiply by 20 any wager that you select there. With values going from $0.01 to $5, the full bet will have a range of $0.20 to $100.

As for the wins that this slot can deliver, they’re relatively low value, as the best combination formed will offer 150 coins. 150X the stake is then the most that a single spin will deliver. As there are Cascading Wins involved, and multiple wins can come as a result, there is another even higher limit on how much a single spin can deliver, and it’s set to 2,500x the stake (50,000 coins). The RTP (Return to Player) for this game is 95%.

How to play the Pulsar slot?

How to play Pulsar slot

It’s very easy to play the Pulsar slot game. All you need is to join any RTG-powered online casino with your mobile or PC or tablet.

Once you’ve loaded the game, choose your bet amount by selecting the + and – symbols at the bottom of the game screen. Once you’ve set your wager amount, click Spin.

Special Features include as said above:

  • 4 different types of exploding Neutron Stars with 4 blast patterns
  • Winning symbols disappear after payouts and new symbols appear
  • Cascading of symbols continues after each win until no further winning combinations occur
  • All symbols pay left to right
  • Top award: 150 x the total bet

It won’t be long before you trigger the Neutron Star Feature and Cascading Wins feature! If you find yourself bored from spinning the reels manually, just click the AutoPay feature to get the reels spinning for you! Kick back, relax and watch those mighty wins roll on in by themselves.

This intergalactic slot game adventure starts with a 3×5 honeycomb grid and 20 fixed pay lines. Play online today for free, as well as for real money!

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