How to play and win Snoopy Pop with hacks and cheats

Snoopy Pop Hacks And Cheats

Snoopy Pop Hacks and how to play the slot game at online casinos

“Snoopy’s whole personality is a little bittersweet. But he’s a very strong character. He can win or lose, be a disaster, a hero, or anything, and yet it all works out. I like the fact that when he’s in real trouble, he can retreat into a fantasy and thereby escape.” Charles M. Schulz on Snoopy.

I love Peanuts and Snoopy. As a young child I used to cut the clippings of this comic strip from newspapers and paste it on the walls of my room. Snoopy made me laugh and to be happy. Now again he has come back to me. Wondering who Snoopy is? Snoopy is the iconic deuteragonist of the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. He is the pet beagle of Charlie Brown who owns and cares for him.

How to play Snoopy pop
Play Snoopy pop

Snoopy first appeared in the October 4, 1950 in Peanut comic strip, Schulz originally planned to call him “Sniffy”, but found out that name was used in a different comic strip. He then changed the dog’s name to Snoopy. The name first appeared on November 10, 1950. Snoopy has some little bird friends, the most loyal of which is Woodstock.

Though Peanuts came to end on February 13, 2000, a day after the death of Charles M. Schulz, the memories of Snoopy, Charlie Brown and his friends are still there captured in various movies, documentaries and now in the game called Snoopy Pop. I started playing this game for couple of days as being nostalgic of my childhood friend Snoopy and found this game a bit different from most of the games that are available at apps store. I used some of the game hacks and cheats so sharing it with you so that you too can understand as how to play and win Snoopy Pop with hacks and cheats.

Snoopy Pop Hacks – The Game

Snoopy Pop Hacks
Snoopy Pop Hacks

Snoopy Pop is the game app developed by Jam City now available at app stores for you to download free and play the game on your cell phone (Android or iOS) and PCs. It is beautiful game that was launched in 2017 where with the help of Snoopy you shoot and pop the bubbles to free his favourite friend the Woodstock birdie.

In fact the whole Peanuts gang help Snoopy to achieve the goal, It is not only Woodstock but flock of birds that are trapped in bubbles. What you can do is help Snoopy strategically burst bubbles to save his best friend! You can employ the help of Charlie Brown’s yellow kite and Linus’ blanket to overcome obstacles and return the birds safely to land. Prepare your doghouse and stock up on bubbles as you take on the infamous Red Baron to save your fledgling friends.

Features of the game

Snoopy Pop Game Features
Snoopy Pop Game Features

•There are over 800 levels to play
•Exciting neighborhoods to explore.
•The game featues original music from the Peanuts series.
•All new game modes starring all of your favorite Snoopy personas.
•Collect Peanuts characters, game pieces, boosters, and more.
•Defeat the Red Baron and become a world-famous “Flying Ace”.
•Use the Beach Ball Burst to make quick work of any bubble challenges.
•In-game events themed around classic Peanuts storylines and holiday specials you’ve grown up with.

How to get started with Snoopy Pop?

How to get started with Snoopy Pop
Download the game app to play free

Visit the app store and download the free game on your device

Once the game loads on to your device it will prompt you to login with your Facebook account. Connecting with Facebook account gets you free 40 coins, free hearts or lives to play.


You can play with your Gmail account


As Guest

You will be offered a guide or tutorial as how to play and pop the bubbles. Tap and drag to aim, release to shoot or Match three to pop and so on. You can skip if you want the tutorial and jump into play at once.

Game is simple to play. As you move further with the levels it becomes more challenging.

You are offered daily bonus when you login to play each day and you receive a special prize.

To pop the bubbles various help is provided. There are butterflies and if you hit the butterfly’s cocoon all bubble around will pop.

There are clouds that hold the bubbles. You need to clear them to aim your shot. Then there are jars fill powers instantly and when you hit them and break them more powers are unlocked. Rocks can be removed by popping bubbles holding them. Similarly are soap bubbles. If you use fireworks that will clear lots of bubbles at once.

There are collections of various things of art that you receive as you move up the levels.

You earn coins as you play more. Coins can be used to purchase boosters, extra moves, and lives.

Also coins can purchased with money as the app offers in app purchases. To buy more coins Tap the “+” icon next to the Coins section of the game map. Select the coin package that you would like to purchase. Coin packages are in US Dollars. Log into your iTunes or Google Play account to process your payment. The coins will automatically be added to your coin inventory. 35 coin pack costs US$0.99 and biggest pack of 800 and more coins cost you $19.99

You can play this game with friends or solo that is your choice.

Snoopy Pop Hacks and Cheats

Snoopy Pop hacks
Snoopy Pop The Game Play

Here are few snoopy hacks and cheats that you can use for Snoopy Pop to win and earn more coins and lives. Snoopy really rolls out in laughter jumping up and down with Woodstock and Charlie Brown and his friends.

Your mission is to destroy out the bubbles and rescue the birds that are trapped inside, as you progress and move deeper into the gameplay the challenge will keep on becoming harder and new interesting features shall enlighten up your day will become available, that is why having the Snoopy Pop hacks and cheats by your side is something necessary over here.

1. Snoopy Pop Hacks and cheats- Getting more free coins to play

Get free coins to play snoopy pop
Various ways to get more free coins

•Connect with Facebook and earn 40 free coins
•Sending invitations to friends also earns you free coins
•Free coins can be earned if you take up the weekly and hourly challenges in the game
•As you beat the level more free coins are earned and added

2. Aiming the target to win – Snoopy Pop Hacks and cheats

Aim the bubbles
Aim the bubbles

Drag to aim the bubble and once you release the hands the bubble will head directly to the point that you have been aiming at, try to get three same types of the item in order to pop them out, three is actually the minimum number.
•When you are aiming, there are many things that you have put them in your mind, the color of the bubble must be the same as the one that you are shooting because if they are different colors this will lead to a complete disaster.
•The birds whom you are supposed to save will be shown inside the bubbles, so you must be focusing on rescuing them out as fast as possible and do not distract yourself with any side mission.
Use the Snoopy Pop powers which will allow you get new boosters and clear the mission completely in very limited period of time.
Unlock new worlds to get more help, and that should be your main target in this game from this point and further on, save the birds and walk around to unlock new places and challenges.

3. Powers to pop bubbles – Snoopy Pop Hacks and cheats

Powers to use in Snoopy Pop
Powers to use in Snoopy Pop

•There are six character power-ups in Snoopy Pop, each with a distinct shape that clears all Bubbles and Power-up destructible Obstacles in that area. Each power-up is charged by popping bubbles of its associated color.
•Bubbles are popped with same color so sometimes the given starting up bubble would have no color that you can match it up, so tap over the character of yours as it will be giving you the ability to do a switch with another color only for a single time, so make sure that you are using the right color to shoot with it.
•Some of the techniques to be followed is heading always for the top sides of the bubbles as if you have managed to take it down, then it will collapse with all of the remaining bubbles at the same time which will save you the matching effort and give you the opportunity to go for another target.

Snoopy pop
Game bonus

•Remember to pop yellow bubbles to charge up Charlie brown’s KITE with bubble power, and once you manage to receive it check on the bottom left corner for Charles icon and tap over it to activate the help, this KITE works by destroying a certain full of bubbles completely no matter which color of bubbles are you using, it will fight its way through and reach the destination to explore and take out all the surrounding bubbles without mercy.
Throw Lucy’s Jump Rope up as far as you can. You can even throw it up past the top of the screen. This rope brings down all bubbles beneath the rope and frees the birds.
Pop pink bubbles to charge Sally Brown’s Heart power-up! Her heart shaped kisses will take out a V shaped area of bubbles and obstacles.
Pop red bubbles to charge Linus’s Security Blanket power-up! His blanket will clear up to 6 rows up in a horizontal column with alternating thickness of 2, 1, 2, 1, etc. area of bubbles and obstacles.
Pop green bubbles to charge Peppermint Patty’s Baseball power-up! Her baseball pitch will clear triple shot that fires off simultaneously, each clearing the target and surrounding bubbles in a radius of 1.
Pop purple bubbles to charge Pig-pen’s dust cloud power-up! His dust cloud poofs out into a large hexagonal area, clearing out all bubbles and obstacles within it.
•Combos are special Character Power-ups created when a player activates more than one character power-up on the same move.
Combining 2 Character Power-ups will result in a blast that’s a combination of the individual character power-ups. Each combo of two Power-ups is unique!
•Any combo of three cleans 7 rows and four powerups cleans 11 rows. There are no five or six Power-up combos, since only a max of four Power-ups can be in any given level.

4. Snoopy Pop Hacks and cheats – Getting free lives

Get free lives in snoopy pop game
Get free lives in snoopy pop game

You can have a maximum of 5 lives. You only lose a life if you do not successfully finish a level, and each life is renewed after 30 minutes.
You can also get more lives by asking your Facebook friends or using gold coins to buy them.
Ask Friends for Hearts and for that you must have 4 or less lives. Tap the “+” button, located next to the Heart icon. Tap the “Ask Friends” button. Search for your friends and then tap “Ask”.
To receive Heart requests you must have 4 or less lives. Check your in-game messages by tapping the envelope, located at the bottom left corner. Search for your life request and then tap “Accept”. The life will be added to your inventory.
Changing the date from your device to previous date or forward date in the settings tab can also give you free lives to play.

5. Snoopy Pop Hacks and cheats – Boosters in the game

Boosters are items that can be used during a game to provide extra help. Purchasing boosters are available in In-Game (located at the bottom of your game screen). They are located at the bottom of your game screen.

Super Aim: Activate the Super Aim booster to extend the standard aim-line into a longer, infinite one that shows the Shooter Bubble’s path through bank shots, lending for easier gameplay. The Booster lasts the whole level!
Beach Ball Burst: Activate the Beach Ball Burst Booster to match with any color bubble on the board!
Super Swap: Activate the Super Swap booster to see an extra bubble in your queue! Helps you plan your strategy better — gives you more match options each turn!
Fireworks Finale: Activate the Fireworks Finale Booster to clear a large section of the puzzle – Up to 11 rows!

6. Defeating the Red Baron – Snoopy Pop Hacks and cheats

•This is very interesting. You will see a red glider hovering and releases bubbles onto the board!
•Make matches to open a path and hit the Red Baron!
•Defeat the Red Baron to save the Bird he’s captured.

Finally remember that you have to complete the mission in limited time and with limited number of aims. So use snoopy pop hacks withthe skill and employ boosters and powers to win the game. Understand the game features as how it works and keep track of your score by keeping an eye over the top bar on the screen, it will include the rating points, the number of freed birds and the coins you earned.

Online sites offer many hacks and tools to get more resources for Snoopy pop but that is your choice to take the risk or use your own strategy and skill to play and win.