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10 Best Summer Drinks for Casino Party

Whether you’re heading out to the casino, or having a casino night at home, one thing that always compliments a good time is the perfect drink. Summer cocktails tend to go hand-in-hand with gaming nights, since they’re refreshing and keep you feeling energized and going.

You will find summer drinks for casino party at the vast majority of land casinos in Vegas as the  casino bars are the place where people want to chill and have fun.  For example the Mandalay Bay has a couple of nice bars for people watching and doing not a great deal. The vodka place has an ice bar and got chatting some great people from Alabama. If you go to the South Point you have more of a country and local vibe.

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Top 10 Summer Drinks For Casino Party

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We’ve gathered up the best classic, favourite summer drinks and cocktails you can get at the casinos. Whether you want a casino classic, or a quick refresher, take a look at our selection below to get some hydration inspiration!

10. The Vesper Martini

Vesper Martini
Vesper Martini

This summer drinks for Casino Party certainly tops the list as a casino classic, having been invented in a classic casino-themed book! The Vesper martini appeared in the James Bond book Casino Royale. A spin on a usual classic, this drink is best described by the sophisticated spy himself:

“A dry Martini….In a deep champagne goblet…Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large slice of lemon peel. Got it?”

A Dry Martini is the best drink to order at a casino. This classic James Bond favorite is made with gin, dry vermouth, and olives.

9. Poker Face

Poker Face
Poker Face Drink

Another well known casino classic, this refreshing drinks has just the right amount of fruity punch mixed with a touch of tequila. It will keep you feeling buzzed and light, while also cool and satisfied. The perfect drink for an outdoor venue, or to sip on while sitting at the – surprise! – poker table. A Poker Face is made using..

– 1.5 oz of tequila
– 3 oz pineapple juice
– ½ oz triple sec
– Lemon zest

It’s traditionally stirred and served with a perfect slice of fruit on the rim.

8. The Las Vegas

Las Vegas Drinks
Las Vegas Drinks

Just the name of this drinks drink can conjure up images of the lights, sounds, and excitement of the ‘Fabulous’ city. Adding a touch of summer in this drink is a smooth gold tequila and the exotic taste of coconut cream. A resort classic, its great for hitting the slow and steady slots, or taking a break at the bar.

– 1 oz blackcurrant syrup
– 4 oz water
– ½ oz blue curacao
– Caramel syrup

Mix the blackcurrant and water together in a cocktail shaker. Add in some ice and curacao. Top with caramel syrup.

7. Last Chance Cocktail

Last Chance Cocktail
Last Chance Cocktail

What better way to end the night than with a last chance? A light drink with a twist of orange juice makes the Last Chance Cocktail a great way to get in a few sips of refreshment without the dragged-down feeling at the end of the night. It’s also a simple drink to mix up at home if you like, and have either shaken or stirred.

– 2 parts vodka
– 1 part triple sec
– 4 measures orange juice

Stir the ingredients together in a glass, or for an extra cooling drink, add in one or two ice cubes and shake it up in a mixer.

6. Tabernacle Crush

Tabernacle Crush
Tabernacle Crush

A classic southern drink the Tabernacle Crush is another great way to keep cool and refreshed, whether you’re rolling away at the slots, or rolling the dice at roulette. Refreshing peach and a savoury hint of basil make this cocktail an interesting one, and a good option if you want to tone down the fruitiness.

– ½ peach, sliced
– 6 small basil leaves
– ½ oz lemon juice
– 1 ½ oz gin
– 1 oz Lillet
– ½ oz Simple Syrup
– Ice
– Club Soda

Shake up your liquids along with the basil in a cocktail mixer. Add in the peach slices and serve in tall tumblers, cold.

5. French 77 Mix

French 77
French 77

This French inspired drink is like most French dishes – simple but amazing! The perfect drink to celebrate a win, or sit down with your dinner, this summer favourite uses chilled sparkling wine with a hint of St. Germain and zesty lemon.

– 1 oz St Germain
– ¼ oz fresh squeezed lemon
– Sparkling wine or champagne

Serve up the sparkling beverage of your choice (traditionally champagne) in a champagne flute and add in the St Germain. Stir and top with slice of lemon on the rim. Bonne Chance!

Classic Summer Cocktails

The rest of our summer casino drink picks include all the best summer classics with some twists you can incorporate yourself, or even request when out.

4. Classic Lime Margarita

Classic Lime
Classic Lime Margarita

What better way to cool down then with this summer must! Margaritas have gotten a huge makeover i the past few years using everything from zesty lemon-lime combos to energizing mint-lime mixes. Of course, the classic lime is always a great option too, and just as refreshing.

3. The Classic Daiquiris

Classic Daiquiri
Classic Daiquiri

Along with the classic flavours of strawberry, mango and coconut, many modern venues are adding more interesting daiquiri flavours using everything from banana to pomegranate. Adding in the fruit puree or juice of your choice is simple, and most places will cater to simple requests like that as well.

2. Long Island Iced Tea

Long island iced tea
Long island iced tea

What summer would be complete without iced tea? This version can be changed up a little using different flavour variations of iced tea, or adding in some syrups or juices. Some ideas: Maple syrup, peach liqueur, blue curacao or a few drops of honey.

1. The Martini

Martini drink
Martini drink

The classic version of this summer drinks for Casino Party is always worth mentioning, and is a true casino classic. Perfect for sipping all throughout the night, traditional variations include dirty martinis, usually made using olive juice, but replacing the gin with triple sec is a great way to make the drink more summery, or adding in some savory bay leaves along with those olives.

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Summer Party Cocktails

Summer cocktails
Enjoy your favourite summer cocktails this winter

If you’re heading out for the night, don’t be afraid to ask for drink variations. Most bartenders, especially in casinos will be happy to accommodate and will even enjoy getting some inspiration as well! Never over do it of course, and always be sure to pace yourself when drinking. Drinks can get pricey, but if you savor the flavor and take small sips, it will last longer and so will you!

Are drinks free at casinos?

Best summer drinks at casino party
Casinos offer free drinks too

At most casinos in Las Vegas, you can order up to two free drinks per person. This includes beer, wine, mixed drinks, and even non-alcoholic beverages like water or soda. Simply approach the bar or bartender and place your order. Remember to tip well, as this is how bartenders make their money.

Most casinos will offer complimentary drinks to their patrons as a way to keep them gambling. However, it is important to remember that the casino is not actually giving away these drinks for free. The cost of the drink is built into the price of the gambling, so while you may not see a direct charge for the drink, it is stll not truly free.

At most casinos, players can get complimentary drinks while they are gambling as long as they are betting a certain amount per hand or playing at a certain pace. For example, if the player is betting $1 per hand and playing at a fast pace, the player may be able to get one free drink every hour.

Also alcoholic drinks are free at casinos as long as you are gambling. This is because the casinos want you to stay and gamble for as long as possible, and offering free drinks is a way to keep you comfortable and hydrated so that you will keep gambling. Of course, you should tip the wait staff who are delivering your drinks, at least $1 per drink.

Also various soft drinks are typically free in casinos for patrons. This is because casinos want their guests to feel comfortable and relaxed while gambling, and free drinks help to create that atmosphere. Additionally, offering free drinks encourages guests to stay longer and gamble more money.

How to choose the best summer drink at casino party?

Here are the few tips to guide you as how to choose the best summer drink at casino party.

  • To keep things simple and less costly you can order beer.
  • Go for a mixed drink to stay on the safe side to prove you are not a alcoholic pro. Like you can order simple two-part drink, such as whiskey and coke or gin and tonic.
  • If you’ve decided to order a cocktail you can try the house special.
  • Try to stick to lighter beverages instead. You can go for something lighter, such as a Chocolate Martini or a Piña Colada. Those will give you the fresh, uplifting feeling while not making the room spin.
  • Have some new drinks they might be cheaper. If you ask for vodka and cranberry juice, you’ll probably get the cheapest alcohol. But if you ask for Grey Goose and cranberry juice, you might have the waitress surprise you by bringing exactly what you ordered.
  • Don’t expect your cocktail to be as elaborate as the one from the cocktail bar. As they’d charge you a considerable sum of money for the latter. So, stay safe and stick with two ingredients cocktails or visit the bar.
  • Be prepared with a second choice in case the server can’t accommodate your first one.

We hope that you have enjoyed the post thoroughly and found some great casino party drink ideas. With these casino cocktails, you will make your summer more refreshing. For more poker night recipes or party cocktails ideas, stay in touch! On top of that, has the biggest selection of no deposit bonus codes for top US casinos online which you can mix with your summer cocktails to have unlimited fun!