How to get free coins in High Roller Vegas casino slot_

How to get free coins in High Roller Vegas casino slot?

High Roller Vegas casino slot is the new slot game app that was released this year at app stores for US punters who want to have VIP treatment and play high stake slots. Developed by Lynx Games this new casino app with a rating of 4.7 is becoming a fast popular game of the year. You can download this free app on your cell phone be it iOS or Android and have fun playing high roller slots for hours.

High Roller Slot Games to Play

High Roller Vegas Slot Games

At High Roller Vegas casino slot game app there are over 40 slot games to play. Some of the well-known slot games you can enjoy are Bird Jackpot, Fortune Pot, Golden Buffalo, Magic Lamp, 100 X Dollar, Fire Lock Classic, Rhino Blitz, Pharoah Secrets, Roll the Dice, Mystic Gypsy, Curious Mermaid, Boom Burst, Super 25X, Return of Captain Hook, Golden Crown, Dragon Tales, Oriental Lanterns, Sishen Fortunes, King of Safari, American 9 Eagles, Gem Digger Joe, Diamond Strike, Wheel of Vegas Blazing Phoenix, Thunderstrike, Magestic Lion, Rocking Bell, Taj Mahal Princess, Santa and Rudolf, 777 Seven Rush and various other wonderful slot games..

In the slot games, the jackpot mode is randomly activated. Every time a Wild symbol appears the chance to activate the jackpot mode increases. When you enter the Jackpot mode 12 coins are given. Continue selecting coins until 3 matching jackpot symbols are won and the matching Jackpot prize will be rewarded.

Features of the High Roller Vegas Casino Slot

High Roller Vegas casino Slot App features

There are three unique Casino Zones to play and compete in High roller, Major Roller Astro roller

In the High Roller zone, you can bet a minimum of 12K and Max 12 M

Portions of every bet made in the current casino are accumulated to the jackpot. Casinos with higher minimum and maximum bets have bigger jackpot sizes.

You can hit the jackpot during the burning time by simply spinning in any slot game. Also, the higher bet will grant you a higher chance of winning the jackpot.

In the Major Roller, you bet big and win big and enjoy Colossal Casino Jackpot. To play as a Major Roller you need to be a platinum member or obtain M Pass to enter.

Astro Roller Zone is soon coming up for punters.

How to Become a VIP at High Roller Vegas Casino Slot?

High Roller Vegas Slot App VIP Tiers

There are four tiers in the VIP program:

When you join the casino for the first time you automatically become the VIP gold member

With M Pass you get major roller casino access.

When you jump from Gold to Platinum member you are offered 300,000 free coins

On becoming an Amethyst member you are offered 1000000 free coins

On becoming a Topaz member you are offered 3000000 free coins

  • You may earn VIP points through purchases and level ups
  • Items with higher prices award more VIP points.
  • As a VIP member you can get shop bonus deals, daily bingo balls to get more free coins, daily bonus offers and exclusive casino access.

How to get Free Coins at High Roller Vegas Casino Slot?

High roller Vegas Slot App- How to get free coins

There are many ways to grab free coins at High Roller Vegas Casino Slot

When you join the casino for the first time to play high roller slots you are offered a 3000,000 welcome bonus of free coins

If you log in with your Facebook account you get 1000,000 more free coins

Daily bonus offers more than 25000 or 30000 free coins

Get gifts from friends and earn free coins.

High Roller Vegas - Play Bingo to get free coins
  • There are Bingo games to play at the casino. Play Bingo and get more free coins
  • Every four hours the casino offers time bonus free coins
  • Take part in Major Roller League slot matches and earn free coins.
  • When you win any slot game you get free coins as rewards
  • Collect spin away bonus and get 50,000 free coins
High Roller Vegas Quiz

If you invite your FB friends to this casino to play slots you will get 300,000 free coins. Imagine the more friends you invite and the more free coins you receive.

Play quiz games on the High Roller Vegas Facebook page and earn more free coins

Like share and comment on the slot games on your Facebook and get free coins

High Roller Vegas casino slot game app

On your news feed on FB page see first, follow and watch videos to get free coins

Then there are morning free coin offers as well as weekly free coin offers

In any event or festival or celebration, you will get again free coins.

So you see there are several ways you can keep on getting free coins. All you need is to keep your eyes and ears open to avail the free coins from all such sources. Also, log in daily at the game app and on your FB High Roller Vegas casino page to know about free coins offers.

There are third-party sites that will offer you free coin hacks and cheats but we don’t recommend them unless we test ourselves. At the time of writing, there were no reliable sites that claim to offer you free coins on High Roller Vegas Casino Slot Game App.

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How to get started with the High Roller Vegas Casino slot?

High roller Vegas Casino slot game app

It’s easy to get started with High Roller Vegas Casino Slot app

Pick your cell phone be it Android or iPhone or even play with a PC.

Click here to download the free app for your iPhone

Click here to download the free app for your Android

Click here to play with your FB account

You can play as a Guest or with your FB account.

As you level up in the game your status is reflected according to VIP levels

Like any play-for-fun casino, you do not require any real money deposit but play all the games without spending a single penny.

You get free coins when you level up in the slot games so real cash deposits are not involved. Same way when you win the slot games your wins are in the form of virtual money which is free coins that are automatically credited to your social casino play for a fun account to play more free slots. You need to be 17 and above years of age to play at this free casino.

Remember there are in-app purchases on the app and if you are very desperate to get free coins at the earliest then spend a few bucks and buy the coin packages from within the app. The lowest coin package starts with US$0.99 and highest is US$99.99.

Finally, in case you want more details of the game or want to ask any questions you can contact the customer support team of High Roller Vegas Casino Slot by clicking here. Also, you can write to