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10 Key Survival Tricks to Play and Win Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2’s stunning visuals and completely overhauled gameplay might be stunning to you. This is a remake of the 1998 survival-horror classic, which is still very much a Resident Evil game.

Play and Win Resident Evil 2

Here are some core survival tips if you want to make your journey through Capcom’s gorgeously reimagined horror thrill a little less frightening:

1. Handle Zombies Tactfully

Play and Win Resident Evil 2

A major part this game is all about having an idea of firepower/arsenal and the right health to clear a room. You must deal with the zombies carefully as you’ll have to do a number of backtracking in Resident Evil 2, and the more enemies you handle immediately, the fewer will be left to worry about.

2. Aim Carefully without Wasting Ammo

Aim Carefully without Wasting Ammo

The zombies don’t go down easily, and you’ll have to have an excess of ammo to unload into them. Stay still, wait for your aiming reticle to aim for the head to do the highest damage. Zombies have a tendency to get back once they hit the ground, so make sure you see a head explode, and if not use your combat knife or fire a few extra rounds at the head and ensure they are dead.

3. Befriend with Combat Knife

Befriend with Combat Knife

Keep your combat knife with you, as it could save you tons of ammo including your life.  It could act as a great tool for killing zombies without spending your ammo, and you can shove one into any zombie that tries to grab or bite you. But your combat knives will break after a few uses, and if you plant one in a zombie, you must pick it back up once the enemy is dead.

4. Be Alert

Be Alert

While collecting various doodads, you should open your inventory menu and evaluate them. It may yield crucial passwords, clues, and keys if you just move them around a bit.

5. Use the Quick Turn

Use the Quick Turn 1

Use a quick 180-degree turn. It will let you get from place to place faster and allows you to instantly face an enemy you’ve been running away from, which becomes necessary to give yourself time to dodge deadly boss attacks.

6. Use those Windows

Use those Windows

As you march towards the police department, you’ll gather a few wooden panels that you can use to cover up open windows and keep zombies out. Use them in the right time.

7. Stay Safe

stay safe

When you play on assisted or normal mode, you save every time you come across a typewriter. Your number of saves can affect your ranking at the end of the game. Do not forget to use your multiple save slots. In case you find yourself constantly dying because of low health and ammo, you can get back to an earlier save and try to make a better run to your next goal.

8. Drop Unnecessary Things

Drop Unnecessary Things 1












You must care for your inventory space in Resident Evil 2, so don’t clutter it with useless objects. Make sure that you discard anything that you do not need as the game places a convenient red check mark next to keys and puzzle items.

9. Note Down Puzzle Solutions

Note Down Puzzle Solutions

Whenever you find a solution to the multiple combination locks, safes and puzzle terminals take a photo of or write down those solutions. This will save your precious minutes of those speed run attempts.

10. Using Map Explore the Surrounding

Resident Evil 2’s map system is quite intuitive. A blue mark says you have completely explored the room and if it’s red, there are still more items and secrets to explore; and on being blank, you’re yet to explore it. If you’re confused where to go now, check every unexplored room and door, and use any keys you have which you haven’t tried yet. You’ll be gifted with several handy items that will eventually stumble onto whichever key or puzzle solution you need to find.


These are the most handy and precious tips that you must know to play Resident Evil 2 safely with every chance to win!