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7 Best Role Playing Games to Play on Mobile

Role playing games (RPG) have been around for years and have come a long way since their humble tabletop inception. According to latest gaming trend, they have also found a place in PC and console. Role-playing games (RPGs) are a genre of games that involve players assuming the roles of fictional characters in a virtual or tabletop setting.

In Role playing games players typically embark on adventures, interact with a story or game world, and make choices that shape the outcome of their character’s journey. These games often emphasize character development, exploration, decision-making, and the progression of a narrative.

Types of Role Playing Games to Play

Role playing games
Role playing games

There are different types of role playing games to play including:

Tabletop role playing games: These are played with a group of players gathered around a table, usually using rulebooks, character sheets, dice, and the guidance of a game master (GM) who narrates the story and facilitates the game mechanics. Examples of popular tabletop RPGs include Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Call of Cthulhu.

Video Game: These are digital role playing games played on video game consoles, computers, or mobile devices. They feature immersive worlds, character customization, quests, combat systems, and often a mix of scripted storylines and player choices. Examples include the Final Fantasy series, The Elder Scrolls series, and Mass Effect.

Action RPGs: These role playing games combine elements of action games with role-playing mechanics. They often feature real-time combat, exploration, character progression, and storytelling. Examples include Diablo, The Witcher series, and Dark Souls.

MMORPGs: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) are online multiplayer RPGs that allow players to interact with a vast number of other players in a persistent virtual world. These games often feature cooperative gameplay, player-versus-environment challenges, player-versus-player combat, and extensive character progression. Examples include World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and Guild Wars 2.

Popular Role Playing Games to Play On Mobile

Where it is about letting players live out fantasy epics, transport them into future space operas, or character-driven narratives, check out top 7 mobile RPGs for your Android or iOS device

1. Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories
Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories is an RPG game developed by Capcom for various platforms, including Nintendo 3DS, iOS, and Android. It is a spin-off title from the main Monster Hunter series and offers a unique take on the franchise’s world and gameplay mechanics.

In Monster Hunter Stories, players assume the role of a Rider, a character who forms a bond with monsters called “Monsties” and embarks on an adventure to unravel the mysteries of the Monster Hunter universe. Unlike the main series, which focuses on hunting and slaying monsters, Monster Hunter Stories emphasizes a more light-hearted and story-driven experience.

Key features of Monster Hunter Stories include:

  • Turn-Based Battles: Engage in turn-based battles against various monsters using a rock-paper-scissors mechanic called the “Power-Speed-Technical” system. Players must strategically choose their attack types to exploit the weaknesses of their opponents.
  • Monster Bonding: Forge bonds with different Monsties by hatching their eggs, raising them, and training them for battle. Monsties can be customized and equipped with various weapons and armor to enhance their abilities.
  • Exploration and Quests: Explore a vibrant and vast open world, complete quests, and uncover the secrets of the Monster Hunter universe. The game features various regions, each with its own ecosystems and unique monsters to encounter.
  • Ride and Battle: Use your Monsties as mounts to traverse the world faster and engage in battles. During battles, players and their Monsties can perform powerful combo attacks and unleash devastating skills.
  • Multiplayer Features: Connect with other players locally or online to participate in cooperative battles and exchange Monsties through the game’s multiplayer features.

Monster Hunter Stories offers a more accessible and story-driven experience compared to the main series. It combines elements of traditional RPG mechanics with the iconic Monster Hunter universe, providing a fresh and engaging gameplay experience.

Note that the features and gameplay mechanics may vary slightly depending on the platform and version of the game you are playing.

2. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition
Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a mobile role playing games developed by Square Enix. It is a streamlined version of the original Final Fantasy XV game, offering a condensed and mobile-friendly experience while retaining the core story and characters.

In Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, players embark on an epic journey as Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum and his companions to reclaim their homeland from an invading empire. The game features a blend of exploration, combat, and storytelling, all presented in a charming art style.

Key features of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition include:

  • Storyline: Follow the tale of Prince Noctis and his friends as they travel through a vast open world, encountering allies and enemies, and unraveling a complex narrative filled with drama, adventure, and fantasy elements.
  • Real-Time Combat: Engage in real-time battles with a simple and intuitive touch-based control scheme. Players can tap on enemies to attack, dodge incoming attacks, and unleash powerful abilities unique to each character.
  • Open World Exploration: Explore a condensed version of the Final Fantasy XV world, including various regions, towns, and dungeons. Discover hidden treasures, take on side quests, and interact with non-playable characters to learn more about the game’s lore.
  • Character Development: As the story progresses, players can level up their characters, acquire new weapons and equipment, and unlock additional abilities and skills to enhance their combat effectiveness.
  • Episodes: The game is divided into ten episodes, each representing a chapter of the story. Players can purchase and download individual episodes or buy the complete game for the full experience.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition offers a more accessible and streamlined version of the original game, making it suitable for on-the-go gaming on mobile devices. It presents a condensed narrative and simplified gameplay mechanics while retaining the essence of the Final Fantasy XV universe.

Note that while Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition captures the core story and themes of the original game, it may have certain differences in gameplay and graphics to accommodate the mobile platform.

3. Reigns: Game of Thrones

Reigns Game of Thrones
Reigns Game of Thrones

Reigns: Game of Thrones is a unique role playing games developed by Nerial in collaboration with HBO and Devolver Digital. It combines elements of strategy, decision-making, and role-playing, set in the world of the popular Game of Thrones television series.

In Reigns: Game of Thrones, players take on the role of various characters from the Game of Thrones universe, such as Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, and Tyrion Lannister. The game is presented as a series of cards, each representing a different event or situation that requires the player’s decision.

Key features of Reigns: Game of Thrones include:

  • Decision-Making: The game revolves around decision-making, where players swipe left or right on the cards to make choices that shape the fate of their character and the Seven Kingdoms. Each decision has consequences that affect the relationships between the characters, the kingdom’s resources, and the overall stability of the realm.
  • Multiple Storylines: The game offers multiple storylines, each centered around a different character and their journey through the political intrigues of Westeros. The choices made by players can lead to various outcomes, alliances, and conflicts, providing a unique narrative experience.
  • Character Management: As a ruler, players must manage various aspects of their character’s reign, including their alliances, military strength, religious influence, and the welfare of their subjects. Balancing these factors is crucial for maintaining stability and surviving the challenges of the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Unlockable Content: The game features unlockable content, including new characters and storylines, which provides replayability and encourages players to explore different paths and outcomes.
  • Game of Thrones Setting: Reigns: Game of Thrones immerses players in the world of Game of Thrones, featuring familiar locations, characters, and themes from the series. It captures the political intrigue, power struggles, and moral dilemmas that are trademarks of the Game of Thrones universe.
  • Reigns: Game of Thrones offers a unique blend of strategy, decision-making, and role-playing within the Game of Thrones setting. It provides an engaging and immersive experience where players must navigate the treacherous waters of Westeros to survive and claim the Iron Throne.

Remember that while the game is based on the Game of Thrones universe, it has its own standalone story and is not a direct adaptation of the television series or books.

4. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an indie role playing games developed by ConcernedApe (Eric Barone). It offers a delightful and relaxing farming experience combined with various RPG elements. The game has gained popularity for its charming visuals, immersive gameplay, and rich character interactions.

In Stardew Valley, players take on the role of a character who inherits a small farm in a countryside town called Stardew Valley. The main objective is to restore the farm to its former glory while building relationships with the townspeople and exploring the surrounding area.

Key features of Stardew Valley include:

  • Farming and Agriculture: Players can cultivate their land by planting crops, tending to animals, and harvesting resources. They can engage in various farming activities, such as watering crops, raising livestock, and selling produce for profit.
  • Relationship Building: Interacting with the townspeople is a significant aspect of the game. Players can build friendships, engage in romantic relationships, and even marry certain characters. Developing relationships can unlock new events, quests, and dialogue options.
  • Exploration and Gathering: Stardew Valley offers a diverse and expansive world to explore. Players can venture into mines to gather valuable resources and fight monsters, fish in lakes and rivers, forage for wild plants and mushrooms, and participate in seasonal festivals and activities.
  • Crafting and Upgrades: The game features a crafting system that allows players to create tools, equipment, and structures to improve their farm and enhance their abilities. Upgrading the farmhouse, barns, and other buildings unlocks new features and opportunities.
  • Quests and Community Center: Stardew Valley presents players with a range of quests and goals to accomplish. One notable objective is restoring the Community Center, a central hub where players can complete bundles by donating specific items. Completing bundles rewards players with various benefits and unlocks additional content.
  • Seasonal Changes: The game follows a seasonal cycle, with each season offering different crops, events, and activities. Players must adapt their farming strategies and plan ahead to maximize their productivity and income.

Stardew Valley provides a relaxing and immersive RPG experience with its open-ended gameplay and rich world. It offers a balance between farm management, exploration, relationships, and personal growth. The game has a strong emphasis on creativity, decision-making, and creating your own unique farming story.

Note that the features and gameplay mechanics may vary slightly depending on the platform you are playing on.

5. Evoland 2

Evoland 2
Evoland 2

Evoland 2 is a slight case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder that will take you down a trip through gaming history and its evolution. Evoland 2 role playing games is an role playing games developed by Shiro Games. It is the sequel to the original Evoland and offers a unique gameplay experience that pays homage to the history and evolution of video games. Evoland 2 combines elements of different genres and game styles, providing a nostalgic journey through gaming history.

In Evoland 2, players follow the story of a character named Kuro, who embarks on an adventure across time and space to save the world. Throughout the game, players will travel through various eras, each representing a different era of gaming, from pixelated monochrome graphics to 3D environments.

Key features of Evoland 2 include:

  • Gameplay Evolution: As players progress through the game, they will experience the evolution of video games firsthand. The gameplay evolves from simple black-and-white RPG mechanics to full-fledged 3D battles, from turn-based combat to real-time action, and from 2D platforming to top-down exploration.
  • Time Travel and Multiple Eras: The game incorporates time travel as a central mechanic, allowing players to explore different time periods, each with its own unique aesthetics, gameplay mechanics, and challenges. This adds variety and surprises as players encounter different gaming styles.
  • Quests and Puzzles: Evoland 2 offers a mix of quests, puzzles, and challenges that require players to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and interact with a wide range of characters. The quests and puzzles often reference and pay homage to various classic games and genres.
  • Story and Characters: The game features a compelling story with memorable characters, witty dialogue, and multiple branching paths that offer different narrative outcomes. Players will encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own motivations and personalities.
  • Mini-Games and Side Activities: In addition to the main storyline, Evoland 2 includes various mini-games and side activities that provide additional gameplay experiences. These can range from card games and arcade challenges to stealth missions and more.

Evoland 2 is known for its clever integration of different gaming styles and its nostalgic references to classic games and genres. It offers an engaging and entertaining experience for players who appreciate the evolution of video games and enjoy exploring various gameplay mechanics throughout different eras.

While Evoland 2 references and emulates various gaming styles, it also presents its own unique storyline and gameplay mechanics, creating a distinct and enjoyable RPG experience.

6. Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2

Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2
Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2

Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 is an role playing games developed by SEGA. It is part of the long-running Shin Megami Tensei series, known for its dark themes, complex narratives, and strategic turn-based combat. Liberation Dx2 brings the Shin Megami Tensei experience to mobile devices, offering a unique gameplay experience tailored for the platform.

In Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2, players assume the role of a “Devil Downloader,” a character with the ability to summon and command demons. The game takes place in a modern-day urban setting where players must navigate a world filled with supernatural occurrences, demons, and secret societies.

Key features of Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 include:

  • Demon Summoning and Fusion: Players can collect and summon a wide variety of demons from the Shin Megami Tensei series. Each demon possesses unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Players can also fuse demons together to create more powerful allies, expanding their roster and strategic options.
  • Turn-Based Battles: Combat in Liberation Dx2 follows a turn-based system, where players strategically command their team of demons to exploit enemy weaknesses and unleash powerful attacks. The “Press Turn” system, a hallmark of the Shin Megami Tensei series, rewards players for exploiting enemy weaknesses and grants additional actions.
  • Story Campaign: The game features a story-driven campaign where players unravel the mysteries of the supernatural world and confront various factions and enemies. The narrative explores themes of morality, choices, and the consequences of one’s actions.
  • PvP Battles: Liberation Dx2 includes a PvP (Player versus Player) mode where players can battle against each other’s demon teams. Players can compete for rankings, rewards, and test their strategies against other players from around the world.
  • Guilds and Co-op Play: Players can join or create guilds, allowing them to cooperate with other players, participate in guild events, and tackle challenging cooperative quests together.
  • Customization and Progression: Players can customize their main character, enhance and evolve their demons, and acquire new skills and abilities through a progression system. This allows for personalized strategies and development of team synergies.

Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 offers a deep and immersive RPG experience on mobile devices. It combines the dark and mature themes of the Shin Megami Tensei series with strategic demon collection, turn-based combat, and an engaging storyline. It is a game tailored for fans of the series as well as newcomers to the franchise.

Note that while Liberation Dx2 shares some similarities with other Shin Megami Tensei games, it has its own unique story and mechanics specifically designed for the mobile gaming experience.

7. Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Role Playing Games
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is an role playing games developed by tri-Ace and published by Square Enix. It is a remastered version of the original Valkyrie Profile game released for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld console. The game combines elements of role-playing, side-scrolling platforming, and tactical combat, offering a unique and immersive gameplay experience.

In Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, players take on the role of Lenneth, a Valkyrie tasked with recruiting fallen warriors, known as Einherjar, to aid the gods in the impending Ragnarok. The game’s storyline is deeply rooted in Norse mythology, featuring an intricate narrative with themes of destiny, sacrifice, and the nature of divinity.

Key features of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth include:

  • Side-Scrolling Exploration: Players navigate through various environments in a side-scrolling manner, uncovering hidden paths, treasures, and interacting with NPCs. Exploration often involves platforming elements, puzzles, and encounters with enemies.
  • Recruiting Einherjar: Lenneth must find and recruit fallen warriors to join her army of Einherjar. Each Einherjar has their own unique backstory, abilities, and combat style. Building a strong and diverse party is crucial for success in battles and progressing through the game.
  • Tactical Combat: Battles in Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth utilize a strategic and turn-based combat system. Players must manage the actions of multiple party members simultaneously, chaining together attacks, spells, and abilities to deal maximum damage to enemies.
  • Divine Items and Abilities: Lenneth possesses divine abilities and equipment that can be upgraded and customized. Divine items grant her access to special abilities and unlock powerful attacks. Customizing Lenneth’s abilities and equipment is essential for overcoming tough challenges and defeating formidable foes.
  • Multiple Endings: The game offers multiple branching paths and endings based on the player’s choices and actions throughout the game. This encourages replayability and provides different perspectives on the story.
  • Artistic Presentation: Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth features beautiful hand-drawn 2D graphics and a captivating musical score that enhances the game’s immersive atmosphere.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth stands out for its deep storytelling, intricate gameplay mechanics, and unique blend of side-scrolling exploration and tactical combat. It has gained a dedicated following for its immersive world, memorable characters, and emotionally impactful narrative.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is a remastered version of the original game, offering improved visuals, additional content, and enhanced gameplay features compared to the original PlayStation version.

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These are some of the most amazing and action-packed mobile role playing games that you will never miss out to play this year.