15 top notch slot games that will showcase like Juno Probe

15 Top Space Slot Games Like Juno Probe

Space slot games are full of adventure and stories always inspire a lot. It is not a fantasy but a reality that there are billions and trillions of stars in our solar system, estimated about 100 billion solar masses. Also there are thousands of moons and about 400 billion suns orbiting in our Milky Way. Sometimes it feels how confined we seem on our Earth but there is so much to explore in the universe.

There were two latest achievements, one returning of Tim Peak from International Space Mission and other great story was celebrated at NASA when on 4th June 2016 Juno entered Jupiter’s orbit to explore its cloud-covered atmosphere and interior makeup. Juno was launched back in 2011 ($1.1 billion dollar mission) and was cruising towards the biggest planet in our Solar system that is Jupiter.

Juno’ s spacecraft had to travel about 1.8 billion miles which you can say might be 2.8 billion kilometeres travelled from launch to arrival. Do you think it was a straight journey for Juno? No, Juno had to take a longer route by looping around the inner solar system and then swung by Earth, as a gravity slingshot to hurtle toward the outer solar system.

Juno’s investigation of Jupiter will continue through September 2025, or until the spacecraft’s end of life.

Named after the Roman god, Jupiter is a gas giant composed mainly of hydrogen and helium with a mass two and half times that of the solar system’s other planets combined.

Three massive solar wings extend from Juno, making it the most distant solar-powered spacecraft. The panels can generate 500 watts of electricity, enough to power the instruments.

Juno will remain there orbiting 20 months living in a harsh radiation environment, its delicate electronics are housed in a special titanium vault. Eventually, Juno will succumb to the intense radiation and will be commanded to plunge into Jupiter’s atmosphere to avoid any collision with the planet’s moons.

What does Juno carry? It carries a suite of nine instruments to explore Jupiter from its interior to its atmosphere. It will map Jupiter’s gravity and magnetic fields and track how much water is in the atmosphere. Its color camera dubbed JunoCam will snap close-ups of Jupiter’s swirling clouds, polar regions and shimmering southern and northern lights. Wow!

Juno aims to reveal more of the solar system’s largest and oldest planet’s secrets. It is the eighth probe to visit Jupiter, and is equipped to sense what is going on below the planets thick clouds. Another key goal is to measure the mass of the planet’s core, which Juno will achieve by mapping gravitational and magnetic fields. This will hopefully tell us whether the planet has a solid middle. The probe will also measure atmospheric composition, temperature, structure and dynamics, as well as characterizing the planet’s stunning auroras.

In Roman mythology, mischievous god Jupiter used a veil of clouds to hide his naughtiness. But his wife, Juno, was able to peer through his weird mist and see Jupiter’s true nature. Rather than revealing an irritating husband, NASA’s Juno hopes to reveal Jupiter’s origin story. A key goal is to measure the abundance of water in the planet’s atmosphere.
This will help scientists understand Jupiter’s formation, which will in turn tell us about more about the origins of the whole solar system.

One thing what NASA does is, it motivates to know more about the outer world and this is what game developers take the command in action. There are so many space themed slot games to enjoy at casinos that you will wonder what could be out there in the farthest reaches of the universe.

You can land on the moon, travel through Astral rings, take in breathtaking space views, battle alien invaders or even take sides in an intergalactic space war ; you can make your fantasy dream into real world and all thanks to a range of space themed slot games which also come with Jackpots and great bonus offers.

Here are the 15 top space slot games that will showcase like Juno Probe and you can enjoy them at online casinos.

1. Star Bars

Star Bars
Star Bars

Set in a galaxy not so far away, it resembles many of the slots set here on earth, with the standard five reels. Developed by 1×3 gaming casino, there are nine win lines and you can change this number to anything from 1 up to the maximum 9. Set your coin amount and the coin value which will give you the total cost for the spin.

There are top paying symbol in the game paying out 1000x your coin amount when landing 5 in a row. There are two scatter ‘BAR’ symbols which award 300x or 750x wins when landing three or more anywhere along a win line. There are also additional wins available when landing certain combinations of heroes, sidekicks and villains on the slot.

2. Supernova

Supernova space slot games
Super nova

Developed by Quick Spin you get rewarded for spotting all sorts of space stuff from Supernovas space slot games to ‘Complex Light Patterns’ to ‘Wormholes’ in this unique slot game, and get all those rewards multiplied by the special Multiplier Feature which will boost wins up to several times before your bonus gets stopped by a Wormhole.

Being set in outer space, this is a game comprised of a simple 3 x 3 reel grid comes with all sorts of staking combination to choose from. The demo mode is played at full stakes of 250 coins a spin, but in real play mode you’ll able to choose to play up to 27 lines, and stake each line with a range of values from very low stakes up to 10 coins each.

3. Big Bang

Big Bang
Big Bang

Big Bang developed by NetEnt features 5 reel and 25 fixed paylines space slot games. It offers high earnings via its progressive multiplier. The glowing sun wild symbol substitutes for any other symbol and when coupled with the Multiplier Ladder result in heavy payouts. Landing on five Wilds at once, will payout a generous 1000 coins.

Four bet levels and six coin values ranging from .01 to .50 allow you to configure different bids on every spin if desired. The maximum bet is 100 coins per spin, and the game lists the maximum coin jackpot at 263,032.

4. Space Race

Space Race
Space Race

Space race from Play N Go is a solid space slot games that comes in the form of a unique feature round, where you have to guide a rocket through a meteor storm. There is a free spins round, and plenty of opportunities to get some nice wins from the regular play. You’ll see the earth, moon and a spacewalking NASA type astronaut, along with the rocket, probe and meteors.. With 20 line setup for this game you can choose any number of these that you like and also adjust the coin value and play up to 5 coins per line. This gives you a minimum / maximum spin of 20c / $18.75c for the full amount of lines.

5. Invaders from the planet Moolah

Invaders from the planet Moolah
Invaders from Planet Moolah

Lyka was the first dog to go to space slot games but here in The Invaders from Planet Moolah appear to be bovine in species, it is the first cow-alien-themed slot. Developed by Williams Interactive it is very easy for anyone to figure out the betting options since the game uses 25 fixed paylines. The coin values also run from 0.01 to 5 coins with the maximum bet for all lines being 125 coins. You could win up to 3,750 coins per spin.

6. Sparks


Sparks by NetEnt is full of energy. Each spark in this space slot games offers opportunities to win a variety of prizes, whilst there are also Wild Bonus and a unique Cloning Wild Bonus to enjoy.

With 80 different level and coin value combination to choose from, this is also a slot game that’s been designed to allow a wide selection of slot players to enjoy it on many levels. Simply choose to play 1 to 10 levels on every spin of the reels, and then apply one of the 8 values that range from 0.01 coins to 2 coins. This allows a minimum bet of just 0.01 coins per spin, and a maximum bet of 20 coins per spin.

7. Star Trek

Star Trek
Star Trek

Remember the popular sci-fi movie Star Trek space slot games . Here this slot developed by IGT gaming features the main characters of the film on the reels, combined with amazing background score and graphics.
Star Trek is a 5-reel slot with 30 paylines, and a maximum payout of $250,000 and many bonus rounds. Once you select the game, you need to set the bet amount per line, which can range between 1p and $10. The bet range makes it a great slot for amateurs and high stakes slot players. The minimum bet per payline is 0.01 credits.

8. Golden Planet

Golden Planet
Golden Planet

Golden Planet slot is all about a stunning space journey. Created by Novomatic you can get a chance to be an astronaut for a couple of hours and come back to Earth with a significant profit.
To embark on your mission you must first choose to play upto any of the 9 pay-lines, then stake these pay-lines with bets ranging from 1 coin to 100 coins. This allows a minimum bet of only 1 coins per spin, and a maximum bet of 900 coins a spin.
You can choose whether to play for free or to place a bet and get a chance to win a huge jackpot. The Scattered Planet can award instant wins of up to 450,000 coins, whilst 3, 4 or 5 Scattered Planets can trigger the Free Spins Bonus of 15 Free Spins with triple prizes. To get back to Earth you may also need to find the Wild Space Rockets, which is great because not only can they substitute for other symbols to create inning pay-lines, 5 of them can also award an instant win of up to 750,000 coins.

9. Robotnik


Robotnik slot game from Yggdrasil Gaming with 5-reel, 40-payline, featuring 4 symbols per reel. The game features a couple of bonus features including re-spins, wilds, and multipliers. You will also come across the autospin function. It’s theme is based on the modern interpretation of Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi film “2001: A Space Odyssey” and Srauss’ Blue Danube. The graphics are truly 3D and the slot majorly focuses on Robotnik, the small and friendly 3D robot.

You have the option to choose your coin value ranging from 0.01 to 2.00. This definitely gives both the high and low rollers a chance to play the game. The maximum cash bet that you can place while playing at the maximum coin value is 80.00. The jackpot amount stands at 1,000.00.

10. Space Robbers

Space Robbers
Space Robbers

Space Robbers is a highly intuitive 3D-styled video slot from GameOS. Neptune, Titan – Stars Can Frighten- This famous line from the classic Pink Floyd track promptly welcomes you to Space Robbers. You will find galaxy-hopping, star-smashing and planet-plundering space robbers in this 5 reels and 40 paylines slots. Space Robbers allows you to wager no more than or no fewer than one coin per payline per spin. The coin denomination can be set between 20 cents and $2. With the jackpot of the base game being fixed at 1,500 coins, the biggest celestial bounty that you can bag on your way back home(planet) is $3,000.

11. Space Botz

Space Botz
Space Botz

Space Botz is a five-reel slot in the cosmos with the aim is to win as much cash as possible in the shortest time frame imaginable. The 25-payline game developed by the Genesis Gaming is available to play for as little as 0.01 per spin or as much as 250 per spin. The maximum jackpot in this slot game is 1,000 coins.

12. Money Mad Martians

Money Mad Martians
Money Mad Martians

Money Mad Martians from Barcrest has some unique features, including shifting reels and a bonus game where you choose from asteroids. You will find the standard little green men sat in a UFO. There are a fixed 10 lines for this game, which you can play for as little as 1c per line. For the high rollers out there, you can also spin for $500 ($50 per line) if you wish. Cosmic cash logos are the best paying symbol. 5 of these on a line will win you 250 coins, with 100 coins for just 4. The Martian comes next; this will net you 160 coins for 5 on a line. Playing card symbols make up the most frequent wins, all symbols pay from 3 of a kind and up starting on the left hand reel. The slot also has bonus games and multipliers to add more to your wins.

13. Rocket Returns

Rocket Returns
Rocket Returns

Rocket Returns by Bally Games is a unique slot that works horizontally, or vertically, 9 single-window reels that are set out in a 1-2-3-2-1 format, and you can fill these with a choice of just 5 Prize Symbols, a Wild Symbol, and a Bonus Symbol.
You can win for finding 4 to 9 matching symbols anywhere on the reel grid. All prizes are also multiplied by your line-bet, and the top pay-out for the 5 prize symbols are 30x your line-bet for single bars, 50x for double bars, 100x for triple bars, and 200x for either of the 7’s. Staking each spin of this slot is as easy as it comes, as everyone gets to play all 9 reels. All you have to do is choose what stake you want to play for – example: a bet of 0.25 coins = a total-bet of 2.25 coins a spin.

14. Apollo Rising

Apollo Rising
Apollo Rising

Apollo Rising is a super slot game from IGT. You must board the Apollo Rocket and head to space to rescue a landing party who are in peril. In this 5 reel slot there are 100 weird and wonderful winning lines to play, and a variety of ways to stake them. You will feel like you’re a heroic astronaut sent into space to save the day.

Despite the fact they’re floating about in space, the crew have tried to leave several lettered and numbered clues floating about to try and guide you in their direction. Pick these symbols up as you go along as matching symbols can win you between 8 and 80 times your stake. Finding the crew members you can win you up to 100 times your stake, whilst finding and rescuing one of the crews can get you up to 150 times your stake. If you rescue your co pilots you get 300 times your stake. Also there are wild and repsin features to make more wins
Stake each line per spin from a minimum of 1 coins and a maximum of 30 coins – allowing a Maximum Bet of 3,000 coins per spin for you high-rollers.

15. Cosmic Fortune

Cosmic Fortune
Cosmic Fortune

Cosmic Fortune is a 5 reel, 3 row, 15 payline video slot that includes scatter symbols, wild slots symbols, and progressive jackpots. Developed by NetEnt this slot have plentiful animations as you play the game with wild and the scatter symbols. There are 5 Jackpots to play; the Rapid Jackpot of $ 100 (at maximum bet);The Mini Jackpot of $ 500(at maximum bet); The Midi Jackpot a progressive jackpot with an expected jackpot pay out value of $4.000

The Major Jackpot again a progressive jackpot with an expected jackpot pay out value of $13.500 and the Mega Jackpot progressive jackpot with an expected jackpot pay out value of $ 100.000.
The Cosmic Fortune slot has 15 winning pay lines, 1 – 10 bet levels and coin values from $0.01 to $0.50. The coin values increase as actual coins so you can choose from $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20 and $0.50 in order to create your desired stake.

There are many other space slot games to enjoy like What on Earth; Star Scape, Alien Invasion, Perfect Planet, It came from venus and lots of others. Most of the above games are compatible to play even on your smartphones be it iPhone or even tablets like iPad and also on Android mobile. If you wish you can play these games even at online casinos. May be few games might not offer real money play for the USA residents but you still can enjoy being on space and let your imagination wander as you cross the planets and the stars or have a tiff with the aliens. If you find any of the above games at online casinos with real money play then it is great to grab some awesome bonuses and coupons to redeem as offers at the casino you wish to play. Now off you go to spin the reels of your virtual spacecraft.