Billionaire Slots

Up the Ante With Billionaire Slots

Billionaire slots is an awesome mobile casino to play slots for free.  This casino is compatible with any of your cell phone device be it Android or IPhone. You are offered virtual free chips at Billionaire slots to play over 100 slots as well as  as poker, baccarat, roulette and many other awesome games to play and win. This mobile casino is in the form of an app and is not new but was released on 20th October 2016

This casino developed by Huuuge gaming company is in the form of an app is available at app stores to download all free and enjoy the slot games.

You can even play with your Facebook friends at this social casino app.

Slots to Play

Billionaire slots
Billionaire slots to play

The slot games you can play at this casino are just wonderful. Some of the popular ones are God of Sky, Huuuge Diamonds, 4X Multi Times Pay, Quick Jackpots, Diamond wins , Jade Gem Goddess2 , Blaster Cats Vs Aliens, Phoenix Garden, Dorothy’s Adventure, Crown Exclusive, Buffalo Rush, Samba Spins, Baker Street Mysterym Aztec II Eclipse, Respin Ranch, Ancient Forest, Call of the Wild, It’s Alive, Helen of Troy, Super 7 Classic, Goddess of Beauty, Crystal Cave, Temple of Ra, Classic hot 20, Horus tale, Cuteness Overlaod, Wild Stars, Sky city, Lucky Farm, Tiki Paradise,  Bar & 777’s, Camelot cash. Ramesses The Great, Lucky Restaurant, 7 Quintuple Magic, Pirate’s Chest, Miss Fortune, Journey to Neverland, Moon Magic, Dragon’s Flame, Arctic Animals, Frozen Wild, Classic Fruits, Billionaire dollars, Pinochhio Tales, Candy Party, Fruity spins,, Red Hood, Thunder God and more.

Also there are Huuge Link Progressive slot games to play. In total there are over 100 slot machines to enjoy with this free app

Other games you can play are Sit and Go poker, Blackjack, Roullete, Baccarat and Video poker games.

Billionaire Slots on Facebook

In a genre where developers are constantly trying to outdo each other, Billionaire Slots manages to be the most extravagant. Out of all the games on Facebook, new casino releases are upping the ante. Before a million free coins was impressive, but now that’s just a drop in the bucket. Billionaire Slots starts players off with 100,000,000 free coins, which is plenty to get to know the game. They claim to offer larger than life prizes and bonuses, which makes this wild number make sense.

Even though the numbers are outrageous with Billionaire Slots, it claims to offer much more than excessive figures. They feature over 30 slot machines that provide a delightfully diverse gaming experience. This winning combination has won over 50,000 loyal players. To see if this game was really worth the hype, we dove into it. What we discovered was shocking, so enjoy the best review of Billionaire Slots!

Billionaire Slots Gameplay

Billionaire Slots
Raja’s Harem was the wildest option.

This game took a while to load, but the cause of this delay became obvious when I entered the lobby. There was a slew of games to choose from, ranging from Kitty Glitz to Dia de los Muertos. This was an interesting selection of themes, and it took over a minute to review the options. Out of all the possibilities, Raja’s Harem stood out. It had a picture of an exotic woman in front of an elephant. Realizing this was the one, I hit the reels.

Billionaire Slots
This win wasn’t as impressive as I thought.

I managed to win 3,500,000 on my first spin! The reels came to life with wildly decorated elephants and people of Arabic decent. It was a gorgeous spectacle, but I quickly realized why I started with 100 million credits. Each spin cost 2.5 million, which made this once excessive number look tame.

Billionaire Slots
Even a level up couldn’t save me!

Realizing they had just inflated the numbers, I raised my bet up to 12.5 million a spin. It was a daring move, but I decided it was necessary to make things interesting. This audacity seemed to pay off, since I won 12,500,000 on my first spin! Emboldened by this victory, I kept spinning furiously. After 10 spins, I was holding steady at 70 million credits. Each spin won me millions, but my massive overhead bet made this cycle hard to maintain.

Billionaire Slots
My credits couldn’t keep up with my spending.

Seeing that my credits were dropping, I frantically tried to hit it big. I ended up reaching level two, but that didn’t win me hardly anything. As I continued spinning, my credits ran dangerously low. I was only winning between 5 and 10 million per spin. This would have been fantastic in other games, but I was wagering 12.5 million per spin.

Billionaire Slots
These high dollar spins were impossible to maintain!

Just when I was losing hope, I reached the 100-million-win mark and leveled up! This put me back up to 20 million credits, but this disappeared surprisingly quickly. Before I knew it I couldn’t afford my lavish 12.5 million bet, so I lowered it to 6.25 million per spin. This didn’t save me, so little by little I lowered the bet.

Billionaire Slots
I reached my limit at level 4.

I teetered on the edge of bankruptcy for fifteen minutes, but Billionaire Slots didn’t let me go broke. Even when I was on my last million, they saved me with multi-million credit wins. This kept me in the game, but it didn’t keep me from getting bored. The game was becoming monotonous, so withdrew from the slots.

Features of Billionaire slots App

  • All the slots have incredible graphics and some of the coolest twists, offering a unique experience! From nostalgic classics to modern originals, the slot games are guaranteed to provide you with loads of fun!
    At this social casino create a club with your friends, or join an one and meet new people!
  • Also compete with other clubs in Leagues and get massive rewards for helping out your fellow members! Complete club events by playing slots and other casino games.
  • Inspired by the best of what Vegas has to offer, Billionaire Casino brings you the greatest multiplayer casino experience ever!
  • All the slots feature Wild Symbols, Free Spins, Multiplier Reels and Massive Jackpots.

How to get free chips and diamonds at Billionaire Slots?

Billionaire slots app Free Coins
Billionaire slots – Daily Bonus

After downloading the casino on your cell phone you are offered free chips to start playing slots. But when these free credits start to drain, players start looking for various hacks and cheats to get unlimited free chips to play at this casino. Here are the best ways to get free chips at Billionaire casino.

  • As a welcome bonus you are offered 10,000,000 Free chips to play.
  • At the start of the game play you are offered game tutorials which are in four steps that will show you how to play and spin the reels on slot games This tutorial will get you free coins and then you are able to start the level 1 game as new max bet with 17.1 k Rewards and respin ranch as new game to play.
  • When you click on continue here a screen will pop up asking about who are you? You can here give yourself a user name, select your country and gender to begin to play. If you connect with FB account you are offered another 500,000 free chips to play the games. 
  • Now you are welcomed by Billy your casino host which will be at your side guiding you to the game play on each level of games. Billy offers you 100000 free chips as reward to you also known as Billy Bonus. All you need is to start spinning to level up and unlock all the features to claim a massive reward.
Billionaire Slots
Billionaire slots – Betty Bonus
  • Watching in between game videos offers more free chips
  • Also if you join the casino and become a VIP or Green Jade VIP as they call you are offers an extra free bonus chips every day for 30 days which are 1500000 fee chips and 2 diamonds all free. For this you need to make at least one real time purchase to get the free chips.
  • As you gain level up in the game play you are offered more free chips in millions and billions.
  • An XP boost provides an increase (x2) to the experience points you get while playing slots. A Betty bonus boost allows you to collect 100 000 chips from the main lobby every 5 minutes, instead of 15.
  • Playing lottery gets you free chips. It’s a feature where you can use your bronze, silver and gold tickets for a chance to win different prizes (chips, diamonds, boosters and more tickets). You can also win lottery puzzle pieces (gold, silver or bronze) – complete all four to win a bigger prize.
  • Getting Fame Points also get you free chips. Fame Points can be collected for Likes received: +2 Fame Points;  Adding new friends: +1 Fame Point; 200 000 chips won (cumulative wins across all games): +1 Fame Point You may view your Fame score by tapping your avatar. To see the current rules of receiving Fame Points, you can tap the crown icon on your profile.
  • Inviting friends fetches you free chips. All of your in-game friends can be viewed in the Social section. There, you can also invite new ones via Facebook, or by pasting their ID via the ‘Connect’ feature. The maximum amount of friends you can have is 200.
  • Diamonds can be used to unlock slot games in case you do not meet the level requirement. They can also be used to send gifts to other users and collect all available club wall bonuses at once. You can get more diamonds as a lottery prize or from their store.
  • You need to solve puzzles and contests or take part in raffles to get more free diamonds and chips.
  • Get vouchers for completing Puzzles and win big in Puzzle Madness raffle where you get again free diamonds and chips.

Besides these there are other various ways to get free chips and free diamonds which are offered as you play and win.

Overall Review

Billionaire Slots offers a lot of options and tons of credits, but they still fail to impress. They have a myriad of different themes, but they all feature lackluster graphics and digestible content. The gameplay is just as bland, since the massive amount of coins you start off with quickly goes up in smoke. There are no notable bonus rounds, so players are stuck spinning on the edge. Billionaire Slots doesn’t let you go broke, which throws players into a monotonous purgatory. It wasn’t a terrible game, but it needs to diversify to survive.