How to get free diamonds and keys in the game of Choices

Get Free Diamonds and Keys in the Game of Choices

Game of Choices – Free simple and genuine ways to get them

You are hooked to the game of Choices, right. You are desperate to get free Diamonds and Keys in the game? Relax you have come to the correct place for that. Here we have come to know free simple and genuine ways to get diamonds and keys in the game of choice, which you too will be find to be on a safer side to get them.

Choices Stories Games

Choices stories
Choices stories

“Choices: Stories You Play” is a popular mobile game app that offers interactive story-based gameplay. Developed by Pixelberry Studios, the app allows players to experience various interactive stories across different genres, including romance, fantasy, mystery, drama, and more.

In the “Choices: Stories You Play” app, players can choose a story to play through and make choices at various points that influence the direction of the plot and character relationships. The decisions made by the player can lead to different story outcomes, multiple endings, and branching storylines. The app often updates with new chapters and storylines, providing players with a constantly expanding selection of stories to explore.

Some notable features of the “Choices: Stories You Play” app include:

  • Story Variety: The app offers a wide range of stories, catering to different genres and preferences. Whether you enjoy romance, fantasy adventures, solving mysteries, or attending high school dramas, you can find stories to suit your interests.
  • Customization: In many stories, players can customize their character’s appearance, name, and sometimes even personality traits. This allows for a more personalized gaming experience.
  • Choices and Consequences: The app emphasizes player choices, and the decisions made during the gameplay have consequences that impact the story. Choices can affect relationships with other characters, plot twists, and story outcomes.
  • Diamonds and Keys: The app uses in-game currency called diamonds and keys. Diamonds are often used to unlock premium choices or special scenes, while keys are required to access new story chapters. Players can earn these currencies through gameplay or can choose to purchase them.

Let’s first know why you want diamonds and keys? 

In this game of chances app diamond play vital role in winning as it is premium currency. You have to earn diamonds to buy outfits in the story, which impacts the story itself. Or use the diamonds to buy special scenes that affect your relationship with the characters. You earn one diamond per chapter completed and the average cost of diamonds for one choice is 25. Also, if you go through a story again you will NOT earn diamonds even if you make different choices.

There are also many chapters of a story in this game play and to read new chapters in the story you need keys.

If you don’t have enough keys (say below two) then you have to wait for three hours to get the keys to unlock the chapters and to  make the game interesting and give boost to your curiosity. So this means Keys are primary and Diamonds are premium. Both are required in playing all the stories in Choices Stories you play.

How to get free diamonds in game of Choices?

How to get free diamonds in Choices

Play and complete all chapters in game of choices. You can earn diamonds by completing chapters. This you can do and earn by reading and playing all chapters and earn more diamonds. So get a good stock by playing maximum chapters possible.

Also try to complete objectives as much as you can. Even the premium content can be locked with the use of diamonds so you must be earning higher amount.

There are lots of stories to try out, you just need to earn keys and spend to play chapters. In exchange, you will be earning diamonds.

Diamonds are given to you every time you watch an optional ad after playing each chapter, this fetches you an extra diamond. 

Also there are offer in-app purchases in game of choices which you can use and buy diamonds with real money. It can help in having a good stock but try to find the working method.

How to get free keys in game of Choices

How to get free keys in game of Choices?

Like most of the game apps now in game of Choices there is the reward system in the game which is able to provide enough number of keys. All you need is to earn rewards by watching an ad that pops up in the game. These are the freebies and anyone can get it from the reward.

Also the idea of speeding up time by going in Settings on your cell phone then tap on Dates and Time and changing your time up by three hours works well to get keys all free.

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Or use the online hack tools which many websites claim to give you free keys and diamonds.

You  can also connect with your friends on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and share free Keys with each other. So, the more friends you have, faster you will complete the game.

Buy keys with real cash from the in app purchases given in the game. Minimum pile of keys costs $1.99 and Box of diamond costs $1.99 too.

What not to do to get free Diamonds and Keys in Choices?

Free Diamonds

There are many websites that claim to give you free keys or diamonds to play this game. You should but never trust in any such online website that claims to have tricks / hacks that work for Choices. These sites are just there to make money making false ads. Every time you visit these websites, the creators of such websites earn money with advertising revenue.

Do not download any apk file or any tool online that claims to generate free keys or diamonds. This can harm your data, privacy and phone as well.

There is no option available to replay the chapter in Choices Stories you play game, however, there is an alternative solution given by the developers. You can restart the story from the sequence. There is an restart button given and as you tap this, the story starts from the beginning. It will run the story from the very beginning. It won’t help in getting the extra diamonds to complete the chapter again because there is no option available to get the benefit of the same level again and again as many think about it.

Download the game of  choices now

If you want to leave a story in Choices Stories You Play, just press the start button to return. You also do not have to worry about losing your progress, because if you touch the same story again, you will continue where you left off. To restart a story, you must press the button with the arrow. This does not reset all the stories in the game, only the story you are currently in. If you want to restart each game story, you must start it and press the arrow button again. Keep in mind that you will no longer receive rewards if you complete the stories more than once.

The good news is diamonds are not required at all for the story to progress in a way that is still exciting but keys are important. So don’t chase for Diamonds. Keep on playing the chapters and completing them to earn more diamonds with ease.

It’s important to note that the availability of specific stories and features may vary over time, as new stories are added and older ones may be rotated out. You can explore the “Choices: Stories You Play” app on your preferred app store to get a better understanding of the current offerings and start immersing yourself in the interactive storytelling experience.

Finally play at ease and wait for the free diamonds and keys to unlock rather than spending your real cash in app purchases in the game.

More game apps like Choices Stories You Play

If you enjoy the interactive storytelling style of “Choices: Stories You Play” and are looking for similar game apps, here are a few more options you might enjoy:

  • Episode – Choose Your Story: Episode is a popular interactive storytelling app that allows players to choose from a wide selection of user-generated stories across various genres. It offers customization options, choices that impact the plot, and multiple story outcomes.
  • Lovestruck: Lovestruck is a romance-focused interactive story app that offers a range of romantic narratives featuring diverse characters and settings. Players can make choices to shape relationships and pursue different love interests.
  • Storyscape: Storyscape provides immersive stories across different genres, including romance, fantasy, sci-fi, and more. It combines visual novels with interactive elements, allowing players to make choices and influence the story.
  • Chapters: Interactive Stories: Chapters is another app that offers a collection of interactive stories in genres like romance, fantasy, drama, and more. It allows players to choose their story paths, customize characters, and make choices that impact the plot.
  • Journeys: Interactive Series: Journeys is an app that offers interactive stories with a focus on adventure and exploration. It features narratives set in different time periods and locations, with choices that lead to different story outcomes.

These are just a few examples, and the mobile app market is constantly evolving. It’s worth exploring the app stores on your device to discover more interactive story games that align with your preferences. Reading user reviews, checking ratings, and trying out different apps can help you find the ones that resonate with you the most.