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Dive Into Our Casino’s Epic Gameplay

Our Casino has wonderful casino games to play The three popular ones are Our Slots, Our Vegas and Our Bingo. Over the years Our Casino has taken Facebook by storm. By making people feel at home, they created a game that anyone could love. They have amassed a cult following by offering an interesting mix of casino games. Online slots, video poker & roulette are all available to their legions of fans. During their debut they captivated the imaginations of players around the world. Even though the hype has died down, they still have over 10,000 monthly users on Facebook.

Our Casino – Our Slots – App

Our slots app
Our slots app

Our Slots app from our casino can be downloaded free from app stores be it iPhone iTunes or Google Play for Android. A great variety of slots with different play modes are waiting for you to get thousands of prizes. With each slot you’ll live a new adventure and in your language. If you’ve played Our Slots from Facebook or on our casino web page you can keep your coins and your progress, whether you play on your mobile device or on your computer.

They are giving away 3.200 coins to the new players at Our.com. You can play video slot machines with the most original and entertaining themes: Sweet Temptation, A Night in New York, The 1001 Nights, Mystery in Egypt, Siberian Wolf, Sherlock Files, The Legendary Red Dragon or, if you love real casinos enter and play the most classic slot machines of all time: Retro, Lucky Wheel, Super 5 Stars, Two Diamonds, Burning 777. Complete the bar to level up and get more coins!

Each of the slots have some bet lines available. You can play as many bet lines as you want.

Remember, the more lines you play, the more possibilities you’ll have to get prizes. A great variety of prizes that will give you thousands of coins to keep playing non-stop: Jackpot, Scatter, Wild and Bonus are waiting for you in each Spin.

Also enjoy slot tournaments where you play and show you are the best, and get more coins to be within the top players. Then there is daily bonus and the casino gives you free coins every two to three hours.

Our Casino – Our Bingo App

Our Bingo app
Our Bingo app

Now you can play Our Bingo another app from our casino on your mobile device and enjoy this addictive Bingo with your friends. Download free Our Bingo app from app stores be it iTunes and Google Play. The app gives you 5000 coins if you’re new to Our.com. Enjoy playing this really fun Bingo in real time with other players from around the world. If you’ve played Our Bingo on Facebook or on the web, you’ll keep your coins and your progress, whether you play on your tablet and your computer.

You can enjoy multiplayer bingo in real time and choose between three game modes. You can choose between Classic Bingo, with 75 or 90 balls, the travel room where you can obtain pieces and shout for lots of prizes or Video Bingos, quick games with themed rooms and extra balls. While you play bingo you can talk to other players in real time.

You don’t have to worry about checking off the numbers. Our Bingo does it automatically. Also Just by playing, you will have the opportunity to participate in a lottery draw where you can win thousands of coins. You can buy your cards automatically for the next games so you don’t have to worry about buying them every time. Our Bingo is linked with the major SOCIAL NETWORKS, Facebook and Twitter, where you can share your achievements. When you play these games you can choose from six languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German. Earn achievements and complete the different and fun collections offered which you can redeem for free coins.

Our Casino – Our Vegas App

Our Vegas
Our Vegas App

Our Vegas is another popular slots app at app stores where you can play more than 30 slots where you can win thousands of prizes. Now you can play Our Vegas from your mobile device or tablet and enjoy this fun game from anywhere and in your language, Download the game for free and come play! If you’ve already played Our Vegas from Facebook or their website, you’ll keep your coins, whether you play on your mobile device or your computer. At this slots game they are giving away 4.000 coins to the new players at Our.com!

For more slots join online casino

Visit ancient Greece, get scared at the Haunted House, travel to the worlds of Jules Verne, have fun at the Carnival, dance to the rhythm of Burlesque, enjoy seeing the best singers of all time.Each slot is full of stories and adventures within your reach. Discover them each time you go up a level.

There are two different slot modes. You can choose between CLASSIC MODE or MULTILINE, two different options in one game. You decide which one you like more. Classic mode is an easier way to play Our Vegas. There’s only one functioning line and you can increase the amount of coins bet with the button BET PER LINE. Multiline mode adds to the fun. You have the possibility to play up to 50 lines that you keep unblocking as you go along.

An infinite amount of excellent prizes at each slot, win thousands of coins while you play Like other slot games complete the bar to level up and get more coins to keep playing. In some slots, you have the possibility to AUTOSPIN, where the spins are automatic.

Our Casino Game Play

We decided to see if the dynasty was officially over or if it was about to be reborn. Enjoy this eye opening review of Our Casino!

Our Casino
I was off to a good start!

Once the game loaded, I was greeted by an odd cartoon couple who wanted me to pick a username. After picking the default name I was ready to go. The game loaded again & I was awarded a daily bonus spin! This netted me 200 coins. It wasn’t much but I was still ready to hit the tables.

Our Casino
You can’t beat free coins every 5 hours!

After I finally made it to the lobby there were a slew of options at my disposal. Video poker, Blackjack, Roulette, & slots were all ready to be played. I was feeling lucky so I decided to go with slots. Upon joining I was greeted with a 2,800 coin bonus! I was also alerted that I could pick up a new bonus every 5 hours.

Our Casino
This level was ready to go!

I was also greeted with a slew of different slot games. After some intense deliberation I decided to join Oktoberfest. This game was represented by a cute Dutch woman who was holding multiple beers. As intoxicating as it looked, I was eager to get into the game. As I spun the screen came to life with exotic women, bearded men, beer & pretzels. The game was enthralling, I couldn’t wait to play more. Since things were going smoothly I decided to hit the Auto Spin button. Little did I know this was a terrible move…

Our Casino
Using the auto spin ended up being a bad move.

After a few spins on auto the screen froze. I tried to unfreeze it by spinning, but it only reduced my points. The problem persisted, so I refreshed the page.

Our Casino
This level was bursting at the seams with high end items.

Thankfully, refreshing the page worked. I made it back into the lobby & got down to business. This time I picked a mysterious slot game called Montecarlo Glamour. It was absolutely packed with luxurious items. Race cars, diamond rings & poker chips filled the screen. I spun continuously until I reached the next level! This achievement won me 3,470 in coins. Emboldened by this victory, I continued spinning.

Our Casino
The bonus round paid off!

After a few spins I was invited to participate in a Montecarlo Blackjack Bonus Mini-game! I gladly obliged, & by the end of the game I had won 20 free spins. In this round I had better luck, I ended up winning over 6,500 coins. To make things interesting I raised my max bet to 2,000 a spin. After multiple spins I leveled up! I was awarded 5,505 coins, which was great since I was rapidly running out of coins. I continued to play like a champion, but after a few rounds I decided to quit while I was ahead.

Play now with your Facebook account

How to get started with Our Casino?

To play at Our casino or Our Slots or Our Bingo uou can register on Our.com through your Facebook account or by creating a new account. Using Facebook to register on Our.com is simple, easy, and very safe. If you create a new account, you will need to fill in your user name, password, e-mail, date of birth and sex.

ll you need to do is accept when they ask for your permission and fill in some basic data to start playing all the games. Once you enter the game screen, click on the PLAY button and the game will start automatically.

In all the games, under the play button you will find the INSTRUCTIONS button. When clicked, a window will open where you can consult the rules of the game.

Our.com ranking uses the ELO ranking system. As you win games and accumulate experience, your level increases. Try playing with players of the same level or a higher level and you will get a higher score. The points are used to raise the game level. The points awarded depend on the level of your opponents and on the position you reached in the game.

How to get free coins at Our Casino?

The virtual coins on Our.com are used to bet on games, buy objects for your avatar, ELO and game time.

  • When you register at the casino for the first time you get 2000 coins
  • Entering the application daily
  • Playing the first game daily: 25 coins per day
  • Playing the fifth game daily: 50 coins per day
  • Buying coins through Facebook Credits
  • Becoming an Our.com fan: 25 coins per day.
  • Inviting friends: 1000 coins for every friend that registers
  • Asking your friends to send you gifts.  

Also you can buy coins if your coins get exhausted

Buying coins on Our.com is very easy.

1. Click on the BUY COINS button

2. Select how many coins you want to buy.

3. Select the payment method for your coin purchase.

You have many different forms of payment. These forms of payment are set by Facebook and may differ depending on the country of origin and the pack of coins that you want to buy. Remember that from the more payment options button, a pop-up opens with other forms of payment options available than the three main ones. You will receive the confirmation message “Your order has been successfully completed.”

Overall Review

Our Casino offers a wide array of gaming options. You can choose your favorite game & hit it hard. The slots are ravishing, & there are plenty of games to choose from. The graphics are great, so it’s easy to get into the game. There are also plenty of bonus rounds to keep things interesting. All in all this a great game with a stunning amount of options!