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Slots Era is a brand new horizon in the world of Vegas Slot Machines. The game app features
many familiar faces as well as new guests from the world of Free 777 Slot Machine Games. The Lord of Olympus, Cleopatra, Cowboys, Dragons, Buffalos, Lions and many more are featured among their Casino Games and Jackpot Slots. Install now for a huge welcome Bonus of 12,000,000 Free Coins.

Slots Era have also made two other popular slots games that you might find interesting! Scatter Slots is an engaging slot journey through the realms of Fantasy. Infinity Slots is a great game where you can get a taste of Las Vegas luxury.

Features of Slots Era App:

Slots Era App
Slots Era

There are over 100 777 HD slot machines to play

  • You can even play the Slots Era slots games offline without internet
  • You can find great features such as jackpots, free spins and bonus games every step of the way.
  • The slots offers Epic Quests where you pick a mission and receive rewards.
  • The slots era status system rewards long-time players with bigger bonuses.
  • The free mode feature in the game app is where you can play any slot game you want without missions!
  • The slots offer highest stakes for the best of players in the Jackpot Room. Highest Bets and Huge Wins
  • Regular updates bring new slots with new mechanics and more levels for you to beat.
  • Special events to keep things fresh and fun. Bingo, Pachinko machines, Card collections and plenty more.
  • You can connect to your Social Media accounts to get Special Bonuses and share your BIG Wins with friends.
  • Get Free Coins in their Hourly Bonus Game! The faster you spin – the more coins you get!

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You will meet many famous characters straight from the worlds of History, Culture, and Nature. Some of the best slots to play are:

– Fairy Spirit. This slot machine has a Bonus Game with 4 Jackpots. Also, if that wasn’t enough, Free Spins is also a feature here.
– Lord of Olympus. Those endless Free Spins will make you feel like a Greek God. So make sure you try one of the best free online slot machines.
– Sakura’s Blossom. Free Spins, Re-Spins, and three Jackpots. All done in a beautiful Japanese setting
– Cleopatra and Caesar. Discover an incredible casino slot game and be like a Great Pharaoh – the Lord of the Egyptian lands.
– Thief Of Hearts. This jackpot slot helps you to find the hidden treasure in an endless desert. Also the Prince of Thieves will be your guide in your search for it.

Then Slots Era is an epic adventure you don’t want to miss. The stakes have never been higher in free slots games.

Slots Era App Facebook Game

Out of all the games trending on Facebook, Slots Era is stealing the show. They have managed to amass a die-hard following in a short amount of time. Currently, they have 100,000 players singing their praises, which is no small feat. They claim to offer games with unforgettable storylines & stunning graphics. Being a new release has its advantages since everything is fresh for players. The real battle lies in finding the balance between innovation & shameless gimmicks.

In a world full of repetitive slot games, finding something new is a constant battle. After hearing so much about the Slots Era, we decided to see if this game lived up to the hype. Once we dove into the game, we were able to create the most in-depth review online.

Slots Era Gameplay

Slots Era
This game has a perplexing storyline.

As the game loaded I was greeted by a huge image of a seductive goddess, Triumph of Aphrodite. I had no idea what this was referencing, but I was equally enchanted. Once I was ushered into the lobby, 2 confusing characters awaited me. On one side of the screen was a busty woman wearing a pirate outfit. The other side had Cleopatra, & it said that she was in love. The instructions told me to let Cleopatra show me the ins & outs of the game. This was welcome news, since I was completely baffled.

Slots Era
I made it through my first quest!

From there the game loaded, & I was thrown head-first into my mission. I was instructed to spin 30 times to make it to the next level, so I obliged. When the reels came to life, they revealed interesting objects related to ancient Egypt. The graphics were great, so I was instantly enthralled by the game. Once the 30 spins were spun, I completed the first quest.

Slots Era
I only had 3 more tasks to complete to get a prize!

The next mission was to spin 20 times with the max bet. I was ready to take on destiny, so I dove into the mission. As I spun the reels, the busty pirate lady alerted me that I had to complete 3 more tasks to receive a special gift. I didn’t have time to ask questions, because at that moment I completed the second quest!

Slots Era
The graphics were great, but the game lacked surprises.

On the next mission, I received free max bets on each spin! I took advantage of this opportunity, & spun as many times as I could. This one me 105,000 credits, so I was on a roll. Even though the graphics were great, I was starting to get bored with the setup. Almost nothing was happening on my spins, & the missions were getting repetitive.

Slots Era
This new option came too late…

I decided to give the game another chance, & embarked on the next quest. This time I had to collect 80 symbols, so I spun furiously. I won over a million credits, which was great because I was dangerously low. Once I completed the quest, I was invited to play a new game. I had seen enough, so I quit the game while I was ahead.

Slots Era new feature gives players a great opportunity to enjoy all the latest slots and VIP slots even if they haven’t completed all the levels.

Moreover, this feature will include cross-progress, which means you can play any slot you like on a particular level, and all the progress will be counted towards the completion of the level.

If you haven’t found this feature in your game, do not worry, you will have a chance to check other exciting features on your version of the game.

How to win the slots?

Slots Era Slots Feature
Slots Era- Slots Feature

Slots Era App has plenty of slots with truly exciting missions for you to pass and to reach another level! Hopefully, you never experienced any difficulty playing them, but here is a small piece of advice on the types of their missions just in case you ever hesitated to play any of it:

  • Cut the ropes – you can cut the ropes by the winning lines you receive
  • Melt the ice – hit more winning lines to melt the ice and pass this level!
  • Win on the free spins – here you are to win the exact amount of coins only on the free spins. Note that the coins received on the regular spins or the bonus game don’t influence the progress bar.
  • Win on the Bonus Game – Win the specified amount of coins in the bonus game and this mission is completed! And don’t forget that only the winning you receive while playing the Bonus Game can be counted. The Free Spins you win when playing the Bonus Game also don’t influence the progress bar.
  • Collect icons – your task is to collect the required number of icons on any part of the reel. They are counted even if they aren’t part of any winning line.
  • Win icons – you are to collect the exact number of icons that are part of the winning line
  • Win in a row – here you have to win the required times in a row.
  • Do spins – when you do the exact number of spins on any bet you like, the mission is considered to be passed.
  • Free coins – here all the spins you make are free, usually, the mission is limited in time or the number of spins. The mission is completed when the timer stops or when you spin the required number of times.
  • Win coins – just win the necessary amount of coins and start playing the next level!
  • Do max bets – spin the required times on the max bet.

How to get free coins in Slots Era App?

Slots Era How to Get Free Coins 1
Slots Era Free Coins

At Slots Era App you can get free coins with several sources:

At their Facebook Fan-page: there you will find some mysterious tasks and quizzes that are waiting to be solved!

At Chat-bot you don’t lose a chance to receive freebies and complete interesting contests.

The Slots Era Instagram page don’t forget about the regular options! You can always receive some coins by playing:

  • Hourly Bonus
  • Scratching the card in the bonus room
  • Completing the tasks of the daily adventure
  • Set to ‘See First’ and don’t miss free chips

You don’t want to miss the latest news or special offers and quizzes for free chips they post on their Facebook Page  

If you are playing on a PC first, visit and Like their official Fan Page. Underneath the banner image at the top, you’ll see the ‘Following’ option: Like Follow or Share

Click it (or if you haven’t followed it yet, click ‘Follow’) and then tap ‘See First.’

If you are playing slots on mobile then if you’re using a web browser, then visit and Like our official Fan Page at first. If you’re using the Facebook app, search for Slots Era – Slot Machines in the search bar at the top of the page. When you’re on the page (make sure that there is the blue checkmark next to the name, it proves that the page is official), tap ‘Like’ (if it says ‘Liked’, then follow the next steps).

Underneath the banner image at the top, you’ll see the ‘Following’ option. Click it (or if you haven’t followed it yet, click ‘Follow’) and then tap ‘See First.’

That’s it and now you won’t miss your chance to receive some freebies!

How to contact customer support?

Slots Era Customer support
Slots Era – Help Support

To contact customer support you can contact with any of the following ways:

  • In the Slots Era App open the game
  • Next tap the gear wheel in the top right corner of your screen
  • Then choose the ‘Support’ option
  • Next describe your issue
  • Finally tap ‘Send’ or ‘Submit.’

You can also:

1. Contact directly from the game via the “Support” or “Contact” button if you have access to the game;

2. Specify the slot/event/special offer and, etc. that you’ve been playing when faced the issue;
3. Attach the screenshot if you have one;
4. Don’t create multiple requests as it will prolong the resolving of your issue;

If you can’t contact customer support directly from the game, you can always reach them at

Overall Review

Slot Era App is a beautiful game that easily captivates users. The graphics are great, & the characters are enticing. It’s filled with quests & bonus games. Even with all these amenities, the game still lacks depth. I couldn’t help but get bored with the repetition. The game is off to a great start, but hopefully they add more variation as it evolves! Not interest then play real money casino online.