Gamble Like a Pro With These 5 Essential Tips


Gamble like pro with the given tips from gaming experts will surely take you on the winning line. There are many people who claim to know how to beat the odds at the casinos, promising to show you exactly how they achieve these impressive feats for a hefty fee. The sad reality is that these people have accrued their fortunes by swindling hopeful players who just wanted to learn how to win big. You have to remember that the casinos have been around for a lot longer than you have.

This combined with the fact that they have an unlimited budget and a team of hundreds of highly trained staff points to one thing: if you think you are going to outsmart the casino you have already lost. The odds are stacked against you and if you keep pushing your luck the house always ends up winning. Only after you have faced this inconvenient truth can you hope to gamble like a pro. This gamble like pro tips list will cover the basics on how to keep yourself from experiencing a financial crisis after visiting your local casino.

Rule #1: Only Bring What You Are Willing to Lose- This rule to gamble like pro is crucial. I don’t care if you worked in a casino for years, are an experienced card counter, or just watched Ocean’s 11. Since the odds are against your finances you need to protect yourself by only bringing the amount of money that you can afford to blow tonight. This doesn’t mean that you are planning on losing, but you need to accept the fact that bringing your last dollars hoping to pull a Hail Mary and leave a millionaire is not a wise choice. Leave your credit cards in your hotel and only bring what you are willing to spend. Remember that luck is chance, chance is odds & the casino has the odds stacked against you.

gamble like pro
There are no clocks at casinos.

Rule #2: Keep Your Eye on the Clock- There is a reason why casinos have very few clocks and windows on their premises. They want you to sit and spend all of your money in one spot before you even realize how much time has passed. Don’t let them fool you, you own a cellphone. Therefore gamble like pro you have the power to alert yourself to what time it is and gamble like pro. Set your phone’s alarm for 30 minutes when you sit down at a slot machine or table. If the alarm has gone off and you have not had good luck at the machine, get up and try another one. You need to at least break even in this amount of time.

Rule #3: Don’t Forget to Take Breaks- This may seem a little obvious gamble like pro but there are a surprising amount of people who literally get sucked into the flashy machines & glitzy atmosphere of the casino. If you have been sitting in one spot for hours, you have lost your optimum level of focus. The human brain functions best in short bursts, when you strain it for hours you become nothing more than an automated robot. Never do anything just to do it. Get up and move around, get something to eat, do anything to refresh your mind. Stay alert and focus on what you are doing so you can actually have a fighting chance at playing wisely & winning.

Rule #4: Don’t Gamble Drunk- This gamble like pro rule may seem silly, after all you are going to the casino to have a good time right? Sadly the reason waitresses continuously offer free drinks to players is that it makes them take more risks and lose track of how much money they have spent. Don’t fall for this trick, if you are really going to gamble you need to be painfully aware of what’s going on around you. Play to win, not to get obliterated on free drinks only to wake up broke the next day. Enjoy your drinks when you are finished gambling or when you are doing something else.

Rule #5: Know When to Quit- This along with rule #1 is arguably the most important thing to know for any person entering a casino and gamble like pro. You need to keep track of what you walked in with and where you are at now. If you have doubled your money, cash out and leave. Don’t be a hero, if you have already won the amount of money that you were willing to lose you should leave. Winning at a casino happens in bursts, so know when to walk away. If you keep testing your luck after winning in the end the house will be laughing with your hard earned money. So be smart, and remember who you are really playing against.

5 Tips to Gamble Online

Playing slots at online casinos
Playing slots online on mobile

Rule #1: Select different casinos for betting– Casinos or sports books are businesses and they never want you to make money. If you end up winning on a consistent basis, there is a very good chance that your sports book will either close your account after paying you out or reduce the size of your bets.

For this reason, having a number of different casinos opened under your name is always a good idea to gamble like pro. There is no rule against having multiple betting accounts, and you will also benefit from having access to various bonus/reload bonus offers.

Don’t rely on one casino or bookie or you may end up getting closes out just before a big game.

Rule #2: Grab the Bonus Offers– Best tip to gamble like pro at online casinos. Once when you join any new online casino you are offered free no deposit bonus in the form of free cash or free spins or free chips to play slots and table games. Once you make a deposit you are eligible for welcome bonus, match deposit bonus, table game bonuses, Keno bonus, reload bonus, refer a friend bonus, bitcoin bonus and various other bonuses that certainly add value to your bankroll for you to gamble like pro.

Rule #3: Choose the best deposit and withdrawal option– At any legit online casino there are tens of deposits and withdrawal options which you can use. But you need to choose those deposit and withdrawals mode that are your country specific and which doesn’t charge any fees. You need to make sure that all user data is completely secure. At legit casinos all information transmitted during registration is encrypted and not available to third parties. Also the technical security departments work daily to improve the encryption systems.

Also the best online casinos do their best to ensure that security and privacy rules fully comply with the law.

Rule #4: Know your odds– While playing the games to gamble you should know the game odds. The gamblers who are pro in knowing the game odds are often world-leading experts in one particular game or sport. They know everything about it, more even than the odds makers at the gamers or bookies. These pro gamers get all that information and make their own odds. If their odds are drastically different to what the bookmakers come up with, they will bet the difference.

Rule #5: Play at legit online casino- Playing at the legit casino that is well regulated by a gambling commission and by the country means that the fact that slot machines are legal and safe.  Playing at reliable and trusted sites means you avoid any fraud during the banking transaction. Also only certified software from well-known providers is installed at the site like Microgaming Real Time Gaming and others, and round-the-clock customer support is provided which is a great way to help the players when in need.

How to win at the casino?

California’s Thunder Valley Casino Resort won more than $1.5 million
California’s Thunder Valley Casino Resort won more than $1.5 million

According to Edo Makich founder of at land casinos you must play at the correct time of the day or week.

At land casinos you will find there is a pattern.  You will notice that around a certain time of the day suddenly all machines start hitting jackpots and then an hour later no machine is paying out and for several more hours nobody is winning anything and most players are loosing.

This means you should avoid playing anything but a max bet on any slot machine. Do not sit on a machine and bet 80 cents while the max bet is $4. Just put whatever money you are willing to gamble, and hit max bet all the time.

If the machine is going to pay, it will pay no matter what you are betting. If it’s going to take, again, it will take all no matter what you are betting like 80 cents or $4 a spin. Play machines that you are comfortable betting the max bet only. Don’t sit on a $25 max bet machine and play a $3 minimum bet. Find a machine that is the same game but has a $3 max bet instead. Most machines have higher payouts on max bets than on minimum bets.

Also be careful when sitting at the slot machine. For example many slots have many game variations like the Aristocrat Buffalo slot machine. You will find that the land casino will have four to five identical machines right next to each other. While they might look identical, they might not be, so you need to be careful. But when you look closer those machines are different. On the outside, they all look the same. But 3 out of 5 machines are Buffalo Special Edition, the rest are the old ones. The special editions pay better.

Buffalo slots
Buffalo slots

Buffalo Gold vs Buffalo Stampede is another example. People think it’s the same game. No, it’s not. Payouts on Buffalo Stampede suck compared to Buffalo Golds.

Lightning Link machines or Locking Link machines and their payouts are ridiculously low. Most of the time you will be winning 20 to 40 times of your bet and if you are lucky you might win 300 or 400 times of your bet.

Then there are multi-line machines where you know how many lines you are playing. The slot machine quick hit platinum for example. Some machines are 30 lines, some are 5 and some are 3 lines. While it looks exactly the same, the payouts are not the same. The highest payouts are on 3 lines quick hit platinum. These usually are a $1 or $5 machines with $15 or $45 max bets.

Be careful when selecting how many lines to play. The machines have different payouts at a different number of lines. Read the payout screen at each different level of the lines that you have selected. Example: You selected 40 lines. Now open the pay screen and look at the highest symbols and see what will they pay if you get 5 of a kind, 4 of a kind, 3 of a kind. Now change to 20 lines and compare. You will be surprised to learn that many machines pay pathetic payouts if you do not play max lines at max bets. Therefore don’t waste your money on lower bets or fewer lines at these machines.

Play Croco Casino - Latest winners
Play Croco Casino – Latest winner as shown in the arrow

At online casino every player who registers on the site wonders whether it is realistic to win. In short, yes. When you turn on the slot, you can see the online table of winners in various games, updated every minute.  You need to play at the legit licensed and regulated online casino who takes care of each player, uses only certified software from reputable providers, and guarantees round-the-clock support and fast payouts.

Each user can play online for money or in demo mode for free and test the game which is an advantage to play slots at online casinos. Many online casinos allow free play even without registration at the online casino. Therefore exploring your favorite slot’s interface is recommended in advance if you are considering how to win at an online casino. All games have a high payout percentage, guaranteeing a high probability of winning.