4 Casino Games to Forget

4 Casino Games You Should Forget To Play

Every casino offers a range of games. Most of these games offer decent odds. But some casino games have such terrible odds that better to forget about them. Here are the 4 Casino Games to Forget.

The fact is, if gamblers didn’t play the worst odd games, the casino wouldn’t be able to make a quick buck. It’s you to decide which casino games have the best odds and which casino games are the worst.

Games You Should Forget To Play

Here’s a list of four casino games that you need to forget that they exist. Your bankroll will always be great if you never play any of these casino games.

1 – American Roulette

Games You Should Forget To Play

Although this is the first game on this list of gambling games to avoid it isn’t the worst choice.

The reason for this game on the top is roulette with 38 spaces, which is often referred to as American Roulette, as it looks just like roulette with 37 spaces until you look closely. The 37-space version has almost half a casino edge which is on a 38-space wheel.

Here’s a simple reason why you should never play American Roulette.

When you make one of the even-money wagers on roulette, you get paid 1 to 1 on winning. With a 37-space roulette wheel, this means you win, almost 18 out of every 37 spins. The same wager on a 38 space wheel means you get 18 out of 38 spins on average.

At first glance, this doesn’t seem like much of a difference, but what when you consider the cash implications?

If you’re wagering $10 on every spin, you lose an extra $10 on average every 38 spins. How many spins do you play an hour when you play roulette?

The number varies based on several factors, but most roulette games play at more than 38 spins every hour. This means that you’re losing over $20 more every hour in this example than you need to. This is why American Roulette you must leave.

2 – Table Games not Starting With a “B”

Table Games not Starting With a B
Table Games not Starting With a “B”

This is quite a broad section and it includes more than one game. Starting the title with table game not starting with a “B” means real money blackjack and baccarat are both good casino table games.

But better to avoid every other casino table game. If a casino table game isn’t blackjack or baccarat do not walk towards it.

The casino edge for other casino table games varies as per the game, the rules, and how you play. But none of them offer an edge as low as the 1.06% for the baccarat dealer hand. None of these will come close to the decent blackjack game, which can be under 0.5%.

3 – Keno


It’s difficult to make out where to start with explaining why keno is such a bad game for players. If you are not going to play keno ever, you’re going to be much better off as a gambler.

The first thing you should know that in many casinos that offer keno it has the highest casino edge of any game. It’s worse than the worst slot machines and the inside wagers at the craps table and the tie wager at the baccarat table. And all of these wagers are terrible.

The casino edge on keno depends on the payout amounts and the numbers you played. But the best games of keno rarely have a casino edge under 20%. And some casino keno games have a quite higher casino edge than this.

Even the terrible roulette game I covered in the first section takes less than $6 for every $100 you wager on average.

Here is yet another reason why keno is a game you need to forget about, you don’t even have a chance to win a huge jackpot when you play. You may find the best keno games have a top jackpot of $100,000, but this isn’t even close to the top prizes for some progressive slot machines and stats and national lotteries.

Keno fuses a large casino edge with a restricted top prize amount. Better save your bankroll for some other game.

4 – Slot Machines

Slot Machines 1
Slot Machines

The final casino game to avoid is the most popular slot machines. But slot machines are huge moneymakers for the casinos. Slots games have a high casino edge, with even the best machines having a higher edge than baccarat. This is one of the 4 Casino Games to Forget.

When you are risking a few dollars on each spin, you can play slots so fast that you can easily risk $1,000 or more every hour.

Slot machines have a casino edge that is somewhere between 2% and 15%, depending on the machine. You will also find a few slot machines that have a casino edge under 5%.

A 1% casino edge is much better than most slot machine games offer.


Keno and slot machines are highly terrible games for players due to their high casino edge. These are the 4 Casino Games to Forget. Most players have found how bad keno is, but the slot machines are still extremely popular. Roulette wheels with 38 spaces and table games might not appear that bad, but once you dig into the number game, you realize how bad they are for gamblers.

The next time you walk into the casino, ignore the four games on this list. They all take your money too fast. And unless you get quite lucky, you’re not going to win. Even if you do get lucky every once in a while, you’re going to give the money you win back to the casino soon.