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Jackpotjoy Slots is one of the few land-based casino games that successfully transitioned into the social gaming industry. Playtech outdid themselves with this wild hit. Over the years they have taken Facebook by storm with their epic selection of mini-games. Every two weeks they add new content, so the game remains fresh. To this day they have over 100,000 loyal players on Facebook. But like all legends, sometimes consistency fades over time.

Hit the jackpot on new slot machines and get big payouts every day when you play at Jackpojoy slots. With more than 100 free slots games, daily bonuses, and huge jackpots, Jackpotjoy Slots brings the most exciting slots games and big casino payouts to your phone.

Jackpotjoy- Over 100 slot games to play all free
Jackpotjoy- Over 100 slot games to play all free

When you join the casino for the first time you are offered a welcome bonus of  50,000 casino coins. Enter the Vegas world and spin the wheels of all the most amazing free slots games and win daily bonuses.

Wherever you take the Casino Jackpot joy slots app, you’ll feel the thrill of gaming action as you try your luck at exclusive free slots games online. Take a chance at classic 777 Las Vegas casino games slots for free – there are hundreds of opportunities for you to spin the wheels and come in at the top of leaderboards for traditional and original pro slots machine games.

Slots games features:

• 50,000 slots bonuses are what you get when you start playing slots

• More than 100 free slot machine games with new casino slots released every 2 weeks.

• Daily Bonus casino coins and free spins mean you always have virtual money to spend to try and win jackpots and big payouts.

• Unique jackpot slots and classic free slots online games.

• Innovative game styling and artwork

• Multi-line games and Jackpotjoy Slots’ signature games.

Jakcpotjoy epic games
Gold Reel Jackpot

Jackpotjoy Slots App Features:

Hit the jackpot on your favorite online casino slots games today:

• Play Wild Prairie slots online with your friends

• Try your lucky hot shot playing Spartan Gold slot machines!

• Visit an exciting new Vegas world in the Alice in Wonderland slot machine game

• Spin and win in your Spin of Fortune game

• Play a game of classic casino slots in the Valley of the Kings Slots

• Discover the Secrets of the Phoenix slot games and get casino payouts

• Winstones slots or the Game of Chance

• Maybe a quick hit on Buffalo Wild Wins will hit the jackpot

Download the free Jackpotjoy slots app on Android

Download Jackpotjoy slots free app for iPhone

How to play Lucky Dragon slot game?

Lucky Dragons slots
Lucky Dragon slots

Lucky Dragon is awarded when you purchase a package with the Lucky Dragon icon on. The Lucky Dragon will activate straight after an eligible purchase – you will see a popup telling you its active along with a timer counting down the time until it ends and how much you could potentially save/collect!

The Lucky Dragon saves a percentage of the coins from your winnings spins. There is a maximum number of coins you can save and the dragon is only available for a limited time, so make sure to keep an eye on it!

Once the timer ends or you fill your pot, you will receive a popup awarding you your coins!

Lucky Dragon Indicator shows the total coins you could save and your progress towards that goal. There is also the timer counting down the time left until the Lucky Dragon is over.

There is also a small pink circle with a number and this indicates if you have any stacked Lucky Dragons.

If you purchase more than one Lucky Dragon they will stack in the order they were purchased. Be aware that once the first Lucky Dragon has finished the next one will start immediately afterwards whether you are online or not.

Note that if your Lucky Dragon finishes while you’re offline and you’ve saved some coins, they will be credited to you the next time you log in.

Our Gameplay at Jackpotjoy Slots

We decided to see if Jackpotjoy Slots lived up to the hype by putting it to the test. After diving head first into the game we were able to create the most in-depth review on the web. Enjoy the fruits of our labor with this jaw dropping review! The Casino Jackpot joy Slots app has more than 100 games which includes fun slots like All Pays, Cascades, Expanding Wilds, Wild Prairie slots, Alice in Wonderland slots, and Stacked Symbols games. Each game offers big slots payouts, innovative features and great design.

Jackpotjoy Slots Gameplay

Jackpotjoy Slots
The game starts with two choices.

As soon as the game loaded I was greeted with a daily bonus. I also had the option to win more coins by inviting friends to play. However, I decided to keep this personal & collected the 27 coins offered to me. After getting through that trap I had two games to choose from: Jungle Jump & Wild Praire. I was feeling dangerous so I went with Wild Praire.

Jackpotjoy Slots
This new option seemed interesting…

Armed with 5,027 coins, I was ready to take on the wilderness. After 3 spins I ended up leveling up! This won me 500 free coins. I was also alerted that I had unlocked a new game, Valley of the Kings. Slightly puzzled by all these choices, I decided to try this Egyptian adventure.

Jackpotjoy Slots
Yet another of the never ending level ups.

Valley of the Kings was difinetly a higher quality game than Wild Praire. The graphics were better & the theme came to life every time I spun. After a few max spins I leveled up again! This won me 850 more coins, so I had plenty to keep the show on the road. Once I collected my coins, I was hit with another surprise. Apparently I had unlocked yet another game, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I was in no mood for feminine gameplay so I stuck with my current game.

Jackpotjoy Slots
Jackpotjoy Slots has some epic themes!

Things were going good when I went back to the Pharaohs. I won multiple max bet hands, but just when I was getting into the game I leveled up. This showered me with 1,000 coins & yet another level, Treasure of the Titans.

Jackpotjoy Slots
This was an interesting theme.

Curious to see what this game had in store for me, I quickly switched levels. Treasure of the Titans was absolutely packed with Spartans & blue eyed women. However I didn’t get more than 5 spins into the game before I leveled up & unlocked Fortune Temple.

Jackpotjoy Slots
There are way too many level ups in this game!

Slightly flustered by the never ending parade of level ups, I begrudgingly switched levels. This put me into a tribal themed temple that was covered in gold. Just when I was starting to get into the game I leveled up again! To me this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Apparently it was impossible to enjoy the games without being bombarded with level ups. I decided the best thing to do was quit while I was ahead.

What is Jackpotjoy Club?

Jakcpotjoy daily spins
Jackpotjoy- Daily spins

Clubs are communities of players, you can create or join. To join the club all you need is to navigate to Clubs space from the Clubs icon in the lobby. Select join and look for a Club you want. If the Club you selected is not full you’ll be able to join. You can only be in one Club at a time.

There are several benefits from being in the Club:

1. You can receive gifts from other players.

2. You can claim a bonus every time your Club Mate lands an Epic Win.

3. You can send Gifts to your Club Mates as you’d do to your friends.

To create club navigate to Clubs space from the clubs icon in the lobby. Select create and create your Club in 3 simple steps. Club creation is not free and in case you choose to leave your Club the coins paid are not refundable.

Also note that Cool down is a time period when you cannot join or create a Club. There are 2 types of Cooldown:

– if you chose to leave a Club you will have to wait for 24h before you can join or create another one.

– if you were removed from the Club by its Leader you will have to wait for 24h before you can join or create another Club.

Every time your Club Mate lands an Epic Win, you can claim Epic Win Bonus (unclaimed Epic Win Bonuses expire in 48h). Note that Epic Wins achieved in a Bonus round do not count towards your Club Epic Win score and are not shareable. Epic Wins via a Jackpot within slots will not count towards your Club Epic Win score and will not be shareable for now.

Also you can mute the club. You can Mute another player by going into their player profile and using Mute option. You will stop seeing new messages from the player as well as all previous ones.

You can Unmute the player at any point via their player profile, all messages that were hidden will become visible to you again.

Jackpotjoy Rewards Program

Jakcpotjoy slots challenges
Jackpot Joy – slots challenges

Jackpotjoy Rewards program is the VIP system designed to reward loyal spinners with a range of exciting bonuses, on top of their current bonus system. Purchasing coins will award you with VIP Reward points. As you earn more VIP Reward points you can increase your tier. The higher your tier the better your daily bonus and timed bonuses are, and you’ll also get improved coin offers!

Every Jackpotjoy Slots player is eligible to become a rewards member. Current players will be automatically given their VIP points and sorted into the correct tier. New players will start in the Crystal tier.

Depending on your tier, you’ll be awarded multipliers based on their current bonus system meaning your bonus will increase along with your daily spin coins. This will give you longer playing times and a bigger coin balance.

Their VIP Reward points are used to sort players into their Jackpotjoy Rewards tier. They are earned by purchasing coins from our store. The amount of VIP Reward points you are awarded is dependant on your purchase, you check the “Buy Coins” screen for more information.

Each Jackpotjoy Rewards tier requires a certain amount of VIP points to obtain. You can see how many VIP points you have on the Overview tab. Here you’ll see your total and how many you need to gain the benefit of the next tier.

Alternatively, on the purchase screen you’ll be able to see a special highlighted option. This option will guarantee an upgrade to the next tier upon a successful purchase.

You’ll never be downgraded from a tier after achieving it. As long as you keep your account data safe you’ll always receive the benefit of the tier you’ve earned. The casino strongly recommend that you keep your data safe by logging in either by Facebook or with your email.

Note that the Jackpotjoy Reward VIP points have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for real money or Jackpotjoy Slots coins.

Overall Review

Jackpotjoy Slots has a massive array of interesting games to play. Unfortunately it’s impossible to get more than 5 spins into each one without getting lured into a new level. This may be enjoyable to people with short attention spans, but to us it was a deal breaker. What’s the point of having all these amazing levels if you can’t play them for more than two minutes? The amount of self sabotaging in this game was a monumental disappointment.