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How to Play Roulette

Roulette is known to be one of the most popular and preferred casino games of all times, attracting myriads of players offering with a pay-out of up to 35 times the bet made.

Do you know that Roulette wheels in America and Europe are different, so you must know the type of wheel you are playing?

Mostly, the Roulette wheel in Europe has 36 numbers and one zero. To play in this wheel, you must keep this in mind that chances against you are bad, as the house provides an overall edge of 2.7%. When it comes to the America wheel, it contains 36 numbers, one zero and one double zeros, which is also called as double-zero wheels. This makes the odds even worse for you as they offer the house an overall edge of over 5.25%.

Playing Roulette

Playing Roulette

The most prominent difference between Roulette and all other table games offered in a casino is that Roulette chips have no monetary value printed on them. They only contain the number of the table they belong to. Apart from this, the default denomination value of the chips is equal to the minimum number of the table.

On winning you will be paid in the same color chips unless ask to be paid in standard casino chips. The table of Roulette is also unique that comes with six to eight sets of chips painted in different colors, and each set has 300 chips.

Tips to Play Roulette

Tips to Play Roulette

To start with, check the number of zeros that appear on the wheel. Usually, the numbers are printed in alternating colors of black and red for easy identification, while the zeros are mostly painted in green.

You should look for a single-zero wheel as it will give you a better value for your money. Look for the minimum and maximum bets allowed, which is displayed somewhere on the table. You may find casinos offering low betting limits, and you may also find casinos offering a relatively high minimum bet. So, make the right choice.

Types of Bets

Types of Bets 1

In case you play in a physical casino, the player needs to place their bet or may also ask the croupier to do so. But the neighbor Bets are always placed by the croupier. In Roulette, you can make a variety of bets. Here are the primary ones you could come across in most of the casinos! You need to bet at least five times the table minimum on the lines, and even-money bets.

Straight Up

When betting a straight up, all your chips are placed on one number on the Roulette table. The chips are placed in the center of the number box, not touching any other box around. You can make as many numbers of straight-up bets on various numbers, including on zero and double zero. If you win, you get paid 35-1 on your bet.


Such a betting allows three consecutive numbers to be placed in a line. The chip is placed in a row to the right of the three numbers that you want to cover. You are paid 11-1 if you win.

Column Bets

This bet gives you the chance to cover a line of 12 numbers. In this type of bet, the chips are placed at the bottom, where there are multiple boxes usually marked 2-1. If you win, you get paid at 2-1.


Two side by side numbers is covered in this type of bet. You need to put your chip on the line between the two numbers you have selected. On winning, you will get paid 17-1 on your bets.

Four Number – Corner

Four Number – Corner

In this bet, you can cover four numbers with a single chip, which should be placed on the intersection of the numbers. On winning, you get paid 8-1 on your bet.

Six Number

This bet is actually a double row bet. If we have to put this in other words, the player places their chip on the right line between two rows they wish to cover. You get paid 5-1 if you win.


To the one side of the table layout, there are three large boxes, which are marked “1st Dozen/12”, “2nd Dozen/12” and “3rd Dozen/12”. On betting on them, you cover the numbers from 1 to 12, 13 to 24, and 25 to 36. In case you win, you are paid 2-1.

Even-Money Bets

Next, to the dozen bet boxes, you will find six large boxes also where you can make even-money bets.

Every casino treats this Even-Money bets differently as per their rules. In American Style roulette casinos that play on double-zero wheels, these bets are considered to be the booster of the house. But surprisingly if the houses playing the European style, an “en-prison”-called version is prevalent which is rarely played.


Red Black

This type of betting is the most popular one when it comes to the even-money bets. In this type of game, you will place their chips in the boxes and cover all black or all red numbers. Zero is not involved in this betting. If you win you will get paid 1-1 at even money.


You can place this bet to the left and right of the Black and Red boxes. You can win if you can correctly predict an even number or an odd number. In case you win, you will be paid at even money, 1-1.

1-18 and 19-36 Bets

With this bet, you have to predict if the next number is high (from 19-36) or low (from 1 to 18). If your prediction is correct, you win, and you will be paid at even money, 1-1.

Neighbour Bets

If any casino follows European rules, it normally offers Neighbour bets on a secondary betting system that is usually found to the left of the main betting layout. It appears to be a small oval racing track having numbers on the wheel placed on the same order as it all appear.

You can ask the croupier to place a neighbor bet if you want to cover five numbers in one go. In turn, you need to leave at least five times the minimum bet of the table.

Betting Strategy

Betting Strategy

Before formulating any betting strategy you must be aware that the Roulette wheel cannot be interfered with. In addition, you cannot predict on previous spins of the wheel. This makes every spin a new one without any prediction and with loads of uncertainty. This is the reason why no strategy will actually offer you an edge over the wheel.

Just make sure that the last spins of the wheel are not relevant to what happened right now or what might happen next as it does not affect the result of a future spin.

So the best betting pattern should be simple and sensible. Just keep it low and bet small amounts of money in order to keep your losses low. When you seem to be winning, you can increase your bet a little each time. It will help you give enough time to make the right decision to increase your profits a bit each time.

Do not spin away all your profits when making your next bet, because the odds can come your way at any time.

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