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7 Quick & Easy Ways to Save Money

Easy Ways to Save Money

In these tough economic times, any way of saving money is one more tool that you can use to avoid your financial crisis. Nowadays our busy schedules make it easy to get sucked into a fast-paced consumer lifestyle. The trick is learning how to break free from the cycle of blind spending that ends up putting a majority of people in debt. While we all think we are doing our best to avoid wasting money, the truth is we all have areas where we are shooting ourselves in the foot with our spending. Since most people don’t know how to draw the line between real necessities & indulgences we could all use some coaching. For this reason, we have compiled the most innovative list of 7 quick & easy ways to start saving money on the web!

Top Easy Ways to Save Money

Tip #1: Cook at Home – While going out to eat makes things easier it also does a great job of draining your finances. No matter how busy of a schedule you have it’s never too late to learn how to cook from YouTube. Recipes that use croc pots are ideal for people who don’t have the time to prepare fancy meals. Start out cooking a few meals a week & then gradually build up from there so you don’t get burnt out.
Tip #2: Make a Shopping List – If you are slowly meandering through a supermarket you are more likely to buy items that you don’t need. Make a list beforehand so you have a set game plan of what you are willing to purchase. Make sure to follow a route in the store so you are more efficient & get out of there as soon as possible.

Tip #3: Make Your Coffee – Getting a piping hot espresso at Starbucks every morning is the perfect way to lose a good chunk of change over a month. Simple things like drinking coffee along with other amenities can play a big role in draining your budget. If you can’t quit drinking coffee start preparing it at home. Once you get out of the routine of ordering at Starbucks you will realize that you can enjoy a higher-quality cup of joe without putting a dent in your wallet.

Tip #4: Buy Generic Brands – All our lives we have been trained to trust the brands that we have become familiar with. The sad truth is that there are very few differences between generic & name brand items. So bite the bullet & take a chance with generic brands. Even though you can’t tell the difference between them your wallet sure can.

Tip #5: Avoid Late Fees – Pay your bills on time so you avoid late fees. These fees have the potential to add up, so focus on paying them off before you run into more problems. Remember that these fees are the beginning of a slippery slope of falling into debt.
Tip #6: Compare Prices – Before you make a large purchase make sure to check multiple stores first. Doing this is important not only for expensive items but also for things that you buy regularly. Always look before you jump, you may be wasting a fortune by being impatient.

Tip #7: Avoid Buying New Cars – Unless you have money to blow you should never buy a new car.Even though it may be tempting to make payments on that new car that you have your eye on remember that you are making a huge mistake. As soon as you drive off the lot the value of the car has already depreciated significantly. So save yourself the heartache and get the pre-owned vehicle bought by someone else who misjudged their finances.