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Save Big On Horse Racing Bets With These Tips

As the horse racing industry continues to grow, so are the number of ways players can save when betting. Betting on horse races is legal in 22 states, which has set the stage for a booming industry. In total, America’s horse racing industry is worth over $100 billion. This staggering amount of revenue employs 1.5 million people from the tracks to the bookies. These impressive figures have transformed horse racing from a lucrative pastime into an essential part of the American economy. The sky is the limit on this bonanza, and its growth motivates more companies to enter the industry.

Horse Racing Bets

Even though horse racing is largely perceived as a social pastime, the future of the industry is online. Out of all the options available for players to bet on horse racing, none are more prominent than mobile apps. Currently 60% of horse betting is performed on mobile phones, and this demographic is growing every year. As betting apps continue to become more refined, they are able to seduce more players into switching to betting online. On top of providing unique opportunities, this trend unlocks more ways to save.

Now that horse betting is mostly digital, more discounts are available to players. The competition between online horse betting sites is fierce, which forces operators to offer enticing deals to potential clients. This is a victory for the consumer, so learn how to take advantage of this trend. By examining the top tips for horse betting, players are united with more ways to save. For this reason, we compiled this list. Discover how to bet like a pro with this eye-opening selection of tips!

Top Horse Betting Tips

Horse Racing Bets
Incorporate dirt vs turf in every betting decision.

Tip #3: Discover the Impact of Turf vs Dirt – Even though horse racing has obvious winners, a few variables can drastically alter the outcome of each race. Out of these aspects, few play a bigger part than turf vs dirt. While some horses shine on main tracks, others thrive on turf. The difference boils down to genetics, since each breed has distinct characteristics that make it more advantageous.

Few horses run well on both surfaces, so discover their specialty by examining past races. If the horse did terrible on a dirt track, odds are it will excel on the turf. Identifying the horses’ ideal racing conditions is a crucial way to narrow down the top candidates of each race. The surface is everything in racing, so start examining which setting is best for your horses!

Horse Racing
A wet and dry track are two completely different worlds.

Tip #2: Check the Track Condition – This is yet another crucial factor that’s routinely overlooked by most punters. Just like the dirt vs turf variable, the condition of a track can make or break champions. Normally races fall into three track conditions: good, muddy or sloppy. Some horses perform better than others in adverse weather, which provides a key indicator of their success. To take advantage of this factor, look up horses’ wet records as well as the condition of the next track. By examining these two variables, you can predict which horse will weather the storm!

Horse Racing
Using tipster advice ensures that your bets are ahead of the curve.

Tip #1: Consult a Horse Racing Tipster – For those who are consistently betting on horses, this service is indispensable. By hiring a specialist, betters get access to insider information that can drastically increase their winnings. Even though the internet is flooded with frauds, a few tipsters have proven themselves to be wise investments. To find the best tipsters, examine their track record and available features. Stay away from tipsters that aren’t established and promise guaranteed winnings. It’s always a gamble, but picking a qualified tipster helps even the playing field!