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Slots Craze App is wonderful casino app to play free slots and fruit machines.  At Slots Craze app you can findthe best video slots, grand jackpots and huge bonus wins. Hit it rich and enjoy a new free casino slots game that’s packed with free credits! With one of the widest selections of classic Las Vegas casino slot machines, endless WILDS and BIG WINS, Slots Craze app delivers an online casino experience like no other.

Out of all the slots games on Facebook, none are making more noise than Slots Craze. In a short amount of time this innovative game has won over 50,000 monthly players. Their legions of fans swear that this game delivers the best slots themes online. From the graphics to the themes, this app is packed with surprises. The developers aimed to impress, & these intentions are obvious when examining the game.

You can find Game Rules in every single machine in the bottom left corner inside the machine itself.

Slots Craze App Download

Slots Craze App
Slots Craze App – Free Slots To Play

Slots Craze App can be downloaded for iPhone and Android

Click here to download for iPhone

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Slots Craze app download will help you play slots games from Ainsworth and other gaming companies.  For example the popular slot at Slots Craze is get rich with the Rich n’ Wild slot machine, or dive into a sea of jackpots with Dolphins. OR play and rule the casino slots kingdom on the LEONIDAS video slots game that’s packed with big wins. Feel the Las Vegas desert heat on the popular MONEY HEAT slot machine. Enjoy the rush of more credits, more cash, more wins on WILD BUFFALO. Find golden treasures and score free spins on PYRAMID QUEST free casino slot games.

Slots Craze App Bonus
Get free bonus every three hours

When you install or have Slots Craze app download on your mobile you are offered 30000 free coins.

With free coins and free coins you can bet on more than 100 authentic Las Vegas video slot games.

The action doesn’t stop at the slots reels! As you spin all of our free Las Vegas games, double down with casino bonus games that score you FREE SPINS, FREE Coins, huge WILDS, and piles of bonus prizes! Collect FREE bonus coins every 3 hours. Complete daily missions to win even more rewards.

Your Special Bonus is available for you to claim from the Lobby every three hours on the bottom center of the Lobby.  Even better, your hourly bonus will grow with your progression through levels. You have to claim your bonus for the 3 hour timer to restart, so make sure you head to the Lobby as often as you can to grab it.

Keep an eye out for their special BONUS EXPRESS Promotion, when your Special Bonus can be claimed every 2 hours instead of 3! Make sure you’re following their Fan Page HERE so you know what latest promotions are there.

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Slots Craze App – Gameplay

If you want to share the excitement of big wins with your friends connect to Facebook to play their video slots with your friends and receive more free coins and casino bonuses. Compete with players from around the world and climb our online casino slots leaderboard to become ruler the Slots Craze App casino.

Even after being used by thousands of players, the game has managed to maintain a high rating on Facebook. The have generated nearly 300 thousand page likes, which showcases the quality of this wild app. Fans swear that Slots Craze App goes the extra mile, so we had to investigate. To provide the best review online, we dove head first into this acclaimed slots game. What we found was shocking, so prepare to be blown away by this in-depth review!

Slots Craze
Exiting out of these ads was easier said than done!

As the game loaded, I was told that I could receive real rewards with Thunder Valley Casino Resort. To get access to this deal, all I had to do was download Slots Craze on my smartphone. This was an enticing offer, but I decided to stick with the original version. Once I politely declined the offer, I was gifted 20,000 credits to start playing with! Armed with more credits, I tried to hit the lobby. Unfortunately, I was bombarded with multiple offers to buy credits. After furiously clicking out of them, I was ready to get into the game.

Slots Craze
This level up came fast!

Once I finally made it to the lobby, I was greeted with a slew of interesting games. After some hefty deliberation, I ended up picking Rise of the Mayan. As soon as the level loaded I was hurled into an exotic world. The graphics were superb, & the screen burst at the seams with Mayan folklore. I started spinning furiously, & before long I made it to level 2! This won me 1,000 credits, so I was ready to start spinning with a purpose.

Slots Craze
This win put me back on track!

Before I knew it, I had won 12 free spins! As the reels came to life, I slowly accumulated more coins. By the end of the free spins, I had won 5,440 coins! This was great news, but I was itching to get back into the game. Without wasting time, I hurled myself back into the reels.

Slots Craze
This beautiful presentation couldn’t stop the inevitable…

Just a few spins later, I ended up reaching level 3! This only won me 1,100 credits, but it was still a welcome step. I ended up winning 6 spins in a row, but the amount I won on each spin didn’t exceed 50 credits. Despite its beautiful presentation, I was starting to lose interest with the game. It seemed nearly impossible to win big, so I kept spinning until I ended up calling it a day.

Special Event (Diamond Hunt, 777, Scarab Hunt, Slots Craze Hearts)

Slots craze Diamond Hunt
Diamond Hunt

Occasionally, at Slots Craze, they run Special Events. You’ll know one is running because an icon will appear in the top right corner of your Lobby with a special icon on it. When you see it, simply click this icon to see: What event is on, how long it will run for, what the prize pool is (they’re usually HUGE: it is a Special Event after all), what the leader board looks like (this updates in real time) and where you are placed on it currently, how  many icons you’ve collected and much more.

The higher you bet and more you spin, the more icons you will collect. The more icons you collect, the higher your chances to place in the leader board and snatch up a prize. When the timer on the Special Event runs out, the event ends, the leader board is finalized and whoever is on it wins.

Slots Craze- Free Spins

Every machine in Slots Craze has a special feature of some kind. Most have several! A lot of their games offer Free Spins as a special feature. The icons which trigger special game features (like Free Spins) do not need to form a payline an they just need to be a certain amount.

For example: if you land 3 Free Spin icons in Genie Deluxe, you will trigger 10 Free Spins. If you land 4, you trigger 25 Free Spins and if you land 5 icons on your reel, you win 100 Free Spins. Some machines even offer the option to re-trigger even more Free Spins inside a round. Make sure you read up on the Game Rules for each machine by clicking the “i” button in the bottom left of each machine.

Bonus Games

Slots craze bonus wins
Bonus Games

Every machine in Slots Craze has a special feature of some kind. Some of the slot machines offer different kinds of Bonus Games. The icons which trigger special game features (like Bonus Games) do not need to form a payline – they just need to be a certain amount. For example: if you land three Bonus Game icons in Grizzly Wins, you will trigger the Hibernation Sensation Bonus Game! In it, you can collect nuts and berries – the more you can collect before waking up the hibernating bear, the more coins you win!

Each machine which has a Bonus Game has their own unique Bonus. Make sure you read up on the Game Rules for each machine by clicking the “i” button in the bottom left in each machine.

Slots Craze slots that include a Bonus Game are: Grizzly Wins, Genie Deluxe, Pyramid Quest, Rhino Grand, Medusa Power, Fortune of Hercules, Mystery Santa, Snow Wild, Irish Wild Luck, Diamond Diner, The Rising Phoenix, A Novel Romance, Spooky Wilds, Wheel Strike, Spins & Stripes, Extra Spicy, Crazy Money, Teddy Pets, Fairy Luck, Back to OZ, Mountain’s Treasure, St. Patrick’s Treasure, Fortune Grab, Diamond Falls, Bollywood Diamonds.

Cashpot Slots

Cashpots in Slots Craze
Cashpots are progressive slot games to play

Slot games that offer a Progressive Jackpot, are also known as a Cashpot. This is a Jackpot that grows as you spin, the rate at which depends on your bet size (the higher you bet the higher your Cashpot will grow) until you collect a certain amount of Cashpot Icons and you win the amount! Remember though, this means that if you are betting a low amount, or every time you use Gifted Spins, you get less (or no) coins towards your Cashpot. It only makes sense, if you are betting no coins, no coins can go to your Cashpot Collection. 

Every machine requires a different amount of Cashpot icons to win the Jackpot. For example, in Jade Princess, you need 150 icons. Make sure you read up on each game’s rules by clicking the “i” in the bottom left inside each one. 

Once the Cashpot drops and you win it, a new Cashpot starts to build.  Here are the slot games you can find a Cashpot Feature in: Vegas Spins, Grizzly Wins, Fortune Bless Cashpot, Vegas High Rollers, Jade Princess, Return of Genie, Wild Buffalo, Reels of Ice & Fire, Tiger’s Temple, Oceans of Fortune, Cheshire Cat Mystery, Puppy Glitz, Wheel Strike, Wolf Valley, Toy Shop, Mountain’s Treasure, Tiki Tiki, Santa’s Sleigh

Overall Review

As a new release, Slots Craze exceeded our expectations. The graphics are phenomenal, & the levels are extremely fun to play. On top of having a colorful presentation, each game is burting at the seams with bonus rounds. This creates a fun environment, but the game isn’t perfect. Over time, the lack of variation with winning spins can start to feel repetitive. This is a minor complaint, since this game will undoubtedly receive upgrades in the near future. Even though it isn’t the best game ever made, it’s the best we’ve seen so far in 2017!